As you may have noticed, I lean a little more to the blues/rock side of the spectrum…

So I’m a huge Gary Moore fan and this is a riff of his that just hits like a ton of bricks and I really love it.

Plus, I think it does a really good job of showing off how a lot of “riffs,” as opposed to blues soloing, uses what I call the “left facing” option of the low root, box 5, instead of box 1.

Crank up your overdrive and let’s get to it…

    7 replies to "Gary Moore Umbrella Man Blues/Rock Riff"

    • Bill

      Cool beans Griff. Thx!

    • Ken

      What stomp boxes are you using

      • Griff Hamlin

        I talk about that near the beginning of the video… MI Effects Crunch Box.

        • Jim

          Griff just wanna say Thanks for the great enjoyment I know you bring all of us that love playing guitar!!! I’ve been playing for years but you always seem to have some little nugget I get from you 😁 great teaching!!! Always easy to understand and follow even when it’s a tricky kind of riff!!! Much appreciated! I’m sure most of us would have to agree! Thanks a bunch!!!

    • Darrell Upp

      Great lesson Griff! I discovered Gary Moore many years ago and was blown away with the emotion and raw power the man played with! He was a master of writing simple riffs!

    • Steve o

      I love this lesson I’ll give it a go when I get home. That sounds a little like a Joe Walsh tune, but I can’t recall the name of it…. Thanks Griff!

    • John R.

      Very nice sounds a good bit like Funk 49 one of my favorites. I’ve enjoyed your series I never knew music theory but I’ve been playing over 50 years and now starting to understand things I’ve been doing for ages and why they work. That box 5 to box 1 slide is something I’ve been doing forever but never knew about boxes.

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