This lick is super fast… I won’t lie… but you don’t have to play it that way.

I stole it from Gary Moore fair and square, and it’s even right up to the limit of what I can play, speedwise, without some practice.

But, like I said, you can slow it down and use the movements for your own ideas, and get some insights into how these faster licks are put together from the blues/rock masters.

Hope you enjoy it!

The TAB is HERE if you want it

    14 replies to "Gary Moore Stormy Monday Turnaround Lick"

    • Tosha Clifford

      this is gold! thanks!!

    • malcolm PEPPER

      Hi Griff
      Thanks for explaining about speed of playing being easy when its your own riff. I had the pleasure of meeting Gary in 1974 when he played at The Nottingham Boat Club England where I worked. He gave me a go on his Les Paul after a gig which was given to him by Peter Green. He told me not to keep pulling off for speed but use my pick more. Still trying to master the art after all this time but you help loads!!

      • Tosha Clifford


        first hand knowledge ! from the man himself ! boy were you working at the right place at the right time !
        priceless ! and thank you for sharing the tip !!

        cheerio !

    • Jim Wingard

      Thanks for showing a very good lick and breaking it down for a true “slow hand”

    • chris clemans

      That was great I like how it sounded when doubled up and Sirius Radio BB KING BLUES CHANNEL 74. (SOMEONE) every day usually mid day and late afternoon great song!! Keep em coming

      • PAUL

        Nice Lick. Grif’s ice cream?? Ironic!
        I live in Old Town Torrance. We have a Foster FreEze Just down the Street BEen there since 1952.

    • Karl Siegler

      First used by Eric Clapton on his Cream version of “Crossroads”.

    • Greg

      How did you get that guitar tone?!

    • DaveyJoe

      Very cool! I like this kind of stuff. I just need to get the fingers to fly a little faster.

    • Dave H

      Nice Lick Griff! Gary Moore is one of my favorites! Love your new album!

    • cowboy

      nice lick…thanks…and still hearing “Someone” on Sirius Bluesville…and loving it…later.


    • Terry

      Sweet. Lick. Thks. Congrats also for the new album. Must great for all the play time on Sirius Blues it has been on.

    • Steve Whant

      Thanks Griff – great lick, I’m on it….

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