One of the cool things about using simple chord progressions that aren’t in the blues format, is that you can chase each major chord with a major pentatonic scale…

And for my money, one of my all time favorite major pentatonic shapes is my 3+2 pattern… I use it all the time.

So what I’m doing here is taking a simple chord progression, using open A, open E, and open D chords, and chasing each chord with a major pentatonic scale using the 3+2 pattern.

For another video I’ve done about the 3+2 pattern, check out this one:


    8 replies to "Fills For The Noodle Machine"

    • Matthew Piner

      I don’t even play the guitar anymore – but I so appreciate Griff’s genius and generosity as a teacher. Inspires me to pick it up again someday. This is a particularly amazing share for the ultimate noodling. I’m pretty much a noodler anyway 😉

    • Matt Germann

      Noodling is a favorite past time of mine. Thanks for the musical fuel!

    • Adam V Wilson


    • Steve

      Some of that sounded like the intro to The Band’s The Weight. Good stuff to try, will most likely do on acoustic.

    • Jeff

      Starshine’s better than moonshine.

      • John


    • TSGordon

      Somebody is determined to put McKinney right in the center of the Texas Map!

      • TSGordon

        I mean, it may be called the Single Barrel Blues Band, but she reads like a semi-auto to me, mate!

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