As you may know, I’m a big fan of a product called Video Surgeon… I’ve been using it for years…

As a teacher, it’s a life saver when it comes to being able to slow down and isolate sections and repeat them…

And for learning songs or sections of songs… it’s an even bigger life saver to be able to slow down and isolate sections!

But the big news is a new version with some changes to the User Interface that I really like, so I made a new video for you showing how I use it and what I love about it, plus I was able to secure my readers a nice fat discount on it if you’d like to check it out for yourself.

For now, check out the video and you’ll see what I mean about the new look and feel:

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    • Perry russell

      do we need to have download surgeon too.?

    • Ken L

      Looks pretty cool. Can you import music from Ultimate Guitar?

    • Ernest Peterson

      You mentioned Downloader Surgeon, but didn’t get into how it works with Video Surgeon. To me, it’s the key to unlocking Video Surgeon to view YouTube videos. It is another app from the maker of Video Surgeon for an additional charge but is super easy to use. Once you download from your Downloader you can store YouTube videos in Video Surgeon. I store them in folders. Song Surgeon is another app that I use on a daily basis to use in storing and slowing down audio downloads. I think the three apps are just great.

      • Kevin White

        Thanks, I didn’t catch that Downloader was needed also and was wondering how YouTube videos could be captured.

    • Jeff

      Question for Griff (or someone with the knowledge).

      If I only have online access to your courses, how do I load your instructional video into Video Surgeon? Do I need to download your video onto my computer and access it that way?

      • stan

        I would like to know too – I can’t figure it out

        • Dan

          I bought Video Surgeon via the link. There’s a bunch of freebies that come with purchasing via Griff’s link, including:
          Video Surgeon 3 Win
          Bonus 1 – Guitar Leads Master Volume
          Bonus 2 – Guitar Soloing Basics Pack
          Bonus 3 – Learn2Jam Guitar Soloing Course
          Bonus 4 – YouTube Downloader

          The Guitar Leads program shows tab and plays the lead licks for about 85 top songs, with each song having one to 15 lessons; e.g. The Thrill is Gone is a 3 part lesson, while Rambling Man is 18 lessons. The programs plays the leads at full and half speed.

          The Guitar Soloing Basics Pack has a bunch of PDF (tabs, booklet), WAV, MP3 and Word files. It appears to get heavily into modes.

          The Learn2Jam is a program with lessons teaching all the licks in Black Magic Woman, China Grove, Rambling Man and Johnny B. Goode with the idea this will give you the skills to jam.

          The YouTube Downloader is also included, but it’s only active for 2 years, after which you can buy it.

          I haven’t learned all the features on Video Surgeon yet, but Griff gives a better overview of it.

          • Dan

            I’ll add, the bonuses really make this a good deal IMHO.

    • Ron McCormick

      Thanks Griff, I have had the program for many moons also but never used it very much. I appreciate you showing me how useful it can be!

    • Michael Grabowski

      Thank you for introducing me to this awesome tool. Wish I had seen this earlier. I just purchased that Vidami foot controller for slowing down and looping videos. It does a nice job, but has non of the detailed control Video Surgeon has. After using the Vidami for a few months I’m sure I’ll be getting Video Surgeon. I just can’t justify spending what I spent on the Vidami and turning around buying this so soon. But thank you for showing another tool that may help me with my guitar learning journey.

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