This is a simple, boogie style blues riff that should suit most beginning and early intermediate blues guitar players.

It uses a 12 bar blues in E, with a simple riff based around the major pentatonic scale. It has some alternate picking, some right hand muting, and a good set of notes to work with.

All great things to improve upon… so get on with it! (TAB download is below the video)

Get the TAB HERE

    16 replies to "Easy Boogie Woogie Blues Riff"

    • william "Wild Bill" cannon

      @ 87 & STILL BOOGING with my Custom Gibson L-5 !! Looking @ Ur Video — Giving so much back to your ART & Craft,
      I”m Thinking: I love this Man!! Are U taken?? L O L Seriously, Many Thanks, Griff !!

    • Mike Brand

      Thanks for this fun riff!

    • DaveyJoe


    • Michael Chappell

      Hey Griff Great one, nice and easy,

      I am already good at the palm muting and good lesson..


      Michael-Sydney-Australia Oct 3, 2019.

    • roy aiken

      great lesson Griff. thanks

    • Dale

      Great quick easy and “usable” lesson… I luv it!!!

    • Walt

      Great lesson Griff unfortunately I’ll have to go over it later I smashed my first finger on my left hand in a drawer in work my nail is black finger is swollen , but as always a great lesson keep them coming I have learned so much from you it’s amazing thanks !

    • Tony

      Ditto for the little turn around

    • Marv Murray

      Love it Griff. And not even too hard for a beginner as long as they practice

    • Jim P.

      Thanks Griff. Would you mind on these sort of lessons giving a short accompanying music theory explanation of how this works. That way people could maybe understand how to play this with other chords in another key. Thanks.

    • Jim

      Great riff! Thanks Griff!
      This is such a classic sound! I think it was the famous English guitar player, Burt Weedon, who wrote “Boogie Woogie” (very similar riff) that inspired all the great English guitarists (Beatles, Stones, etc.).

    • Jim Kuzo

      How about a cool turnaround/ending for this…?

    • tony

      Add to my tricks Thanks

    • Steve Owens

      Great little riff Griff!! been playing that one for a while!! Thanks for the lessons!

    • Jason Mayo

      You are the best! I’m new to electric blues and just love the whole new universe I’ve encountered. Here I am, almost 70, looking to turn it up and get me some blues. Thanks.

    • Mike

      Boogie swing meets rockabilly. Great one! Thank you for these teaser lessons Griff. They keep me on path.

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