I was in a private lesson and this tune came up as my student was asking about how these double stops work…

Turns out, with just one shape, and some fun moving around, you can follow all of the chords and it really doesn’t take much work at all.

So have some fun with it – experiment and make it sound good to you. It’s a lot of fun 🙂

    14 replies to "Double Stops a la “Keep Your Hands To Yourself”"

    • Mike H.

      Makes me want to go down to Green River.

    • Robbie

      Sounds like I better go listen to the original again. Good lesson but you need the progression underneath to make it sound right.

    • William

      Fuck Billy Gibbons- get serious dude

      • J. Meoff

        Billy Gibbons ? lolol. wtf ?

    • Stevo

      Thanks Griff for another cool daily hipshot!

    • Richard

      Thanks Griff, again , another cool stuff to learn , I understand it’s Laura’s birthday? Then, happy birthday Laura…cheers

    • John

      Very good Griff……. Love ALL your music!

    • John A

      Happy Birthday Laura
      Good lesson Griff. Love that Tele think I will get mine out and give this a try today

    • Don

      Happy Birthday Laura

    • Dick

      Happy Birthday Laura. Great people were born on this day. Oh yeah, it’s my birthday as well.

    • Jeff

      Nice quick, easy lesson. Thank you. And happy birthday to Laura.

    • Roy Winters

      Send your wife an analog Birthday card as well lol

    • Robert

      I love Tension. Thanks Griff
      Good lesson

    • Justin

      Is this not what the Rev Billy Gibbons is known for?

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