When you “build your own blues” tune out of different elements, it can be a challenge to “find” anything outside of your normal open position “box 1” pattern that you’re really comfortable with…

So I thought I’d show you some double stop ideas that I like to use, even though they’re outside of the scale… and one really doesn’t make any sense but I love the sound of it.

Have fun:

More of this type of thing can be found in How To Jam The Blues Alone On Your Guitar

    6 replies to "Double Stop Acoustic Moves Out Of Box 1"

    • Michael Chappell

      Hey Griff, As always I love all the lessons on the Acoustic. As Ace said above I am 76 yrs going on 40 and yep I have long hair which is white but goes well with the guitars as our Kids and grandkids think it is so cool to have a Dad and Grand Dad playing guitar and electric guitar etc and even singing along as well.
      I find these lessons good refreshers and I can relate to having played a lot of these riffs. It is amazing when playing on any guitar that you always seem to come across sounds that just make the Riff even though not in a major or minor key.. All good for fun when summer comes around as our Spring starts 1st Sept.

      Michael-Sydney Aust- August 28th ,2023

    • Jim Brill

      Thanks, Griff! I now have this idea to play with! Plus, I want to hear how you can practise inspired by yourself! I need to find a download of it!

      • ACE DRAGON

        I have been with you Griff< for over 6 years. I have seen this when you lived in California.
        I'm 71, going on 40, LOL! As a student, and a friend, I have seen you age gracefully. I. like the long hair. Mine is white and long. GRIFF! Brother, you need to lose some weight. I have heart disease . You need to eat Healthy and Not consume a lot of Whiskey, alcohol and get your blood work up and check your Cholesterol. Your LDL should be below 100. . I just see things that may happen and I would hate to see you get Diabetes, or have a heart attack. . . Your I appreciate how you have made my Guitar playing so much better. TAKE CARE BROTHER. in my prayers .

    • Nikki

      @ Clem: I like to play “on the porch… out of earshot of most people”, too, except the animals that might hear me either Howl or run away, LOL! Keep on playing, anyway. GOD BLESS

    • Bob Dye

      I’m really, really disappointed that your system will not allow me to access your lessons today. I look forward to the lessons every day, and have bought many of your courses over the last few years. I do the extra log on check, but it appears I am frozen out! Alternatives??

    • Clem

      Really liked this lesson, as a beginner, I mostly play “on the porch” out of earshot of most people, except for the few animals that might listen.

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