The other day I did a post about different approaches you can use when the chord progression you are soloing over is not a blues…

And by FAR the question I got the most pertained to the “follow the chord” idea.

So in this video, I’ll try to get you going a little more with that. Understand, however, that it’s a bit more of an adventure than it might seem at first 😉

I have a course called The Little Wing Lesson that covers this much more in depth, if you’re looking for more of this style of playing.

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    • Heri Sanchez

      Thank you, Griff. This lesson opens up a whole other venue of thought, which guides me back to the drawing board, to learn all the appropriate scales and modes, in order to ‘have them at the ready’, if ever I need to revert to the applicable scale or mode, as an alternative, to just staying in the main key pentatonic scale.

    • Richard Williams

      Thank Griff
      One of your best lessons.
      I learned a lot that was there all the time. I
      I just didn’t think about it.

    • Mike Kessler

      Hey Griff : You sure did find one of the very best guitar shops in Texas in a hurry. LOL. Guitar Sanctuary is like a guitarist piece of Heaven on earth. As a owner of your Little Wing course, I found it extremely helpful breaking down and teaching one of the most beautiful songs ever written. If you get a chance, check out Monty Montgomery’s acoustic version. Monty was voted the best acoustic players in Austin, Texas for eight years. His version is amazing. Thanks.

    • Dean

      Great lesson Griff. I had mistakenly thought you said minor over the 4 only, so this even opened up some other possibilities. Happy Saturday everyone!

    • Steve Dunlap

      Hi Griff. You are the best and my favorite teacher. I have purchased many of your lessons and will buy more. I have learned a treasure chest of knowledge from you. It makes playing extra fun these days. I used to be a metalist, but now favoring the blues. I just love the “blueisms! Thank you much!


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