This is such a great lick, but it can be a real brain teaser because of how it’s a 3 beat phrase, over a 4 beat measure.

As always, counting is the key, and separating your counting brain from your playing brain (if that’s a thing.)

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    • Bruce

      Why not use 3/4 time?

    • AZRonJ

      One of the coolest solos from the ABB is in the song It Aint Over Yet from the Seven Turns Album. The solo goes from 2:30 – 3:15 and is full of cool bluesy bends, and licks. Check it out. Never thought I’d be good enough to figure it out and play it but due to Griffs great teaching I have climbed that mountain. Thanks Griff.

    • Tony

      Thanks Griff for the insight into how Dickey used this lick. I think he uses the same notes in different context on his biggest hit; Rambling Man.

      Thanks again

    • Frank Maynes

      Thanks very much Griff
      As usual great information.
      I have a question l got Beginning Blues Guitar coarse 10 or so years ago learning what you taught and moving to . BLUES GUI unleashed. I got the first about the 2.0 unleashed also.
      Have learned a load going thru to lesson 26 or so . I got myself into the groove that was lost for 30 plus years. Thanks However
      My email is
      I have been with you for 13 years now kinda since you started on line .
      Thanks man


      Griff himself said somewhere “The goal of counting is to not have to count”. I don’t have any trouble with this at all. But I don’t count, haven’t had to count for decades. I arrived there after years of counting and developing my own internal clock.

    • Eddie Lee

      Playing Betts’ upper register licks requires some work… especially when you have fat fingers!

    • Jack Flash

      cool lick…I really dig the Alman Brothers….

    • Mark d.

      Maybe I’ll get to meet you one day now that you are in Texas. I’m in Missouri. Thank you for all you do!! I’m getting better thanks to your instructions. I’ll never stop learning. Also goodbye to one of the greatest of all times. Eddie van Halen 😔☝️

    • Jeff Washburn

      Very informative.
      Dicky Betts always had a unique style.

      What gauge strings do you mostly use?

    • maurice Didier

      You make it look so simple but then your a Pro some day I will be able to do that

    • Mark

      Thanks for the great lesson as always Griff. A track that been on every playlist I’ve made since I first heard it. I don’t doubt that I will always struggle with timing but I’m using your speed building blocks course, amongst others to help. I’m one of those so-and-so’s who thought I’d get round to doing the timing later – you are right – it is a big mistake to do that. I hope the house move went well and you and the family are happy in your new home. Regards from Manchester, England
      PS Love those Marshalls

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