I talk about counting ALL the time… and I’m well aware of that…

However, I’ll be the first to admit that there are some times, particularly in a slow blues, where counting is pretty tough – if not impossible. See Blues Guitar Unleashed solo #4 as an example 🙂

When that happens, your options become limited and you really have to focus on one littler part of the lick at a time… just one beat. And you simply have to play it and try to make it fit.

I’ll show you how I approach these types of licks in the video.

    5 replies to "Count The Uncountable"

    • Steve Tucker

      Yes I can dig it, thanks Griff.

    • Richard Brault

      Griff, this was super helpful. Breaking down the bar and isolating the phrase in each individual beat makes so much sense. I’ve been working on your Slow Blues Construction Course and there are numerous licks Where the counting gets tricky. Your advice makes so much sense, and it works beautifully.

    • Gerald Miramonti

      Happy 21st son Griff!

    • Bob K

      When I became a BGU 2.0 student, I made sure to order the printed material so I could pencil in the count (I’m pretty sure you mentioned this in the 5 Easy Blues Solos which was my first purchase).

      This was really helpful. Took a screen shot of the marked-up tab so I can make sure I’ve counted out BGU lessons correctly (sometimes I find it difficult to watch video, listen to the count, and get it down on paper).

      Hopefully this will start to become second nature. As always, great lesson Griff!

      • RHobbs

        I too love the printed material. This is why I love BGU ! Very few online programs offer nicely spiral bound stuff.
        Don’t like ebooks because then I would still have to print it.
        I follow along with DVDs on my big screen.

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