I would wager a guess that most people are more familiar with Chuck Berry’s rock and roll playing on classics like “Johnny B. Goode,” or “Roll Over Beethoven…”

But I saw a really cool old television broadcast of Chuck Berry playing the classic blues tune, “The Things I Used To Do,” and the elements he used in his introduction were classic blues moves that you really should know how to do.

Even if you don’t play this song exactly the same as Chuck Berry, there are plenty of good things to learn here.

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    • Johan Hoffmann

      There are also some great stuff in the rest of the song by Chuck Berry. Would be great if you could show that e.g. the solo.

    • Chris CLEMANS

      Griff back in 1964 our band always looked at his music as blues he plays over a 12 bar blues progression and we played alot 80% of the time I was playing rhythm but I guess some could be considered blues rock . Great video!

      • PAUL

        Have Played Some Chuck Berry Songs. Never heard this one before . THAT OLE STORMY SLIDE !
        Nice Intro.
        On the 4th, KJAZZ 88.1 PLAYED THE GRIFF HAMLIN BLUES BARREL BAND. Your song Griff. .
        Your Band is now going Places. Like , a Record deal ??

    • Danny Harris

      Hey Griff, nice. But to change the subject, I was watching A Sunday cup of Joe . He had a video of Lightn
      in Hopkins playing go to Louisiana. Great old Blues, Check it out.

    • Dave G

      Hey Griff, I am working from home and my computer system is down. So while I’m waiting for tech to contact me I got this little gem under my fingers ( with counting ) Great intro and as you said great stuff for fills or leads, thank you!

    • Jack Flash

      Great again…I got the strumming mastery that I have wanted for years but did not have the cash to get it…EXCITED

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