As I often like to say, the pentatonic/blues scale is never wrong, when you solo over a blues…

But you can be right-er, at certain times 😉

In this video, you’ll see how one certain note out of the pattern can emphasize each new chord better than all the rest…

By using that one note as your anchor, and returning to it regularly, you can effectively outline the chord changes, and play through them, without having to change your scales or patterns.

And in case you wonder, the course where I talk about this concept in the most direct way is Killer Blues Solos Made Easy (a fun little mini-course.)

    6 replies to "Chasing Chords Without Changing Scales"

    • Fred

      Brilliant! Now I sound so much better. My notes are no longer random (and bad) sounding.

    • lawrence

      wow, what a great lesson thanks

    • Mr. Ron

      Thanks Griff! For the Key to The Blues Highway!
      As a subscriber to your courses. manuals and All Access Pass…
      You have taught and talked about changing with the chords before….
      For me, naming the notes in the pattern made all the difference! Now I will be able to play the Right-er notes in the 1-4-5 chord change!
      I will also check out Killer Blues Solo’s Made Easy!

    • Jeremy

      Great video! I’m having a major aha moment right now! Thank you!

    • Cliff

      Very cool, thanks.

    • Vince

      Excellent Griff.

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