Let’s take a simple blues lick (that you oughta know anyway) and see how to modify the last note to fit the new chords when the chord changes…

Sort of a continuation of yesterday’s video on handling chord changes, this is more specific to a simple, yet common blues lick.


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    • Gary

      These last two videos have been great – they really take soloing to the next level. Is there any chance they could be downloadable (if that’s a word). I don’t have internet at home, so am only able to see your videos at a local coffee shop. It would sure be nice to be able to see them at home with guitar in hand.

    • Jeremy

      This is awesome!

    • John Enget

      I love this one! I agree with Otto’s comment. This my favorite one. I will show my friends! It’s very melodic.

    • Otto (Hamburg Germany)

      Thank you Griff for your great Videos. I‘m playing guitar for more than 40 years now. But always intuitively. Now i‘m starting to think about what i‘m doing. This will help any Player to get better and break out of routine and not get locked in.

    • Chuck

      Love these soloing secrets for advanced playing. Knowing the “better” notes to target is the key for tasty, bluesier solos and accents. You better understand how the licks really work within the progression. Keep pouring on the secret sauce. Many thanks Griff.

    • Virgin Islands Mike

      I love these 2 videos on the subject. After digesting, I realized a previous video on 4 chord targets, that you had spent some time then working on hitting the 3rd as a target. Didn’t see that in this video–is that just another embellishment that didn’t fit this lesson? Or am I misunderstanding? Thanks

    • Peter (South Coast UK)

      Thanks Griff, really great learning for me from yesterday’s and today’s lessons. Much appreciated.

    • Mark d

      These two videos are going to greatly help my brother in his soloing I’ve been trying to explain this but you do it a lot better thanks grip you’re the best. Oops that was supposed to say Griff! You are the man! 🙂

    • Rob

      Very informative from the perspective that you can copy a blues lick note for note or you can can play with a lick to make it your own and this is where you will find “your sound”.

    • Gerry

      Any chance you could tab these licks…I can’t see them from this angle.

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