This is kind of hard to explain, but I think you’ll find it fun…

One of my students was asking about the intro to ZZ Top’s tune, “Brown Sugar,” and there are a few cool little things.

I didn’t want to just transcribe it (it would be hard to write down) but I thought it would be cool to walk you through the ideas, especially the little flurries and stuff, so you could put together your own version.

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    • Graham lashmar

      Griff hi man
      I took the course and I have learnt to play better than I have all my life. I’m now 70 so I just play for me. This is now were I am with my playing and it’s fun now. Thanks mate. I still go through the disks to see if I missed any thing. Happy new year

    • blind Lame Bob

      As I’m watching this, I just got sidetracked.
      The local radio station just started playing Dave Brubeck’s Take Five. The piano parts have a nice feel. The Alto Sax parts are smooth with an incredible melody. The solo is one of the finest. Paul Desmond, the sax player, has been quoted in an interview saying that he tries to sound like a dry martini. And he has succeeded.

      Mr. Griff. While this song is in 5/4 and in Ebm I think, and outside of your normal territory, this jazz standard presents some incredible learning opportunities.
      Would you consider doing a video or lesson on this song.


      If you wanted to call out Brown Sugar at a jam, how would you do it? ZZ Top is ONE guitar. Jams have several. What are the others supposed to do?

    • Casey Brose

      Thank you Griff for your daily lesson. It fits right in with box one that I have learned. Do you have a CD program I can buy that has all the box’s explained and shown. I think it would be helpful for me learning the other box’s.
      Casey Brose

    • loyd newsom

      Really good lesson,now got to know where can I get a BB KING BLUES T-Shirt like the one you’re wearing also what pedals are ya using? And I have All you teaching cds thanks

    • loyd newsom

      Really good lesson,now got to know where can I get a BB KING BLUES T-Shirt like the one you’re wearing also what pens are ya using

    • Tom

      You always remind me to look back and refresh what I’ve learned.

    • MikeS

      Cool stuff. Keep it coming, thanks

    • Debra M Klan

      Got ur new CD…love. love. Love it !!…can’t wait for ur next one… are working on another one…right ?……thx Debra

      • Bryan Laidlaw

        Yeah. Like it. Also Fool for your stockings.

        • Chris CLEMANS

          Fool for your stockings is a awsome tune. Maybe we can get him to do it on a lesson

          • Christian Van Horn

            I’ll second that!!! Hell, if Griff had a ZZ Top course I would buy it in a sec! So much goodness in those songs!

    • Peter S

      Very cool tune !

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