Laura and I are heading off to Mammoth Lakes (California) today because we are performing at the annual Bluesapalooza Blues And Brews Festival up there on Sunday at 11:00am (and yes, there are still tickets if you want to come and join us!)

But I took a little time yesterday while putting the pedalboard together for the show to go on Facebook Live (from my phone, so my apologies for the quality) and talk about how and why I setup this pedalboard the way that I did.

It looks like a lot, but you’ll see most things get used very little or are simply there to compensate for issues I expect to have – being that it’s not my gear and I don’t know the soundman 🙂

Anyway, hope you enjoy it and if you do come to the show, PLEASE come and say hello after!

And if you are on Facebook, be on the lookout for video throughout the weekend on the Blues Guitar Unleashed Facebook page.

    20 replies to "Bluesapalooza Pedalboard Rundown"

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    • Walt

      There is a tiny pedal directly to the left of your Wah and I don’t think you mentioned that in your video.

      What is it?



      • Louis Ogden

        Walt, I think it is a tuner!

    • Bob L

      Great to learn that knowledge. Thank you!

    • Steve A

      Thanks for the video and explanations. Especially about the OCD and how it helps you to shape the tone depending on the amp.

      I have a Xotic BB Plus (the BB preamp + OD and some compression) and man I love that thing when I play slide. The Xotics are great pedals.

    • Ian Robins

      Thanks, Griff. I have a similar set up. Wish I had a good wa pedal tho’. Always enjoy your lessons and blogs. Have a great time at Bluesapaloosa!

    • Bud Hale

      Would love to attend Bluesapaloosa..!!!
      Texas a little too far away
      Have fun pickin & grinnin with all your buds
      Bud Hale

    • Jim

      Just a note to say how much i enjoy listening to you explain, demonstrate and play. You have the best mix of humour, exactness and that flow that lets your audience ..oh that’s me comprehend what you are presenting . thank you

    • Bob. Elliott

      I have your Beginning Blues Guitar course and cannot play the B7 cord with out a couplof dead strings any help would be appreciated. Bob Elliott

    • Midnight

      Thanks Griff. No compressor eh? Or is that coming from the OCD?

    • Michael Chappell

      Hi Griff, For some reason your video link did not open can you always provide the WMV to download which I always do as the Australian Internet is SO Slow. Any way it must have been good..
      Have a great time at the Bluesapalooza over the weekend, I have signed in to get the news for when I win a lotto..

      I will check out the BGU FB page over the weekend.

      Michael-Sydney-Australia 3 August 2017.

    • Larry Puckett

      Been watching all your emails. Super impressed. Ordered and just received your full course. Guitar unleashed. Found out what a drummer told me. He says love how you play clean notes but need to work on timing lol. Hoping through your course I find that timing. Thank you. Have fun in Mammoth

    • Steve Webb

      Wish the party was in Colorado.Would love to meet you.Have a great time! You are my Guru!

    • Mike cole

      Hey griff thanks for the peddle board video just thanking is there a certain way or lineup that we should use place in our peddles thanks again I am enjoying your videos everyday I have learn a lot .

    • Rick P

      Thanks Griff:

      Nice to hear about the nuances of various effects pedals and their combinations.

      Cheers, Rick

      • Vince

        Really enjoy these vids Griff…..Do you have a video or could you recommend a software to run a guitar into and then into a small fender to get all the effects of the pedals you’re going over in this video?
        Sure would appreciate your advice! Also, every once in a while you rip through some tasty scale riffs which would sure be nice to have a mini course on; it would help me generate my own after I get the timing of some of yours.

        Thanks loads, Vince

    • mark

      Hope you have a great time. Interesting video, although I can’t imagine getting to the point of using pedals, I’m saving this just in case. Of all, the OCD may be the most likely for someone at my level.

    • Mark Wales uk

      Cheers Griff
      For the insight it as given me something to think on
      Good luck with the gig no doubt you’ll blow them away 😎🎶

    • mike z.

      Griff , I like your explanation of the pedal’s you use . There is nothing available to explain how to use them . Great job . Thanks for sending . Mike

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