A lot of my students spend a lot of their time practicing soloing over a 12 bar blues…

But that requires some different muscles – you have to pay attention to what bar you are in the progression…

Plus you have to think about chord changes.

Well, sometimes, you want to NOT think about those things, and you want to concentrate on playing things that are musical.

In addition, it’s helpful to spend some time just “noodling” and listening for the sounds…

And it can help you be ready for things that are not in the standard 12 bar blues form…

Plus, it improves your ear and it’s fun!

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    • Steve Sandorf

      Thank God, You got it right. That first song in Beginning Blues is great for practicing my timing and You explained so well. I wish my other took the time you did to explain it.

    • Russ

      Could someone point me to the blues scales used in this video , regarding box 2 and any other box. I believe they might be minor pentatoics with the blue notes but I’m not sure the fingering. The video is a little too fast for me to keep up and watch the fingers.

      Or if there is a corresponding course IN BGU.


    • Tom

      Good stuff, after memorizing the scales I still need help on making them musical and less robotic. I play mostly country music and always learn from your videos even though I’ve played for over 20 years.

    • Darryl Manire

      Hi.. nice job,love the sunburst,thanks for the emails, reminds me of what really matters, the music, not my neighbors hating for no reason,I think thy do it because their bored?

    • Anthony Ingoglia

      Such a great suggestion. Copying others’ riff is cool but discovering your own is cooler. You end up with sounds that suit YOUR ear and YOUR ability. For example, my old fingers have a hard time doing double stops and bending only one. I’ll continue to try but it probably is not going to become MY sound. For me, when I can “sing” the sound while I’m playing them, then I know my brain, ears, and fingers are a team.

    • K moree from Thibodaux Louisiana

      Great reminder, I had a back and neck injury almost 2 years ago and had lost a lot of strength and stamina because of nerve issues. I had been a student of yours since 2015 or so and was making good progress til my accident. I had surgery a month ago on my neck to alleviate pressure on the nerves that are responsible for muscles in my shoulders all the way to my hands. I thank God that it has really helped but I’m learning to use those muscle groups again . The good news is I kept up the mental learning and I find I’m regaining
      A measure of dexterity improvement and now it’s getting fun all over again .
      I’m now 61 and I’m excited about music again.
      Tks so much for what you and your wife Laura do. Incidentally we went back to my home Dallas a few months ago and met you and your crew and were shown a great time . Can’t wait to see y’all again , I feel like an ole friend. Fran says hey to you and your other half.🔈🔈🔈

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