Chris Cain is one of my personal favorite guitar players on the planet… he’s also arguably one of the most “under-the-radar” blues players you’ll never hear of.

His style is somewhat of a mix between classic BB King and modern Robben Ford with some occasional extra tasty stuff from a suitcase full of licks that has clearly been many years in the making.

So I thought I’d share some of my personal favorite tunes of his, in hopes that you might dig in a little further on your own if you like what you hear…

First, a good old fashioned shuffle that just SWINGS so hard… listen to how he stays so connected to the band all the time…

Another one of my favorites of Chris’ is this slow number, “Sweet Sixteen”…

And you can hear just a touch of a jazz influence on this next one which is a studio cut…

That’s a taste, and I hope you dig it. If you like it and you want more, make sure you search Chris Cain out and go see him live, you won’t regret it.

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    • Alexander Aliganga

      I really dig Chris Cane. I had a chance to see him here in Monterey Ca. At the blues in the park over at Seaside Ca. He’s one of my inspirations for playing the blues . He Jams! Thanks again Griff!

    • Andy

      Fantastic stuff Griff sounds awesome and he is coming to Australia in May can’t wait.

    • Lnewsome

      Great feel loved it all !! Have to keep working on it ,feel as if blues is a way life —;)

    • Mike

      Holy Wow!! Now that’s some fine Blues. Thanks Griff.

    • Michael

      I had the chance to meet him and hear him play about 4-5 times at Biscuit and Blues in SF – he set the house on fire each time! And he’s very approachable; we talk about some of his influences and he shared so much without hesitation! GREAT performer dedicated to keeping the Blues alive.

    • John Crowley

      Been watching this man for almost 20 years and I live in Syracuse NY. Our blues fans kind of adopted him a very long time ago at the NYS Bluesfest where he blew the place up.

      A couple of years ago he flew here just to play one private show. He’ll be at the Blues Bender in Vegas this Sept. and you might catch him on an occasional Blues Cruise.

      No one has a better time performing and playing the blues.

      • Larry

        Chris Cain is the best
        “Thank you very much”

        Cleveland Larry

    • Jim

      Thank you Griff! I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing Chris before, but I will certainly look for him now! Thanks again for sharing this with us!

    • Rad

      Had the privilege of helping load in Chris and his band in the 80’s as my bass player and I were there unloading his other band that played before Chris. This was at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz. Then I watched his performance from about 25 ft away, very impressive.

      Thanks Griff

    • John Potter

      Thanks for giving Chris Cain a shout out. I’ve been a fan for years. I had the pleasure of seeing him at Callahan’s in Auburn Hills Michigan several times and at Skips Party Place in Indiana. Sadly both venues are now gone. Aside from being a fantastic soloist, his comping is masterful. He is the real deal. And a really nice guy.

    • DaveyJoe

      Thanks for these videos Griff. This guy is awesome! I gotta see him live one of these days. He mainly has gigs in California, right?

    • Julian

      I like Chris Cain to. Saw him twice in Santa Cruz at the catalyst and more alley. He has going energy and feel in his playing


      Thank you Griff! I LIKE HIM! But you ace him on tone! (and playing too for that matter). I have had your CD in the player in my SUV since it came out … I have never taken it out of the player.

    • Ray

      So excited; he is playing at our IA winter blues fest in Feb and doing a guitar workshop that afternoon…:

    • Robert C

      Thanks Griff, I had never heard of him either, he must not get to Texas much. He is on my list now

    • Robert Toms

      Thanks Griff.

      After listening to Chris Cain, I’ve decided to never play guitar again and just leave it to the people who know how!

      Of course, I’m kidding but it certainly makes me aware of what a two bit novice I am on the old axe. Years of playing and I still don’t know what I’m doing…I just thought I did.

      That was awesome!




    • steve

      he is one guy that truly loves his work, he is always having fun, love it

    • Robert

      Thanks again re: my comment “just when you think you heard it all”. Let me throw one at you. I live in this guys area (Orlando Fl) and he is still playing the blues. Old time favorite Pat Travers.

    • Michael Chappell

      Hey Griff, Thank you for sharing I now have another name for Blues Guitar Chris Cain.. unusual character and method of playing. but nice.

      Michael-Sydney-Australia Aug 2019.

    • Chris Copeland

      I love his style. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dennis Duffy

      Thanks for sharing , amazing the talent that comes from this guy, and he does it so effortlessly, thanks for the post, good luck with your show.

    • Joe Howson

      Wow, That was great. I couldn”t stop smiling. I see he will in vegas soon.

    • Robert

      Just when you think you heard it all. I have tried and tried to be something other than a blues player. But thanks to you Griff and all you share with us. I’m just hooked.

    • Mike

      I just feel like we should be touting your talent and that of your band. Wish you guys would come to the east coast!, mike

    • Mike

      Your every bit as good as Chris ,plus you have very special teaching talent ! JMO

    • Rock

      I’ve seen Chris Cain once before. Really enjoyed his show! Great Blues!! I missed you Griff at Cadillac Zacks recently, I’m going to try and make tonights show!

    • tony

      wow a whole lot of notes going on . never heard of this guy. guess you got to be a true blues guy thru and thru. i think that a lot of today`s players back down a bit on the solo stuff . after a bit it just seems to much and loose connection with where this guy is going but that`s just my opinion .

    • Wayne H

      I happened upon Chris early on in my 3.5 yr journey so far (63.5 y/o now). It was obvious that his sound was different that the “regular” minor blues I was hearing to that point. The epitome of mixing major/minor (and who knows what else 🙂 ) that Griff is always talking about. I now want to implement more of his rhythm and chord style into mine. Fantastic overall player !

    • Gerry

      Folks, why, just why do some people always compare then vilify those they don’t like?? Music is extremely personal, everyone’s ear is different , consequently we like some artists over others but why say musician A could blow musician B out of the water?? Really? Just enjoy the diversity.

    • Poppa Smoke

      This guy is great. But forget it, I love the stove pipe jeans and the facial gyrations. Somewhat Joe Cockerish.

    • Chad

      WOW!!! Awesome. Wish I had known about him sooner Callahan’s is 3 miles from my house.
      Also, great quote Robert, I’m going to plagiarize that one.

    • Gary G. Koester

      sounds good. too bad he never leaves CA.

      • Tom Hopsicker

        The first two videos were filmed in Michigan.

    • MyKey K™

      🎼 Many thanKs again Griff for sharing this blisterinGREAT BLUESinginGuitarisTalent KRIS KANE❗

      • MyKey K™

        ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐CHRIS CAIN⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

      • Frank B.

        Wow! Thanx 4 sharing some of what you like, Hes definitely pulling some of that from deep down Idontknowhere?
        Fuhgettaboutit! Im gonna hafta borrow some of his licks…You see those Faces? 😱

    • Robin

      Thank you for sharing Chris Cain. I have never heard him before.

    • Ed M

      Hey Griff, l first saw Chris in the 80’s before his first album. I have a recording on cassette that is from then that will blow your socks off. Thanks for letting others know about him.

    • mike z.

      Griff , I have not heard of Chris Cain before these video’s . He has a style just as you described . Very easy to listen to also . Thanks for sending , and to me , you are still the best . Mike Z.

    • credenhill


      He is a very good guitar player, but his oral gyrations make him hard to watch.

      • Robert Tippitt

        When I was a lad I was told it took a skilled carpenter to build a number 1 barn but any jackass could kick it down! Which one are you? Something to think about! Envy is a sad friend.

      • JimS

        Agreed !

    • Chris Babcock

      Holy crap, why have we not heard this guy! He is incredible!

    • Steve Sulger

      Griff: Thanks for the opportunity to see/hear this guy! He is a white funky BB King!! Wonderful guitar playing….

    • JimS

      Great blues player! Just needs to button his shirt .

      • Robert Tippitt

        Same to you as well!

    • John McMurtry

      This is one of my favs. There’s one run here that “makes it worth the price of admission”. Can you find it?

    • Don Turnock

      A true blues guy, playing a true blues guitar. Fantastic!

    • JoeyB

      Oh my! Thanks for sharing!!

      • PAUL


    • Gary Hylton

      This cat’s where its at!

      Thanks Griff

      Old School & Still Rockin’

      Gary Hylton

    • Axel

      Seen him a couple of times in the SF Bay Area. Will see him again in two week; his tone is out of this world, and he clearly mastered his instrument.

    • Lance Groody

      Hey I know his keyboard player. Nice to see them getting this pub!

    • Rohn

      The guy is pretty kewell Griff pretty kewell

    • clif

      Cain is articulate and very well practiced.
      OK, now back to my Tele.
      More practice. must practice,

    • MyKey K™

      🎼 Many thanKs Griff for sharing this blistering blueSinginGuitarisTalent‼️

    • Alex Mowatt

      Well Griff you introduce us to some great players. I imagine an evening spent listening to this chap is a blast. Obviously an accomplished blues player and he sounds great. Can I assume he has a CD / CDs out there? I wonder how he would fair in a ‘shootout’ with the Griff Hamilin Band. Thank you for this videos Griff. You can hear some of his influences in there notably BB King, perhaps a bit of Clapton. I still feel you are the best so there.

    • Mike g.

      You are every bit as good if not better than Chris!! Just my opinion!

    • Joe Abrams

      I watched some of the same videos yesterday! I have a youtube playlist of his videos. “My Mood” is a great instrumental or “Gambler Blues” a wounderful BB King song. – Thanks Griff for talking about Chris.

    • Tony

      Thanks Griff, Just great.

      Tony. UK

    • Tom Hopsicker

      Good stuff. Check out Callahans the next time you’re in Ann Arbor. They book some great bands.

    • Joe

      Thanks Griff for sharing I learn something new listening to everyone. It definitely keeps me thinking!

    • Terry

      At my lesson last week and my teacher put some Chris on.It’s was new to me. Always great to find a new player. I agree that there is Lots of players out there doing great things that you never really hear. Got a late start at it myself but how satisfying would it be to be able to get close to what these players are doing. Practice practice practice ya and more practice. Lol.

    • Keith

      Good stuff! Thanks for sharing

    • Nick W - UK

      Thanks for sharing this. Never ceases to amaze me how many great players there are out there who never really get the recognition they deserve (and also many who seem to get recognition they don’t really deserve!). Will look out for some more of Chris’s work.

    • Kevin O'Sullivan

      Yeah he’s good – almost as good as you Griff!!

      • Mike


    • Mark Wales uk

      Cheers Griff
      He can play with feeling and I can hear the connection with BB and RF

    • Linda Kanov


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