I’ve had a lot of questions lately about the Major Pentatonic Scale and using for different chords…

The thing is… you can use the Major Pentatonic scale a lot, and you can change it to fit all the chords…

But I don’t think you’ll like it 🙁

At least, not without a little “blues-i-fi-cation.”

So in this video, I’ll go over a bit about how I use it, and how I change it to sound more in line with the blues as I go.

(warning, this is not for you if you’re just starting with soloing – this is a little more advanced, but even if it doesn’t make sense, file it away for later because if you like the sound, you’ll want to come back to this later)


    14 replies to "Blues-i-fying The Major Pentatonic Sound And 7th Arpeggios"

    • Ulrich Gehn

      Inspiring and clarifying! Thanks!

    • Frank

      Thanks for the good information and the time you have invested in trying to help us.

    • Scott R

      Excellent overview Griff – Thank you.

    • Frank B.

      G’morning Griff,
      What difference a note makes! Thanx 4 sharing. Its all starting to make sense…its almost SCARY…..Lol Have a Great Day

    • Jeffrey Stone

      Tab would be the proper teaching lesson,Griff

    • Tom Hopsicker

      Great lesson!!

    • Iain

      This is a GOOD blues lesson. I already target the flatsevenths on th3 changes in a dominant blues, and this follows on from that. The “ box five” insight is very useful. Manythanks.

    • Anthony

      Griff, started not loading about 3 days ago. I enjoy our teachings Thanks.

    • Anthony

      Your emails don’t load up anymore. Cheers

    • Chris CLEMANS

      That was great! Now I know which notes were missing thank you , thank you

    • DaveyJoe

      Very cool Griff! Thanks for this valuable lesson

    • Bob S.

      I own Chord By Chord Blues Soloing. This is a real topper for the course. Thanks Griff!

    • Interstate slim

      Thanks griff, I think you touched on bluesifying the major somewhere else or I just happened to stumble into that sliding into the third. Have been trying to use major over 1 chord more often, but have not tried over the 4 chord using major yet. I’ll give it a try today, thanks again for what you do to help us along our musical journey.

    • tony

      not to shabby. makes sense . watching the Allman bros on stage doing one way out i think you can see Duane do that relax thing and resort to the a minor blues .

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