Yup… it’s that time of year again 🙂

I misspoke – last year was $397, not $497 and that will be the same price this year.

Get on the early bird list here:


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    • Mark A

      As a newbie to BGU I’m blown away by the advice commitment and opportunities Griff gives out to his students I will have to start saving and practicing for 2016

    • Michael Chappell

      hey Griff,

      I got interrupted watching your video when I posted my last blog. Now I would say Congratulations for the 5th BGU Live Event 17th -19th April 2015 in Corona CA USA. Whoopee!!
      Maybe you could establish an attendees special price as “Audience” if you are limited to 48 Guitar Players as I am sure all participants would benefit from the Event…you might need a bigger Hotel! but I still can’t make it this year being stuck in Sydney Australia but will certainly try for next year if I am good enough but Hey could be as a member of the BGU attendees audience next year.

      BTW, you could add to the price of the Event DVD, to get a BGU Event T-Shirt & Coffee Mug imagine the publicity BGU will get when we are wearing the T-Shirt at the Australian Blues Festival in Byron Bay and Tasmania??

      I have noted in my diary 17th – 19th April 2015 just in case I win the lottery.
      Michael-Sydney Australia

      • Bruce Wexler

        Hey Griff, I have a gig in Poway, down the road, on 4/18 (7pm set-up). Given the BGU schedule/logistics, do you think it would still be worthwhile to attend your clinic?

    • DaveyJoe

      Hope I didn’t get on the Early Bird list too late! Can’t wait to go!

    • Michael Chappell

      Hi Griff
      Like Graeme H and Steve, it is a bit far for me also to go living in Sydney Australia, but if you record and make a DVD of the Event I’m sure that we would all like to purchase it as long as it does not take 6-12 months. Maybe you could include on the DVD some of the Key Phrases & Licks as lessons that came from BGU members from BGU Live in Corona USA. It could be called Special Event BGU Live -DVD Lesson & event. As you said before we learn best by watching our Teacher and also from fellow BGU members.
      All fantastic stuff but the DVD of the Event and price paid we international BGU members could end up being sponsors by paying for that Special DVD.
      Michael -Sydney Australia

    • Mike Aragon

      I went to the first BGU, was very inexperienced in playing the guitar but got up with the band and did my best with Sweet Home Chicago. Like Griff said, “Its a blast”, you’ll never regret it……

    • raymee

      My son lives in Palm Springs. He is on business in L A right at this moment. I am not good enough to go play In front of people yet.some day we will meet and jam. Ray.

      • Chuck

        A lot of weren’t either but we did it anyway. You have to start sometime.

    • LouisVA

      How bout a BGU Live event on the east coast and make it a central location like Virginia/Maryland? Just thinkin’ – hmmmm – make that dreaming !

    • Alan Abriss

      Hey Griff, How about coming to the East coast, NYC, to do this. Just saying.

    • B. Stewart

      Is this mainly for electric guitrars or would acoustics be represented as well?
      Thanks, Stu

      • Chuck

        It’s mostly Electric but we have had people show up with acoustics and play. If you have a pickup in it, it should be fine.

    • regularjoe

      money, it always comes down to freaking money! well, it’s pretty out there, perhaps someday we can all can all go…enjoy!

    • Graeme H

      Hi Griff, it is a long way from Australia but if you come here I’m sure there would be a big response from the locals. We love our blues and really enjoy your courses and extras. Hope you, your band and all in attendance have a great time.

    • Fraser

      If I can make it, I’ll bring some Canadian beer…..I’ll watch over you guys though, make sure your safe with it. Lol

    • Steve

      sounds great mate , I am a bit far away, not only distance. Australia. I think i need a bit more time to learn the art of playing. maybe next year. i love the coarse. cheers

    • Steve

      sounds great mate , I am a bit far away, not only distance. Australia. I think i need a bit more time to learn the art of playing. maybe next year. i love the coarse. cheers

    • Steve

      sounds great mate , I am a bit far away, not only distance. Australia. I think i need a bit more time to learn the art of playing. maybe next year. i love the coarse. cheers

    • Miko

      Kestrou, we will bring you some real beer instead of the timbits…

      Unfortunately I am a bit far for just 2 days. But I am planning for Cowboys East end jam. Cant wait.

      • Chuck

        Miko, it’s not just 2 days. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is 3 days. If you come in early (Say Tuesday or Wednesday) we always have meets and jammin going on in the Hotel. I’m in the Hotel for 5 nights this time around and there is always something going on.

    • James Brown

      Griff, what does the $397, or whatever it is include? Is this the cost for the course/event? Do you have a special rate with a local hotel for attendees?

      • MIkeS

        Yes the $397 covers the cost of the event & the show on Saturday night.
        As Griff mentioned in the video, the Holiday Inn Express in Corona Will have a BGU special rate (If I remember it was $75/night last year)

    • Pete

      Count me in!

    • Tod Hanover

      Sounds like a great time. Unfortunately, to far for me to fly for a weekend.
      We would love to have an event on the east coast!
      Love your courses.
      Tod Hanover
      Greenville, South Carolina

    • Kip Child

      Griff, is there any chance you could get someone to video from Friday night thru Sunday morning (make a movie). You know your many students would love to see it. Although free is nice, you will probably have to pay a videographer, but you could probably make money putting it in an email as a pay-per-view for $5 or $10.

      • MIkeS

        Griff videos all of the jam sessions and his Saturday night show.
        (Time to poke Griff in the ribs a bit)…. We usually see the videos show up 6-8 months later. :^)

        As far as I know, there really hasn’t been that much demand for copies, but if you are on the Forum, PM Griff and if he has extra copies, I’m sure he can work something out for you.

        It almost HAS to be DVDs because there are 8 hours of jams on Saturday and probably another 4 on Sunday, plus the concert. That’s too much video to get it to you any other way.

    • Kip Child

      Is there any chance you could get someone to video from Friday night through Sunday morning (make a movie). I think all of your students would love to see the event. Make it pay-per-view for $5 or $10.

    • Michael Kirby

      Deal me in!!!

    • paul murphy

      Hi ..Love the idea however I will admit to being a bit intimidated. I have been playing for a bit less than two years. Probably a mid intermediate ? Is this over my head ?
      thanks very much and I do love your lessons as well as the forum..

      Also …any thoughts on taking this to the east coast ??

      • Michael Kirby

        Paul…many of us came as beginners (still am one) it is a great chance to get up there and have fun.

        • paul murphy

          Thanks so much

      • MikeSRC

        Don’t worry about it, Paul. It’s really for just about any level (other than maybe a true beginner). Everyone is supportive and there’s no judgment.

      • tom trahan

        paul – I was in the same situation as you two years ago. Had been playing electric guitar for two years. Had never been on stage. Had never played with a band. Opening night party, I couldn’t believe how all the attendees were volunteering to get up and play with no hesitation. I couldn’t do it. But by the end of the weekend, a switch had changed and I now “got it”. Getting up on stage and playing or singing is now no big deal. You’ll have a great time and get the chance to get an experience that would be hard to get otherwise. You won’t regret it.

    • Jim

      Sounds great! Very unique opportunity! Hoping to make it!

      • paul murphy

        Hi and i really appreciate the feedback …….

    • MikeSRC

      Are you really going to send the email out at 6:30 or 7:00 AM Eastern time?? I really don’t want to get up at 4 AM here in CA, but I will if I have to.

      • PAUL Dragotto

        my email did not have any info about this event. it had a face with a froun saying page unavable. if it’s more than a half hour drive from redondo beach i can make the drive with out getting over fatgued. like mikesrc said don’t call me at 4am in california, lol 🙂

    • geoff

      Gday griff, unfortunately I live in Australia, maybe next year.
      Ps a shirt or a mug would be great. I will save my money for next year and

    • Mike Casil

      Hi Griff. I live a few miles from Corona. How much is it if you don’t needa hotel room?

      • MikeSRC

        Mike Casil, The hotel is not included in the price quoted.

      • PAUL Dragotto

        oh, it’s in corona,fender town! to far to drive. i would have to get a room. a good room with out bed bugs cost a bundel. damn!

    • Bob Bennett

      I have been watching you for many years and I can make it this year, if I am selected. What an incredible opportunity. I’m so looking forward to being able to attend BGU Live 2015… Hope to hear from you soon

    • Lynn

      Can’t Wait!

    • Chuck

      Definitely In! Wouldn’t miss it for the world!

    • Lynn

      Griff…. I am enjoying and learning so much. Wish I done this a long time ago. Thank you for making your lessons easily understandable even for a guy 77 years old.

      Lynn R Parker Sr

    • Ed Green

      Count me in.

    • Steven Black

      Hi Griff,

      I am very interested in this adventure , please send me the info and I will reply as soon as I can reply.

      I am from the great white north in Edmonton , Alberta , Canada

      Does this apply to US citizens only?


      Steven Black

      • Chuck

        We always have a few Canadians here for the event. Yes, it’s open for everyone.

      • kestrou


        There is a surcharge for Canucks though… one bag of Tim-Bits! 🙂


      • MIkeS

        Steven, it is open to everyone. We have had people travel from the UK and from Australia to be there!

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