Heading back to some blues technique basics today…

I think bending is the thing that makes guitars cooler than everything else 🙂

But, if your bends are… sucky… then they don’t sound good and they don’t have the desired effect.

So let me show you some things to listen for, and some ideas on how to improve them so that you’re making some beautiful noises with them.

If this is where you’re at and what you’re doing, I recommend my Blues Guitar Unleashed course to improve your blues playing so you can get up and jam anywhere, any time.

    4 replies to "Bends… Lots Of ‘Em"

    • Chris Adams

      Thanks Griff.
      There are a few new things you explained for me to practise.
      Aussie Chris

    • John

      What gauge of strings are you using?

    • David Dudley

      Don’t think about the mechanics of the bend, just listen to what you’re playing and stop bending when you reach the note you’re looking for……

    • Steve B

      This is really important to practice if you play both a Strat with a floating bridge and a fixed bridge guitar like a Les Paul. The bend position to get the note in pitch on the Strat will be slightly higher because the bridge will lift up a bit when you bend the string.

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