One of the most iconic and recognizable blues guitar solo on the planet is the first 12 bars of BB King’s masterpiece, “The Thrill Is Gone.

Now, I’m no copyright lawyer, but it seems that the folks at the YouTube have worked out some sort of arrangement with the music publishers…

I see an awful lot of stuff from “real songs” and they don’t get shut down, so I’m gonna give it a try.

Unfortunately, what I can’t do is post the TAB, so I tried to go nice and slow so you can follow me. (That’s a whole other set of lawyers.)

Hope you dig it!

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    • Rick Bobick

      Hi Griff: Long time fan of you and your on line lessons. Wonder if you can do a few videos on “Picking”? I for one never mastered the ability of up and down picking between strings. Any lessons on “up picking” and how to improve the speed would be most helpful.

    • Bill


      I have tried for a long time to count out loud and play, Just cannot get it done.

      My playing suffers because of this. Is there any fix for me?

    • tony

      Ah ha moment didn`t Steve T. do a lesson called a BB KIng inspired lic . I know he did and it is slightly different and not complete . Your former teacher. I heard if you ask nicely for permission you can use or play a tune but can`t do it exactly. It`s what a friend said. Of course because this is a private lesson and not done exactly the way the man did it and he did not do it the same I think lawyers will not come knocking . Just keep rockin da blues . My neck is red and my grass is blue how do you do. You know where that came from don`t you.

    • Bruce

      I stood at BB’s feet while he played this on stage in 69. I don’t remember how he played this but I do remember that after his set I got to shake his hand and I asked him about that “crazy vibrato” and his wild bends. He told me “Man if you’re playing 10’s you’re workin way to hard. “I use 8’s.” Elvin Bishop used 8’s too.

    • zack Guitarman

      Thanks Griff great stuff from Australia

    • Nick

      BB never played the same way twice. Play it in any key you want.

      • PAUL

        i found the whole lyrics, chords and tabs. just need to know which web site has free downloads, or all the music. they do, cut out some things maybe for copy rite reasons.

    • DaveyJoe

      Hey Griff, great work! And then we can solo later in the song with the lesson in BGU, right? I think it’s lesson 11?

    • jack

      Great lesson, thanks!

    • anthony

      Hey great job Griff. I have seen this done differently . Maybe because of copy right issues . It was done in A a inspired BB King lic maybe . One of my guitar buddies who plays very well looked at it like I was doing it wrong and said that cannot be right . I played this way which was wrong over a cord track recently and sounded funny . Now I can see the mistake and will do it as You have . A strat has a short neck which makes harder to bend . A Les Paul is 3/4 of a inch longer which makes easier to bend. Funny thing when BB did this back in the day He said He used large strings and was hard to bend . So pour a bit of sugar on it which BB was known for . Thank You very much on doing this one. Its a favorite of mine.

      • Gery

        Anthony, You have it completely backward. The Gibson neck is slightly shorter making bends a tiny bit easier. The Fender Strat or Tele neck is longer.

        • Barry

          Yup… Most Gibson necks are 24 3/4″ scale, most Fenders are 25 1/2″.

    • Dave
      Great lesson,this is one the best blues ever,thanks for spelling it out

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