If you don’t know my friend, Steve Trovato, you are in for a real treat today.

Aside from being on the faculty at USC’s prestigious Thornton School Of Music and Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, Steve has done dozens of videos and courses for big names like Hal Leonard, Lick Library, Truefire, and many others. He has also written for just about every Guitar magazine I’ve ever read at some point.

I was lucky enough to have Steve as my private instructor for one of my semesters at USC, and we’ve stayed friends ever since. So I took advantage of a little downtime in Steve’s recording and teaching schedule (along with some not-so-subtle begging and pleading) and got him to come into the “Studio BGU” and do some lessons just for you.

This one is one of Steve’s (in)famous 1×12 licks that is a BB King classic. The 1×12 part comes because it is 1 lick that can be played all throughout the entire 12 bar form. So you’ll notice he plays the same lick (with very subtle variations you’ll want to listen to) over and over again and it sounds great no matter where he puts it.

And I’ve transcribed the lick and the TAB is right here (EDIT: Right click here to download the full TAB for all 12 bars which shows his variation.)

This lick works best over a mid-tempo shuffle like, “Every Day I Have The Blues.” It has been slowed down a little in the video (“Tempo De-Learno” as Steve calls it) but once you get it under your fingers you’ll be able to play it over many different songs.

Also notice the “4 Note Solo” box with the first finger on the root instead of the 3rd finger (I call this, the House Pattern.) This gives it a major blues sound but by bending the A up only 1/2 step to the Bb it blends in a little of the minor blues sound and that’s what makes it work over the whole progression.

Over the years Steve has also done a couple of great courses for Blues Guitar Unleashed including, Building A Better Blues Solo, and Voodoo Blues, in case you want to check those out.

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    • Kevin from UK

      Griff – I send the same suggestion as before. If you can check out a BBC programme ‘Blues at the BBC’. Recordings of live sessions by BB King, Freddie King, EC. Peter Green, Buddy Guy and a host of other blues artists from way back when. It’s a real treat

    • Chris Leide

      I GOT IT! Yeah, I know that was caps. It was for a reason. You know how sometimes something just clicks. An ah-ha moment. Thanx loads for this. It only took me a few weeks to get to it.

    • windknot

      Great stuff.
      Been busy with house remodel, but this got me to drop the hammer and pick up the LP tonight.

    • Ed

      A nice BB blues lick and Steve is a very good player but again- the way Steve holds the guitar while playing makes it very difficult to see what he’s actually doing. I’ve noticed this on every video he does.

    • John

      Beginner question. Also work over e minor pentatonic?

      • Dennis

        I agree…its frustrating.

    • Tom

      Since the 12th bar (not shown) is implied, that must be a rest for 4 beats and the lick starts over again at the 1st measure with no pick-up note on the 1st beat? One of the exceptions to the “rule” (don’t start a lick on the 1st beat). Probably obvious to some – just sayin’ – TW

      • Tom

        Sorry – too busy thinking about how good this little tid bit was – for to say — EXCELLENT PIECE, THANKS FOR SHARING! TW

    • Mark Wales uk

      Thanks Griff and steve
      Nice lick but is there a G note missing on the last beat of bar one on the tab

    • wistler

      Sparkuplin sunshine here in sydney town
      & this sound just makes it better

      • William Beckum

        Love it Bill in Fl.

    • tony

      outherwise known as part of whatz knomn as big house yes i do believe . nice to see steve and did not know you relations with him never saw this one thanks for all you do GRIFF

    • mitch

      Thanks very informative guidlines to get these riffs down

    • sylvain

      thanks cool

    • angelo miraldi

      You are fantastic ” Maestro”.
      can I know please somebody teaching like you just bass guitar,
      I will be really pleased.
      angelo from napoli- italy

      • Tyrion Lannister

        I’ll second this. Any chance for a “Bass Guitar Unleashed” series, Griff? I’m on the horns of selling my bass and amp for wont of lessons…

        • Al Legge

          I’m also a bass player and have some lessons from Andrew Ford at Truefire.com Stu Hamm is also a great in the bass field.
          I’m with y’all though, I’d really like to see Griff come out with a few bass unleashed courses.

      • Tom

        I think Brad Carlton has a pretty good “Blues Bass” course on Truefire.

    • Mark Arnold

      Thanks Griff and Steve like your explanation of the BB gliss alot of blues players use this move including me but adding the sweep to get more power that’s more like it ! Of course my favorite use of this move is done by the late great Mr. Stevie Hey another Steve ! Ray Vaughn find myself listening more and more to his great body of work to remember him by !!!!

    • Paul Warner

      Nice lick and relatively easy to learn, as I have probably heard it in some form hundreds of times. Fits a shuffle real well. I will be working on the reply to that riff today. Get the riff down then have a riff that responds to the one you taught us. Very good little lesson.

    • Michael

      For those of you complaining about the tab. Please reread what Griff wrote. Each time through you’ll hear subtle differences. The tab is just the base foundation.

    • Bob K

      Thanks Steve, Griff for the Video and TAB, keep emails coming, need this inspiration.

    • Diane

      WOW! Just Wow! Very helpful! Thanks very much.

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      This is very helpful. Thanks. It is easy…

    • Ric

      Hi Griff, I will able to play when i got my electric guitar, as of now I,m using acoustic. Thanks a lot for these little blues due I’m a beginner.

    • Art

      Had a lot of fun working this one Griff. Give my thanks to Mr. Trovato.

    • steve

      Great little lesson Steve.Something to pick up straight away ….thanks.

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      Out injured still loving it

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      Keep him coming

    • ruth blizzard

      Love BB. king can u send more BB and Albert king please

    • rob

      got it, nevermind.

    • rob

      i was not able to right-click to the full 12 bars? am I missing something?

    • Cynicure

      Another cool little lick to add to my steadily-growing back of tricks!

      Thanks Griff!


    • Bart Hargis

      cool, mad a old man smile

    • Dave

      nice little lick love to see more B.B. and Albert king.

    • Dr O.

      Can’t seem to get the BB King / Trovato video lesson? Did receive the corrective Tabs.


      Dr. O.

    • charlie

      I just enjoyed 2 quick lessons from Steve. Fantastic stuff! Perfect for someone who sort of knows the chord changes, rythm, etc but can’t stand formal, lengthy lessons.
      Thanks,Steve, I need more!!!


    • Pat

      Nice groove, actually makes me feel hopeful! Thanks!

    • Dave

      Another GREAT one. Thanks!

    • Paul

      yes, this video was well recived…more please!

    • John Cram

      This has been great and fun but there are still seems to be a G missing on the tab???

    • Richella Holbrook

      Very Nice!! I am a lil thrown off on just that first part of TAB n timing…(perhaps the variations are from the get go, LoL! ) .. work’n on it 🙂 also, taking into consideration the slight variations with which he plays it up…each time… this will be interesting. Thanks for sharing. Very cool explaining n showing of the techniques.

    • Bob

      Griff can you find out how Steve gets that amazing BB King tone out of a Tele. Looks like single coil pick-ups. I was wondering if he is using any effects…..maybe compressor. Great tone and great playing.

    • Ann

      A nice little lick

    • Anthony Ingoglia

      on second listening to the comment below, add another 10 on string 2 after the Unbend of the 10 to correct the TAB

    • Anthony Ingoglia

      Wow is that tab wrong. Hear is the way I see it s1 = string 1, s2 = string 2 etc.
      10 (1/2 bend up) s2 and choke it, 10 s2, 8 s2, 9 s3, 8 s2(vib), then 10 s2 (full bend) choke it,
      8 s1, 10 s1, 10 s2 (start from 1/2 bend down to 10),8 s2 (vib), 9 s3, 8 s2 (vib), 15 s1.
      In other words the E (9 s3) is not in the original tab and the UNbend down to the 10 s2 is missing.
      But is sounds great. I wonder id BB knew he was throwing in a MAJOR vibe in it when he first learned it or he just knew it sounded great when used properly. I think the latter.

    • lloyd

      I just love it I know i am going to be up all night until I master this.keep up the good work GOD BLES

    • Chuck

      I’ve spent a couple of days with this lesson. I will certainly use it, I loved it! Thanks for posting this Griff and thank Steve for us as well!

    • LP

      Steve is a great player , I have a ‘ Lick Library ‘ DVD of his ( Chuck Berry style ) & he is on many of the ‘ Musicians Institute ‘ books with Keith Wyatt that I have, this is no exception … good stuff !


    • Steve Kohr

      A Big Thank You to Steve & Griff for this offering.
      Can’t wait to try it out.

    • Alexander Blue

      Hey Tater,
      This is one of the best short lessons you have come up with … Thanks so much for all the teachings (I have every course you have out). This lesson is supreme. Thank you.

    • Ken Chapman

      Would like to down load is that an option?

    • ben Miller

      Back in 70, I was in an opening act for BB. For 41 nights, I sat 10 feet away on a wing and was astounded by him over and over. It took me 40 years to understand how he got such beautiful tones out of an essentially up side down lick. Now, I see that he was bending the II (A) to a flatted III (Bb) over the G (I). One wonders how he knew that would be the niche into which he would forge a career of guitaristos just shaking their heads and wondering. Most guitar leads are taught inside the first position…in my books, I call this the 5th position,but, with BB’s big, soft fingers and that Ampeg that he playedthru 4 10s cabinet, he was unique. He was a generous man. He taught me songs early, but I was too new to guitar theory to get most of what he was saying for decades.

      • Diane

        very interesting note, Ben. What a wonderful treat that must have been. I true life moment!

    • Steve Ingram

      I like the sound of my guitar when I do what Steve T shows me, not quite King of The Blues but it makes me feel great! I have to go and look for some more. Plus, I’m making time and playing every day so thanks for deluging me with your emails Griff…

    • alan beasley

      Wow, Come here my guitar, I need to nail this lesson.

    • Merl

      I think you can count on that being very well received, and what a good friend to have. Congrat’s!

    • harry fanok

      good stuff grif! as usual you da man! da best in da business! bought em all since buying BGU. every 6 months or so, i go back over em! and by playing EVERY day, one picks up more info by doing it this way.

    • John P Caines

      Hi Griff, I think the lick and backing track are great .More please thank you ,John.

    • John

      I love this. It’s probably obvious to say, but the cool thing for me about this lick (and maybe any “1×12” lick) is that it gives the impression that you’re “playing the changes” even though you’re playing the same thing over every chord! Neat trick. The basic notes fit the scales for all the chords, and then I guess you just play around with that one bent note – keep it a Bb over the IV7, maybe tease it up closer to a B natural over the V7, and make it ambiguous over the I7. That’s how I see it, anyway. And like Griff says, that one note makes the whole lick work. Very cool.

    • Bob

      tabs do not match lick.

    • Tom Kasch

      I liked it so much I ordered two of his dvd & books.

    • Grant


      Most of the videos had tab to click on to store but this one does not?? Is ther a way to get (video) to save thanks Grant

    • les

      thanks griff bb is great to listen to les

    • Joe

      WoW!!!!!! a bit from BB, thanks Steve and Griff. You guys are great..

    • Brian Palmer

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      Thanks for adding the tab. When I first watched it I thought I could go back and pick up the notes but this makes it easier. Thanks for listening to those who wrote about it. Great !

    • Dezider

      Hi, very nice and useful.. check his fantastic Voo Doo blues course also.. 🙂

    • Dominick Popolillo

      BB is so cool! how do you feel about Stevey ray Vaughn? The guy plays rhythm and lead at the same time!!!!

    • Dominick Popolillo

      That,s fun man! Enjoyed the Video. Love the shuffle rhythm in the background!!

    • rony

      Hi Griff,
      Thanks for the video and the nice lick, i knew that one in another way but it triggers my fingers to play it all over the neck with other stuff.


    • Garrett Barnes

      Hello Griff,
      Thank you for the clarification in the BB King guitar tab. I listened carefully enough to the video to catch the changes! It’s a great lick to add to our arsenal! Thanks again!

    • William Hyslop

      Hey Griff.. I’ve bought some of your lessons Mate… You are one of the few good ones out there.. Keep it up. You make me smile…. Cheers

    • Steve Jenkin

      Love Steve’s playing – would like to see more of him in the future
      and thanks for your lessons also Griff you have helped me to be a better player

      SteveJ (from Down Under)

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    • Brad

      Hi Yes the video freezes but the sound plays ok. the freeze is only for a second or so. I have noticed thismore and more on Griffs videos. I can’t find anything wrong a nd it dosent matter if you let the video load all the way or not. My download speed is 20meg and higher most the time.

    • Chris L. Babcock

      Chris Byrne
      “This is a great lesson, got the note about the tab, but its a pretty simple lick to learn, its the “feel” that takes a few trys. Thanks for sharing this with us.”

      I 100% agree….thats my thing too….It’s one thing getting the lick down but trying to get the “feeling” down is a whole different thing…..I have found that to be my biggest struggle………..Hey Griff maybe that would be a good subject for a video……getting the “feeling”?

    • marty.hutchings@sbcglobal.net

      Hi, It’s Marty. Has anyone else had trouble playing the video?

    • tom

      Keepem commin. These little videos are very enticing. Keeps u wantin more. And I love BB King.

    • John

      Really an informative video. Can you further describe the “fulcrum” in the vibrato? I recall seeing a BB King interview video where, when asked, he says that he has his whole hand completely OFF the back of the fretboard. I find this impossible. Can you please comment on the mechanics of how to do the BB King vibrato? Thanks.

    • John T

      Thanks for the tab

    • Chris Byrne

      This is a great lesson, got the note about the tab, but its a pretty simple lick to learn, its the “feel” that takes a few trys. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • Rick

      would be easier to play with the right ( tab )

    • Roger Frazzini

      I found this lesson very good, and easy enough to practice

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      I really enjoyed that video , if I could get half that skill on that lick all the practicing would be worth it , thanks

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      Steve, you still look like Sept 82!

    • mike a

      I have not played a song on guitar yet. but thanx for this great leason

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      Great lesson, real handy lick. More, please?

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      This was great! I love the lick! And I love this particular blues shuffle, the G sixth feel with all the accents on the upbeat! What a great feeling! I wish I knew a dozen of these 1X12 licks. Thanks for sharing, Griff!

      Lee Hammon

    • Ron

      Love it Grif. Keep sending these different lessons.

    • Rick Whalen

      Am I going mad or is there a note missing ( E 9th fret 3rd string ) in the first part of the tab ?

    • Keith Puritz

      Love this. So would BB!! Can you fix the tab though. It doesn’t match up. Thanks Griff!

    • jim

      very good lesson,well,explained,and a great lick to work on,,steve did very well explaing this one,,,thx for the lesson and i look forward to the others

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      Thanks for the Halloween treat! Nice clear instructions and good pacing. Fun, too! *J*

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      Great lesson in licks! Thanks

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      What a useful videowhich can be especially so when broken down into chunks.Shame about the tab though which is not strictly accurate.

    • John Millington

      almost too easy to be true. But some of the best stuff is just that. John, Australia

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      thanks for the lesson.but could you re-transcribe this the tab doesn’t line up with the lesson. Mick from Australia

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      Thanks!!! I would have never gotten that sound from the tab alone. Steve’s playing tied it together for me. Now I just need to practice, practice, practice.

    • Gerry Leftwich

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      I would R E A L LY love to see Mr. Trovato serve up a three to five minute serving of this ” 4 note course”, and showcase HIS solo blues improvisational elan, a la Bugs Henderson!

    • Tim

      Thanks for the neat treat!!!! Concise, informative and fun!!! Way to go.

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      Yeah, really cool lick. Sounds good and fairly easy to play and also to vary a bit for fun. I just love “playing on the porch”.

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      Thankyou Griff for sending this along . Top notch lesson from a top notch Teacher . I can see how you and Steve mesh with your teaching styles . Straight to the point clear and concise with no flamboyance . You guys are teaching us we already know you can play . Nice feel for the student’s psyche.

    • Gary

      Nice presentation. Very clear and well explained along with an effective demo especially helpful for the timing that gives it the BB feel.

    • Brig

      Nice, enjoyed it, especially at the relaxed tempo

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      Great lesson and the sound eerily like BB’s Gibson for a Fender..nothing technically difficult with learning BB but to capture the phrasing timing tone and vibrato is not easy at all so can we have more BB please?..and maybe some Peter Green as he was influenced in a big way by BB but still ended up with his own style which was unique..

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    • Gary

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      I know Steve Trovato from Truefire. To date, I’ve learned more from Steve about combining major and minor pentatonics (and for that matter, diatonics) than from everywhere else combined! The way he plays examples over the chord progression is as good as it gets. I’m interested in anything/everything Mr. Trovato does.

    • Andy Johnson

      Happy Halloween Grif, and thanks for the treat. May you have many “Haunting melodies” today.

    • Thank God for the Tabs. The video would freeze and the audio kept going. You should offer .WMV Format as an alternative to the regular video. Its not my Flash player. Thanks for the lessson.

    • Joe Wolfe

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      Thank you so much! Will be looking eagerly for your next Email.

    • Ian

      Hi Griff & Steve,
      Superb video and thank you both for posting it



      the tabs you transcribed are different from the song -i.e. you say you start on the 8th fret and your tabs start on the 10th fret.
      Nice playing though thanks.

    • Bob Meler

      He really captures BB’s sound. It’s amazing that BB almost based his entire career on just those four notes.

      Bad Bob

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      Thanks so much for the BB King video, wish I could download to take to the lake with me. I had to laugh when I got this for when my husband gave me my electric guitar he always kidded me about doing a BB King routine across the kitchen floor. I really like this and hope to see more in the future.

      Thanks again, Dianna

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    • Griff

      The TAB that I’ve provided is for the first time that Steve plays the lick. Yes, there are subtle variations on some of the other times he plays it… but that’s part of the fun and hopefully you can also find some variations of your own that you like. Keep in mind that any of the notes in the lick can be used in other places within the phrase.

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      just use tab as a basis or template for the lick and

      expand on the lick the way Trovato did……

      by adding and varying a few extra of the original notes,

    • John

      PS: Can you make these mini courses downloadable? Thanks.
      John D.

    • John

      Sweet. Presently learning some B.B.King (Ghetto woman, Thrill is Gone and Blues man) and it all started with your “Blues Guitar Unleashed” course 3 or 4 months ago. This makes a great addition to that course. I hope there are more coming. Thanks guys. Very much appreciated.
      John D.

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      61 yrs old today, so i guess thats not going to happen. happy halloween

    • H. John Cumming

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    • Gary

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    • don plugge

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