Alright… got through round 1 at the Murrieta store. Thanks to everyone who voted for which track to use (Austin Skyline Shuffle) and here’s the video of the performance.

[youtube_sc url=”” width=”640″ height=”360″ rel=”0″]
I will try and TAB this out for you at some point… but it will take me a little while to figure it all out.

Next round is June 5th at the same store again the 2 top guys from each of 3 weeks.

So should I play against the same track or use a different one? And if you think a different one, which one? Let me know in the comments – this one’s for you.

    241 replies to "Battle Of The Blues Round 1 – Winner!"

    • Joseph Mcmahon

      wow! i always wondered if my instructor was as good as he instructed? her’s tippin my hat too the griff! great job. joe

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    • jim phillips

      Hi Griff,

      Loved it… my only suggestion is add a little”chicken pecken” somewhere.. not many people use the chicken pecken any more and I think it breaks it up a little..
      great stuff..


    • james sternberg

      Alright Griff.
      Kick’en but.
      I’d like to see you and the rest of the guys play.
      If your ever in the Chicago area let my know.

    • scott

      Great guitar players are few and far inbetween Long Play The Griff!!

    • Art

      That was a ripping blues lead, filled with lot’s of fun…

    • Lee

      Cool….. what more needs to be said

    • Roger

      An Awesome performance

    • bruce

      Yes good , but use a more rhythmatic track, like a good CCR type rhythm. Penthouse pauper , or Tombstone shadows …

    • Dave

      Really Griff, I’m just blown away by how good you are.

    • johnc

      Great stuff Griff, totally enjoyed your playing. I don’t know all the tracks but whatever you decide to play, tell the story, keep it tasty and tight, heaps of heart and even though you can do all the dazzling stuff, use it sparingly in this comp I think.
      I wish you all the best and would love for you to win..

    • Kevin Sullivan

      I heard alot of styles in that but definitly Clapton Wickedness. I WOULD play the same song and practice till you nail the Win. Good Luck Buddy!!!!! Hot-Hot-Hot !?!?!?

    • bobbyd

      Great stuff Griff, could listen to that time and again.
      Good luck with the future rounds.

    • FB

      Wow, over the top, glad I found you and your lesson plan. I have been playing since the early 60’s and have picked up on some new nuances from your Blues Unleashed DVD set. I have only watched 30 and 31 plus the four note solo, read all the intro chapters and skipped up to some more meat. I now get the major I minor IV V and it has expanded my horizons.

      Fantastic, hope you finally win it.

    • Randie

      If I didn’t know better, I’d swear you were a ringer Griff. Damn you’re good. I enjoyed this video.

    • Tom Hopsicker

      I’d go with “Talkin my baby down”. For me, it’s a good one for practicing switching between major and minor pentatonic. You could make this one sound real good. Good luck!

    • Dave

      Wow! My friend Kirby Kelly won it all a few years ago. It’s definately your turn now. Good luck

    • Tim

      How about Stormy Monday? Course, you may not want to sing..

    • Michael

      Awesome! Way to go Griff.. Best of luck in the next round.

    • Michaelemery

      Griff!!! YOU BE DA BADD BOYYYEEE! Love your passion…

    • Keith Pike

      you need a ‘share’ button…like to put this on my FaceBook wall…

      well done


    • Tont Lukianowicz

      Nice!!! Real nice!!!

    • DW in Minneapolis, MN

      Holy Crap! And I chose you for my online guitar teacher? Wow, I need to pay more attention to the lessons. Nice to see that not only can you talk the talk, but you can shake it up a bit as well. You go dude! If you play for the same judges, might try something different. Different judges. That looks hard to beat.

    • Mike Gujda

      Speechless…..I just can’t close my mouth!
      mike g
      p.s. your choice GO FOR IT!!

    • joedan

      Awsome playing, great selection.Well done Griff, now on my favorites list.

    • merrill bartle

      PS I really like the A Minor Affair back track, you could get slow and funky. Merrill

    • merrill bartle

      That;s was great, I live in Greenwood In and I am a judge for the Battle of the Blue’s at the Greenwood GC. I wish we had people of your caliber playing. Hope you go all the way in the contest. Thanks for the online lessons. Merrill

    • Rick S.

      GET DOWN, GRIFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Neil Smith

      Very, Very Awsome..

    • JDTEL

      Very nice job apprecited all the way, it vas a great pleaser to hear and very well done.
      Hope you publish some of those licks some time.

    • Terry J.

      Just watched with growing envy… nice job some great licks in there… very disciplined use of wah wah very nice.

    • Steve Tanner

      Holy cow, what a performance. Great job, new tune for the next gig! And, best of luck.


    • Don Young

      Georgia Rocker!

    • Y S Ong

      Smokin’ hot!
      I vote for the same track. Throw in some wah-wah too.
      All the best Griff – you’re gonna win!

    • Kitty

      Wow! You can really shred it! Yeah I think you could play against the same sound track but if you get inspired by something else go for it. You are a master of the instrument and its techniques!
      Kitty Dennis

    • Randy Michael Signor

      Unless I missed a performance, I believe this was your second show at this venue and it was much better than the first where it seemed to me your phrasing wasn’t quite right; this performance was much, much better and when you went into the very high notes up on the neck, I heard some things I’d never heard, so whatever the reason, the backing track or the setting or what you ate that night, this was an excellent performance, and obviously a winner.

    • Brian

      Absolutely brilliant. I will now put my guitars in the garbage !!!

    • Jack Bogart

      Gee, Griff, but that was cool!!!

    • Lou


      Well done! In my opinion this type of groove is where you shine! I would LOVE to hear you do some slow blues personally. Something from the heart…something that cries out. something that tears at the core…

    • Rick

      Griff’s riffs. Very nice.

      Griff, I gotta tell you. On another lesson teaching the fretboard, the first time in 45 years of playing I am learning it!!! WOW. Thanks to you.


    • ray collins

      Fantastic how do you remember all those riff”s or do you make it up as you go. good luck with the next comp.

    • shaun

      That was great…… rip it up! Good Times!

    • Vince

      Griff,you are the hole reason that i play the Blues and love you represent the Blues, keep on keeping on.

    • Midnight


    • Dave Cook

      Like my man Bill Cosby once said brother “you’re just too mean for the people!”
      Keep up the great work and good luck with the contest.

    • Sam Long


      I’d go with the same track it’s a perfect backdrop .

    • carl goldamer

      Griff, Your the man, That was awesome. You nailed it. Everytime I hit your web site, it brings a smile to my face & soul. Great Job. I’m going to practice your version of Little Mary’s Lamb. Again congratulations & Thanks You.

    • Wayne Lambeth

      Doggone brother. Just git on down wid yo stuff man. Taking your lessons and enjoy this very much. That was amazing. First time I saw you get down.Tough, smooth, intricate, and damn good. Take care Griff, and God bless.

    • Phill Martin (PeeJay)

      Congratulations Griff. That was fantastic, no wonder you’re #1. ‘I’m so glad’ I signed up with BGU. I agree with Tom, Ozzie John D, Bruce and Roger Keen who all made some good comments, if you stick with this track. Or, maybe you should go to the other end and slow it right down with Novocaine or Country Slow Blues or in the middle with Classic Stop-Time Blues or Chicago Blues but really in the end, it’s up to you. I’m sure you’ll make the right choice. As for what to wear, just wear what’s comfortable, the judges are there to hear you play, not for a fashion show. Also, could we have a different camera angle next time so we can see more of how you use the fretboard, thanks. Good Luck for June 5th. Phill.

    • Rick

      Hey Griff,
      That was awesome! Can you put a link to download it underneath? It’ll be great to have some TAB on it, but we can wait til you have time.
      Good luck in the next round!!!

    • Mike

      Showoff. You really nailed that thing. Great job.

    • jddiver

      know you love your strat. needs some bottom. try an lp and kick the wazzoo ouet of it 1

    • Mirza

      Bravissimo maestro!!!1

    • Geoffrey Brown

      Hi Griff,
      That is amazing. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • BobbyJoeWizard

      Being more specific here on your next tune to play : One of Albert Collins’s tunes off his “Showdown” album with Robert Cray and Johnny Copeland, or something from his “Ice Pickin’ ” album. You can even throw in that stop / break like you did at the contest…I think everyone loved that !! Like someone previously said, even the guy leaning against the wall loved your style !! If I played a recording of what you did while I’m driving, I’d probably get a speeding ticket !! Keep up the great work man !!

    • Richard Ruh

      Nice job Griff just rember not to push to hard let your notes stand clear,rember all blues usally has some vocal point along with the call an response… Great job your #1

    • BobbyJoeWizard

      OK….got it ! The late Albert Collins ALWAYS got my blood rushing with his style ! Do one of his, or a (late) Gary Moore tune…everybody loves Gary’s stuff (do you think you can DO his work, or Albert’s though ? It’s hard stuff, but I think you have it in you !!) Go for it man !!

    • BobbyJoeWizard

      That was a killer tune Griff !! Glad you won…wish I had been there for the ‘live’ performance!! Use a different track on June 5th, it’ll look better in the Judges eyes, and show more versatality. Hard to say which one, you know what you can play best. I’ll have to get back to you here, my mind is drawing a blank right now.

    • John

      Wow, Griff–great job–love how you let your fingers do the walkin’ and the music do the talkin’

    • Rick

      WOW! Nice job!

    • Ozzie John D

      Nice one, teach!

      I’m with Marty H and others – sloooow down a tad. My suggestion is to pack it full of stuff you can do PERFECTLY so you can really put in the feel. Then take some stuff out so you can use the spaces to squeeze even more tension into it.

      Same track or different? Same judges? If you ramp up the feel of the reworked fast bits to what you already get out of the slower bits you’ll impress the hell out of any judges – and if they’ve already heard this version, an even tighter one will doubly impress.

      Oh, and Vigy is on the money, too. Unless this is one of those blind-tasting contests, you’ve got to look the part, too. Great stage presence never LOST anyone a prize – but you’d know the judges tastes better than most 🙂

      Best of luck in the finals!

    • David Smith

      I’m going with, if it ain’t broken why try to fix it?

    • Ted

      Outrageous! Do you have 10 fingers on your left hand? Super, man.

    • Claude Dinardo

      Superb Griff, man you’re the best, all those runs, those scales very impressive, from Québec Canada, wish you all the luck for the next round.

    • victor pilkington

      keep it man it`s just great stay with it well done griff

    • Rick Francisco

      Griff, Wow is all I could say. Time to restring that strat.

    • Kevin Stewart

      Ah oh my God, Griff that was well, ill just say it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and applause .

    • Don Fitzsimmons

      Griff…….Yikkes! Great tone and a great style all your own. Great to see how you are in command of the entire fretboard!

    • samwell

      duhh, Oh yeah: This is the one to use all the way IMHO…..

    • samwell

      righteous boss: you the man Griff, best wishes in upcoming steps to the final, see ya’ there………….

    • Duke Duncan

      Wow! You go Griff!!

    • Ray Scharfe

      Way to ripp!!!!!!

    • John

      Way to go Griff!

    • John M

      Blues Unleashed – – OH Yeah!!!

    • Ian

      Superb Griff could see that you were really in there and enjoying it. As for your next track Griff, It is you who has to play it and therefore it has to be picked by you

    • chris

      only one word to cover that ,awesome

    • Pete B

      Nice one Griff, Rock and Roll on to round two. Will be in touch.

    • Jim Donovan

      Griff, great job and congratualations on your win. I’d love to hear what you would do with Novocaine. Having said that, I can’t wait to hear your next choice, whatever it is.


    • rmowrer

      Hendrix is dead – who can beat you? Vai? Naw. Very tasty.

    • Kevin Mahoney


      That was friggin’ awesome!. Whatever you play keep the nice peak and valleys.


    • Tom

      Thanks for posting Griff. Awesome playing!!!
      My vote is to stick with the same track.
      A couple suggestions; The backing track should be a little louder, not really balanced for your level of ‘feel’.
      I feel that you need to clean-up some of the ‘very fast single note runs’, I feel a ‘little less’ in a couple of these spots would ‘be more’.
      Really liked the 2:00 to 2:10 part.
      And the rest is FANTASTIC!!
      Great Job Griff !! Go get ’em !!

    • samuel stewart

      Man that was GREAT

    • cowboy

      really sweet Griff…..I loved the use of the breaks and how you came out of each one with some tastey material….I’d use the same song but have another in the wings just in case….will relook at the others when I get a chance…later.


    • Simon Koumparos

      Great performance teacher! And what an inspiration….maybe you’ll have some of us mortal students playing like that in due course. On to the next round. Knock ’em dead Griff.

    • Bruce

      Some very hot licks there. probably could get more milage with a little less work. try using the stuff that comes easy and let some of the stuff that is a bit of a stretch go.

    • Frank Luiz

      Very, very good Griff. Stay with this track, its great!

    • Jeff

      That rocked, I like the way you “were shooting high time”around the 15th to 17th frets.Great place to add something really punchy for a brief moment and back.and then back up again. I may get flamed to death for this, but I like your playing (been on your mailing list and buying things for years) a lot more than Joe Bonamassa. For one thing trying to find music on his website is like looking for the CD section in Wal-Mart.You are about blues music of all kinds and not t-shirts, dishes, coffee cups etc.Mostly I just like your playing, you rock! I hope you enter that other contest to play with Slash, that would kick ass! You will definitely take out Murrietta hands down.

    • Peter

      I think Id play the same track & shuffle it around a bit stick a bunch of short ascend- descend short 3-4 note runs in lots of slides and 1/4 bends sharp shrill keep the beat maybe put some stacatto type heavy bass chunkin in it just three or 4 and then to the top with 3- 4 note slide runs or just go right to the top set
      and just wail away on it.

      I cant do most of this but you can Im using your last run at it as a template for what I think will work and sound great.
      Im a vocalist that plays some blues guitar I particularly like Improv Im not near as good as you are but I think What Im telling you will work

    • Peter

      Thats goin for it wide open. Thats the first time Ive seen you like that
      There is some pretty interesting stuff in that piece for sure Great Playing
      Your high end slides and runs are great

    • Glenn Smith

      Way better than last year, Griff! Musical, technical, entertaining, and some showmanship. Great job, but you may have to follow an SRV clone playing to that same track at some point, or you may have a repeat judge. Ride that pony as long as you can, but have a back-up ready. I still think you could do a lot with Classic Stop-Time Blues. Good luck!

    • luckylarry

      WOW! Great job Griff. For the next round you should choose another track or use the same track but completely change the lead. It is not easy but you can do it and if it is the same judges they will see that you are talented and versatile. Good LUCK!

    • David Monson

      Damn Dude, you can play your ass off. What a great performance, play it again next time, knock em dead teacher!!!

    • Dave AKA Bluewater

      I think you zeroed in on the style of play that the judges are looking for. Rip snortin’, crank’em up and let the dogs out Blues! Keep it up and you will go far.

    • Donald Moore

      Your solo is killer! Can’t wait to get the tab. Congragtulations Griff

    • newstratlover

      wicked,griff! have you thought about getting out your TELE and trying some roy buchanan style?can’t wait for the next one.BRAVO!


      You rock way out. Grates on your win. Hope you win the hole thing, i’m putting my mone on you.


    • Chris

      Griff that was fabulous! You really put the “feel” for the blues in that one – you know when you hear it, it kinda gets into your body. THAT is what I find so hard to learn, and I think it just takes years of dedicated practice – but a great reward for a ton of hard work right?

    • W Harris

      Great playing Griff good luck to ya.

    • Rhonda

      Griff, Hi! Congratulations on winning Round 1. Thank you for sharing the video. I’d like to see you play a different jam track. As for which one I don’t know. Good Luck with round 2. Have a good week.

    • Bob

      Stay with same track Griff, nice job, go get – em .

    • rich carr

      Great job…..I can’t say I’m overwhelmed….fantastic….!

    • licksnkicks

      Holy bejesus Griff you da man! I love this!

    • Griff

      @Malcolm – actually, I’ve lost about 25 pounds recently. But that shirt is from my previous weight and I’m sure fits accordingly 🙂 @Danny – as for gear, I used the Suhr strat through my Custom Tones Ethos pedal into the clean channel of the house Egnater Renegade.

    • Wayne


      Damn that’s my guitar teacher (via Blues Guitar Unleashed)!

      Big congrats on winning Round 1. Go get ’em on Round 2 Griff!

    • Michael

      Threw Down!!!! I would chose another one myself. Maybe, “Little Girl Shuffle” or “Novocaine”, which is reminiscent of a Delbert McClinton tune. Both are good and I know you can make either of them sing. Keep us all informed!

    • fred

      change backing track and mix up some slow blues and throw in a little Hendix style. Great playing on this one by the way!

    • Malcolm Goodson

      Are you, or are you not, putting on a little weight? 🙂

    • Danny lee Head

      Absolutely wonderful!!::) One thing I want to know is what is the instruments you are useing.. Guitar, amp, peddal? I love that tone and of course the brilliant playing. Bless you and I hope you win.


    • Gary

      Amazing Griff! That was some real nice playing!

    • vigy

      I can’t imagine that you will run into anyone else with more talent. But if you are up against someone with an equal amount of talent, then what’s going to put you over the top in the judges EYES???? I think you need to factor in your stage presence as well, meaning wearing the right clothes and allowing your personality and guitar skills to grab hold of the audience and make them a part of the track. It could be the difference between #1 and everyone else.

    • Gary

      Awesome job… I just can’t see anyone topping that performance… Great Job Griff

    • John

      Griff is so damn good and humble about it. It’s really nice when a nice guy wins.

    • gerry

      Awsome Griff… good luck !!!

    • nash

      wohhhhhhhhhhhh…man thats a hell of a play mate…beyond compare …what else can i say….
      I wish ive got those finghers and brain…Im inspired to determined myself to learn hard to improve
      my blues playing…..hopefully with more tips from you..

      cant wait for the tap……..nash

    • Andy

      Wow! Awsome playing Griff. I’m just going to put all my guitars on e-bay and learn to play triangle instead! Not really, I’m inspired to improve and I can’t wait to steal some ideas from the TAB when you put that out, and learn some techniques from your tutorials to allow me to play them…

      Had a gig lined up for Friday this week (we gig on average once a year!) but our bass player pulled out for personal reasons yesterday, so feeling a bit gutted at the mo. Going to go and play some blues now to cheer myself up…

      Good luck for the next round – I say stick with the same track, but I’m no expert!

    • JerryDawg

      Your a player Griff no doubt about it…….very inspiring.

      This is your year I can feel it.

    • Mike Webb

      Nice job Griff..well done and good luck for the next one!

    • Rob

      Well done Griff,the same track is really cool,but it does,nt matter which track you play its the harming of the guitar,or the way you make the guitar talk that counts.

    • p. h. smith

      awsome go get them boy best of luck”

    • Roger

      that was SICK bro.!!! whole lot of SRV influence in that one!!! i would go with another tune for the final!! not sure if it would be the same judges but im guessin it maybe?? so to top that again would be a tuff go lol I cant even suggest what track cus you jus go off in your own world when ya play but i did read down below go TEXAN!! ZZ top feel?? cant go wrong with that sound!! goooood luck Griff!!!


    • gord

      As my daughter would say, OMG! I can’t wait to see that tabbed out! Pardon me while I close my eyes, play that again, and pretend it’s me bang’n those strings!

    • Roger Keen

      Nice one Griff. I would say, stay with the same tune, it has everything in it to show your talent. Which is what the judges are looking for. I also wouldn’t bother getting dressed up. I personally like the understated look. More emphasis on the playing, if you know what I mean. If you are performing on stage, that’s a different matter.
      Keep up the good work and keep sending the emails, I am having a blast with your tutorial, but can only dream of playing like that.


      BY FAR….BEST effort ever!!!!! You gotta win!

    • jer

      you have aload yourself to reach out beyond and stretch your wall very good

    • Lloyd

      Sound and picture not in sinc

    • Frank Hall

      Awsome, a great song to express your talant and playiing abilities.

      Whats the next song to beat that one? Can hardly wait to hear it.

    • Gordon McIntosh

      Hi Griff
      That was some really brilliant Blues Guitar wow your good and its good to see the the teacher doing his stuff if I was twice as good as I am I would still only be half as good.

      As far as your next number is concerned I think you should do something else – more difficult with the same expertise (and you can ) it will show them your moving on and give the competition a fright.
      Rooting for you
      Gordon frae Scotland

    • ozzy

      WOW…FREAKIN WOW…Griff Hamlin YOU R DA MAN!!!
      I personally think you should stay with that track. You absolutely nailed it. If you don’t win this competition ( but I know you are) please put up a video of the guy that did win. I have gots to hear the guy that can out do that. Simply amazing Griff. God bless you and the magic in your heart for the blues. I said it before and I’m saying it again…THIS IS YOUR YEAR. Keep rockin my blues brother cuz we’re all pulling for you here in Mississippi. Wow…just amazing.

    • Karol

      Great choice on using your strat this time. I noticed you used a 335 last time and while it was great playing it sounded more jazz/ funk and maybe the judges like this blues sound better, Great job, I hope you make it to the final!

    • Richard Pope

      Hey Griff,

      You go man, you are hot. I wish I could play half as good. At 68, having had a stroke and a heart attach, I’m just high on getting by.

      Rick Pope

    • Paul Freeman

      Sounds good to me Griff – stick with that one.
      All the best, Paul.

    • Steve Lang

      Glad you counted my vote!!! Loved it when you really took off at 2:40 or so… I’d like to see/hear you growl a bit, adding some SRV vocal channeling as you get into it..

      oh, and GO TEXAN… get a beat up brown leather cowboy hat!

      Super job

    • John

      Griff, of all of your performances I’ve heard, that was by far my favorite. I’d keep the same track.

    • Douglas Collins

      My goodness I sure am proud to know you. This was the top of the line performance.


    • raytuned

      that sounded way too cool, !!!Griff, stay w/ same track!!! can only get better !!!congrats!salut!!

    • Alan G

      The guy leaning against the wall liked it too! Sta with what you played but develop it.

      Great Video.


    • ramsey horton

      I don’t think it would matter which track you use considering the way you play. Magnfico!!

    • David Von Mills

      Way to nail it Griff!!!

    • FRANK

      GREAT JOB.


    • vince

      WOW Griff that was way cool. I would either stick with that one or choose one with a slower BB king’ish soulful tempo and key, with a semi hollow body guitar. Congrats on round 1. Have you ever or do you have any sort of costume? I would consider dressing the part just a little bit more. nothing too fancy like Stevie Ray, but maybe hat, some boots, leather pants?? A Nice fancy blue suit perhaps? You know what to do! After all its about showmanship and Guitar mastery. You have the guitar part down cold!!



    • Tom

      That was great and a great pick They always say the right song for you is best good job

    • darrell fitzgerald

      NICE JOB griff

    • Al

      Insted of stacking riffs in a chord progression, pick a melody and place one or two “hook riffs” in and build anticipation for them in the song……..because it is te song that sells and the riffs make it memorable.
      Keep on rockin,

    • Ron Whitman

      No one could do it better, Good luck on the next round, as if you need it. Your talent will make it happen.

    • Ed White

      Hey, Griff Amazing presentation, fantastic guitar work, great visuals and even emotion, wow
      Evolving into the complete package, keep up the evolution, , you have all the tools, throw in some pain in a slow blues classic for the next round and you’ll blow them all out of the water.

    • Dan

      Wish I had known you were going to be in Murrietta, I’d have been there to enjoy the show. When are you going to be there again? I’d love to come watch round 2 and meet you and shake your hand. Oh yeah… that was amazing. I just wish I could get my speed up like that. When I try to play notes that fast, I just wind up with my fingers in knots and complaints about the “noise” from th neighbors. When I keep it in my comfort zone, they bring over beers and we hang out and have fun.



    • John B

      Griff. That was off the freakin hook. Loved every minute. Listened to it 3 times. Are you kidding about the TAB? Not many of us are going to be able to pull that one off.
      John- N.Y.C.

    • Whitemellon

      Scream’n ! Congraulatiions. Also thanks for the lessons.

    • JW

      Wow – nice!!

    • George

      Awesome Griff!! & congrats on first PL. I will try to make on june 5th,as I don’t live to far from the Murrieta store,could you give an approx. time you will be there? thank’s and good luck man!!

    • JohnnyB nailed this one. You playing had mucho attitude and you used your great technique to express that attitude..real home run. I really enjoyed listening and watching this. I think for the next round you may want to try another tune..just for variety. i cant find my original suggestions but I remember there was a Robben Ford type backing track that also had a lot of attitude, that would be great to showcase your playing.

      Good luck on the next round….this was just great I think you will make the other players up their game. thanks for sharing Griff

    • Len Lawson

      Griff,Brilliant,Your knowledge and mastery is tops by far.I would be happy to play a minute of it.

    • Marty Hernandez

      Thanks for the great performance. I’d go for a more soulful and slower tempo next. Can’t think of any one in particular. ( Trower, Hendrix )

    • justin

      Sorry….didnt answer your question. I dont know how you could go wrong using the same one, it was great!!!


    • justin

      Griff i have to say that was fantastic!!! I’m in my mid 50’s and have enjoyed many a Blues solo over the years and I can asure you, that one ranks right up there.
      I have been a student of yours for a couple of years now and thanks to your teachings I can play the blues much better than I ever thought I’d be able to. I doubt I will ever be good enough to compete in anything but at least my friends and family sit back and listen instead of closing their doors..hahaha

      Thanks my friend

    • Richard

      Griff……Great sound…..Go for the win.

    • tucker

      Thanks for the scream of the solid body…and thanks for making it scream the blues! I wouldn’t have expected any less.

    • JASMIC

      Great Stuff Griff so many aspects coverered brilliant think you should stick
      and refine any points if you can then again play like that and you wouldnt need
      a backing track great sound couldnt keep my foot still

      all the best

    • Roger


      You nailed it. With your own style. Way to go brother. AWESOME!!!!!!!!


    • john seears

      wow !!! that was great man you could hear it all the way to Melbourne Australia best of luck with the next round

    • Fred

      Insanely good…do it again!

    • Gerry

      Griff … great stuff, but I think you should use a different track for the second round … broaden you scope and all …

      Gerry (Canada)

    • David Byrne

      Incredible solo – I loved every note. I bought your blues course a while ago and am picking up a lot from it. I have never responded to anything on-line before but was so impressed wit your solo that I couldn’t resist. Keep up the good work and good luck in the finals…

    • Jack Sperry

      Stand on it ” Big Man” sounded pretty good from VA. Good luck in the next round. Hopefully those lessons I’m taking will help me play a little like that, if I live long enough.


    • Ron

      Great job! I’ll never be able to play as well as you, but with your help, I plan to improve.

    • jmin

      Muddy, Stevie, and Eric are all in a tiff – thought they were the best, ’till along came GRIFF!!!
      SUPER blues, Teacher Man!!!

    • Graham Hardy

      Good to see you get down and dirty,
      like your usual jazzy cool stuff
      but this is good style change.
      No more Mr Nice Guy 😉

    • Jay

      There ya go! Got in the groove, built the story and let it ring when it needs to. You are going far on that one. Great job!

    • Joe (Bud)

      That sounded outstanding…When I grow up I wanna play as good as you (<: Very Nicely Done !



    • TonyS

      Fantastic. I can listen to that over and over again. In fact I intend to do just that. Well done buddy that was brilliant.

    • Walt

      I had a big grin on my face the entire time. Excellent!

    • mr. jara

      (y) – never change winning team 🙂 – sounds great, congratulations!

    • Pete R.

      Awesome performance! That’s A LOT of TAB, Griff. I’d be happy with just a few of the highlights. Thanks for all you do.

    • Dave

      Blues is all about extremes – gettin’ by on nuthin’ and going a little crazy when there is plenty. That is what you brought to this piece. You let it breathe when it needed to and you blazed when you had the perfect opportunity. It does an old geezer like me good to see a young guitar stud that can play his balls off and do it with emotion,sincerity and class.

      One word: Tasty!

    • jon3b

      Yeah Griff, like Mike D said, “you should be fronting a band”. 😀 Looking forward to the transcription .. not that I could pull off any of your super-sonic speed .. still some great licks in there that I’d love to steal!

    • Mike

      You were smokin! I really enjoyed the music, but even more I enjoyed the performance because I could see both your passion for the guitar and the fact you were having FUN! Isn’t that what we should all be striving for, learning, improving, passion, but the JOY music allows into our heart brightening even the worst day for ourselves and others. That is one of the reasons I was drawn to your site and products I have purchased, learning and fun, and I get both here.

      I wish you continued success in the competition and life.

    • Emil

      Yesssss, Well done, Good Luck Griff.

    • Roger Billaber

      Awesome! transfer your talent to me! you can pick-up all that licks again with no problem. Thanks for sharing your God given gift. They should just go ahead and declare you the winner already.

    • Steven


      Very well done , smooth , clean , original and full of your emotion.

      I loved it.

    • Mike D.

      Awesome Stevie….uh Griff!!!! You need to be fronting a band, even if you can’t sing, your guitar work does. I wish I had a couple of ounces of your guitar playing abilities, very nice.

      I vote for “Whitey’s Blues” next time out.
      Congrats on round one!!!!! Very slick

    • Shawn

      Great job. Griff…….inspirational!

    • Tom

      Smokin…………………… Congrats on the win Griff!

    • Steve

      Not bad for an over-the-hill, inter-web guitar teacher :P. But cereally, that was an awesome display of blues ownage. Nicely done and congratulations for the preliminary win. Hope you take down the whole shootin match. Thanks for sharing some good stuff with us every week!

    • Peter

      Same track, please. It’s so gorgeous!!

    • Charlie Wenzel

      Great job. You made it look like you into the song all the way.

    • Pete (uk)

      Fantastic effort there griff – the blues was pouring out of you – great technique, showmanship and creativity. There was a real mix of Stevie, Eric and Griff and each was superb.Be great to have some of this stuff in a more advanced course perhaps one day when you get the time (pity about the jeans though!)

    • Steve Rathbun

      Play this one it’s AWSOME.

    • JesseRay

      Outstanding!!!!! as always!!!!

    • Gerald

      Smoking. Very well done. Good Luck

    • jim


    • Tavares

      Congratulations, Griff. You were fantastic in your presentation.
      Great feeling and performance.

    • Bob Wilson

      OMG !!! I’ve got to get your Blues course. That doesn’t get any better!!!! Congrats on the win!!!

    • Ron Whitmore

      Griff, you be the new SRV!! Love your tunes…

    • Les Turnbull

      Great to see and hear you playing live the stuff you preach and teach.

      Next, maby something completely different, slow and soulful with lots of bends and slides and those didly bits you do so well.


    • JOHN Kiltoff

      Awesome playing Good enough To win the Big Prize. As I said before Work with a visual
      choreographer to enhance your visual impact on the judges. This will help them remember you when push comes to shove. Your movement was a lot better in this performance,
      Smile. more like your having fun or a musical orgasm. You need to transfer you emotion to the audience. to win this thing.
      Good Luck. JK

    • Curt

      Very groovy!
      Left me wanting more.

    • Jim Triquet

      Hand the man the crown!!! Fantastic, come play someplace in New England so we can come see you live.

    • Line6bassman

      Awesome Job!!! From a Bass Player !!!


    • Dan

      Well done Griff!!!!!!

    • Bluesrock

      You sounded cool, man. Keep up the good work.

    • George K

      Griff, You ROCK!!!!! Stick with that one–you obviously love that groove.
      HUGE Smile on my face!!!

    • George Morgan

      Smoking Griff! That was awesome. I think you should use the same track. Good luck

    • Andy Olson

      ps could you post a video on “I’m losing you” Ron Wood’s rythem in that is so cool.

    • Andy Olson

      Nice work Griff, good luck. My friend Jody Counter placed well in SF last year, first or second, he’s a great player and good friend.

    • Gary Hylton


      Old School and still Rockin’ …Gary

    • Dutch

      Ah Griff, I feel sorry for the person who had to follow you.

    • John Tiedt

      Very nice man.

    • jim

      Bad to the bone, Grif, loved hearing your feelings come thru, The SRV and BB sounds you put together, blew me away. I also think not to change the track, one reason is you seem so plugged into it, so from now to the next round you could just work on your solo. Just Great, Jim

    • JimJ

      Congratulations, Griff~!!

      You nailed that one~!

      It is soooo satisfying to see my online teacher truly blow away the in-store audience.

      I loved the way you used emotion to build your solo.

      Anybody hearing this will be moved.

      I’m proud to be following you to the Blues…

      Well done.

      PS: Use whatever backing track that moves you – so well – as this one did.

    • cris brady

      Cool, Griff will you share how you came up with the piece . I have been trying to put something together but I am lost. How do you know what to play.. Thanks,,, Stellar Performance.

    • Billy

      good job Griff Love it man your the best and i love your clean leads

    • Andrew

      Hey Griff,

      You listened! Much more musical. Lots of complicated technique but still more musical. Very well done. Hope you win some more.


    • Darrell Davis

      Griff your great. I hope I can learn something.

      Thanks for the emails.

      Darrell Davis

    • John

      “You da Man… Griff”!

      Excellent………….. so good to watch that. If you can, I’d love to know what pedal(s) and amp used to get your sound.


    • Jonboy

      Great solo Griff …I wouldn`t change the backing track , why spoil a winning formula…..I liked the run ups and just the hint of SRV in there …… maybe thats the way to go for the final …..Best of Luck Jonboy

    • Aaron Landis

      Well played!!!!!

    • Dave S.

      Very cool. Congrats!!

    • paul harrison

      So So good too finally see you get to the guy with the mic!!!!
      You wrung smile out of him and quite right too.
      Great to watch

    • Dan Gill

      To quote my Daughter-in-Law, “OMG”! Grif, you nailed it. Your building of emotion to a peak was absolutely perfect. I really got into it. It was like “Shut up everyone, listen to this”, and when they did all were mesmerized. Not just other players, Everyone. Winning stuff for sure. Play the same thing next round.

    • frank cantwell

      outstanding!!!!!!! proud to call you my teacher
      frankie blues

    • George Straz


    • John

      Griff, that was excellent. You are truly awesome.

      I’ve been obsessed with the blues and lead guitar since I was in high school and my only regret is that I never put in the yards to get anywhere near as good as you. You inspire me to better things, before my world ends.

      Knock ’em dead.

      Great stuff!

    • John

      Awesome job! Can’t wait to see how you do in the next rounds.

    • John Robertson

      Congrats Griff, that hit the mark right on. A great performance! Sounds like a winner so why not stick with it for the next round?

    • Chris Nation


      Congratulations – great stuff. Blow ’em away in the next rounds. Stick to the Shuffle. It’s interesting to see how things develop, as with the previous ‘train-beat’ track you played.

      But – please mister – can we have the chord charts for the previous years’ trax? GC don’t have and Little Dog Records can’t help either, tho’ considering their man wrote them I find that odd.

      I guess it will take a bit of work but maybe you could put it to 2-3 of your savvy students as a project.

    • Fred Lospennato

      Incredible….The great thing about it, you are able to impart this knowledge to us. We appreciate it. One of your fans for the last few years. “Keep On”

    • Larry

      Awesome Giff. Really well done, so soulful and excitable. It’s playing like this that inspires all who love the guitar and playing blues and from you who encourage us to do the same with no obligation other than your love for this instrument and genre. Thanks. And good luck for the future.

    • alan beasley

      Wow, or as you say, that side of the pond, utterly AWESOME. You teach me well

    • andy

      Well done griffy…………….
      You are the best ……

    • John

      Great job, Griff! Go after the song you would most like to do now… best wishes for continued success!

    • Chuck

      I got so caught up in the playing I forgot to answer the whole question! I think it would be hard to beat what you’ve done here but if you do another track, the slow beat of “Country Blues” is right up your alley!

    • Chuck

      Man, absolutely awesome! You killed it buddy!

    • David Smith

      That’s just sick good. Well done Griff.

    • Cliff

      Yeah, play the blues man
      so wonderful to hear you cut loose

    • Ian

      Awesome Griff….good luck on the 5th!

    • Stephen Waters

      Go Griff……well done mate.

    • JOHN

      WICKED!!!!!!!! Griff…

    • Jim

      WOW! I am amazed. Well done.

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