Probably the biggest hurdle most guitar players go through is learning how to consistently play the barre chord shapes and actually get the notes to ring out.

I’ve finally figured out, after many years of doing it “the old way,” that if I turn it around and start with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th fingers instead of starting with the barre, it works a whole lot better.

So check out the video, this is a youtube embed so it should work on most platforms. And there are downloads below. Please leave comments or share on facebook if you like it.


    314 replies to "Barre Chord Starter"

    • Pihka

      Greetings from Finland,
      Thank you. Great lesson. This is the first time I heard the tip to place other fingers first and then the bar finger.
      I started using that method right away.

    • Anton

      This is awesome Griff. I would love advise of using the ‘A Shape’ to do major chords with the root note on the 5th string.

      Thanks again.

    • Stan

      Thanks Griff, you’re the greatest.

    • Mr. Music

      Hey Grif, I’m a long-time member and fan of your teachings. This is a great approach to bare chords and a simplified methodology for what I lovingly call “chord entanglement,” a method of mixing chords together in tangible phrasing. I truly enjoy your teaching methods because they are easy to follow and a direct approach. In truth, the only thing I’m missing is Grif’s Country Crash Course! What’s the matter there pardner? Don’tcha like countree?
      Your Faithful Fan
      Mr. Music

    • jean dominique

      I particularly like the trick of being able to play the minors without having to struggle . Thanks for this valuable video.

    • Pan Head

      Wow great tutorial Griff. The best explanation I have seen on forming bar chords. Thanks for doing it.

      • PAUL

        wow Griff, before i got into you with\BGU, that’s all i played, until you showed me how to play little cords. Bieng i was the rtyhum guitar player in many bands and once in a while did a solo, now i feel like poor Eric Clapton, his left hand has nerve damage, and it’s hard to use the finger to bar accross the fretboard. so i got a finger exiser and use my finger to push all four buttons down, to build up the strength.
        i’ll stick to the little cords for now. thank, Griff.

    • Stephan Cotton

      Thanks Griff. Very common-sense approach to barre chords. Might even make MINE sound like music!

    • Calude

      Hi Griff
      Great lesson.
      It realy demistify the barre chords for me.
      They are now a lot less intimidating.
      A beginner’s point of view.

    • Brian

      When I first learned about barre chords, thought great learn the notes on strings 5 and 6. Then have major and minor chords done. Oh the naivety!

      Even when done correctly there is a definite, but subtle, difference in tonal quality compared to the same open chord.

      Even tried the barre chord using a capo as a substitute for the barre finger, but still didn’t give the same tonal quality as an open chord.

      This was played on a mid range acoustic guitar, so might be guitar dependent(?)

      • Walt

        My difficultly In playing Barre has been the fault of two people!

        #1- My guitar teacher who taught me to push my entire first finger down on the fret across all six strings and insisted on player no it that way!

        #2- Me for believing him!! In the last two weeks I’ve seen your video and another instructor’s and seen that you both teach using the index finger the same way!

        It has been a real revelation to me!

        Thanks so much!

    • John mann

      I remember when I first tryed these,thought I’d never get it! But its worth it in the end makes every thing so much easier! But I find it much easier to start off by using I mini bar across the E & B strings & play a partial chord, just to make the change quicker, then bring my first finger up to make the bar after, or just bring my thumb over to get the low note, it just feels more natural to me to lead with my first finger!

    • mike

      I love to play barre chords. It’s like you said you can play a LOT of songs. A guy showed me years ago and it was awesome once i learned.You can vary them tons of ways and make all kinds of different sounds.Knowing your bottom string you can figure out a lot of songs and start Jammin! so all of you who think its hard it’s well worth it! Later Gator

    • Jon

      I’ve been in the later category since I started playing. This works way better. Now I can work on getting it up to speed. Thank you.

    • Hotrod

      Great lesson! thanks Griff.

      What I realised with barré chords was that I was trying to lay my first finger in a perfectly straight line at right angles to the FB and at the same time I was trying to keep it “face down” and flat, perhaps because that’s the way it looks in chord diagrams! Then I realised that if I held my first finger on its side slightly and curved very slightly, just like Griff does in fact in this video, the whole thing became more “doable”. By laying the other fingers down first it forces you to adopt that position with the first finger.

      Rod in Ottawa

    • Legoge47

      At my recent Guitars for Vets class the instructor taught this technique of barring chords with the middle, ring and pinky first then placing the index finger afterwards. It does seem to work better than the other way!😀

    • John

      Great timing. My French brother-in-law called round last week and attempted to explain this very thing to me, in French. Naturally, I looked wise and nodded a lot. Now, with a bit of luck, next time he comes around he will think he got through to me!
      Well explained, as always.

    • ChrisGSP

      Hi Griff, you touched on something in this video that I’ve been meaning to bring up – when you raised the guitar up to demonstrate how easy it is to get that left-hand position with the guitar higher than holding it in your lap. Most of us, when we are playing live, play STANDING UP. And the guitar is possibly held higher that way (unless you’re Jimmy Page with it down around your knees!).
      What I wanted to bring up is – Maybe you can give us a lesson standing up? And maybe compare the guitar position to sitting down? I think many students would benefit from some guidance on how to actually hold the guitar.

      • Alban

        Hi Griff barre cords have been haunting me for a while. Thanks for this lesson.

        • Jeff McDonald

          If y’all are old enough to remember George Harrison, he strapped his guitar higher than most other guitarists, which gave him that raised guitar that Griff was talking about. It’s served me well over the last 50 years, as I don’t have very large hands.

    • Michael Chappell

      Hey Griff,
      This is a great lesson and a good refresher. When I started BGU I was halted by the Bar Chord lesson… I had to go away from it and just keep practicing the Bar Chords before I could advance. Then I got side tracked learning other BGU Lessons in courses and then Purchased BGUv2. Now back on track again.
      But I reckon the HARDEST BAR CHORD is when you play a Blues in Key of E and you arrive at the B7 that is a very big stretch 2nd Fret to 6th Fret with the Pinky but you showed us this one recently and I am practicing that stretch. The simple way out is Play your Blues in A7th as the 1 chord then D7 1V and then E7 V. but not everyone wants to sing in A…. All good. Great lesson.

      Michael-Sydney- Australia

    • Charles Robinson

      Hello, Griff, say I have been wanting to ask you why? you didn’t make a video on tuning up your guitar, I could use one in the worst way. give it some thought

    • nut

      Great as usual, Griff! Thanks for these useful hints.
      It’s good to be able to obtain reinforcement of ideas with a gunn player.

    • Len

      Heh Griff,You make it look so easy,thanks

    • Paul

      Great lesson., Griff
      A tip to help with bar chords. Roll your index ( your Barring finger) finger against the fret as you are pushing down on the fingerboard with it.
      Hope this helps.

    • Patrick Matthews

      Thanks for that advice with the wrist

    • Mark Wales uk

      Cheers Griff
      For the advice my problem with bar chords is with the major chord with the root on the fifth string

      • john newman

        I have the same problem, especially moving from an open chord to a barre with a 5th string root. The solution I stumbled upon completely by accident is to keep your fingers as close to the strings as possible when moving from open position to 5th string barre. I don’t know why it works but it does – if I lift my hand too much my fingers seem to get lost, but if I am almost touching the strings when I move my hand my fingers seem to somehow form the major position by themselves. After that it’s just practice, practice and more practice. hope this helps.

        • Mark Wales uk

          Cheers John
          For the advice

    • billy"guitar"

      As always awesome the method makes all the sense in the world now practice practice practice the Griff RIP BB KING

    • Guitardogg

      Too many comments to read them all, but great instruction, as usual! One of my early guitar mentors taught me the importance of the barre chord. One of the bands I play in is a church band, and many songs are in Eb or Bb, or in F, where the 4 is a Bb. I can easily play in all those keys without a capo, cause barre chords have set me free!

    • Gerald Irwin

      Great video. You are a real guitar teacher. I am still zizzing the strings which are under the crease in my index finger, but small (old) hands can do only so much.

      Great stuff.

      • Jeff

        Griff, Nice example of how to play bar chords. In one of your courses you mentioned starting with a basis E shape cord using your 2,3,4 fingers, thus allowing your 1st finger to make the bar as you slide your E shape down the fret board.
        Just some additional info to help anyone learning Bar chords.
        I have most of your courses from Blues Guitar Unleashed,Beginning Blues Guitar,Austic Delta Blues Slide Guitar,Acoustic Guitar Unleashed,Soloing Without Scales,Blues Gig In A Box,Strumming & Rythem Mastery.
        Love your work but would ask if possible not only for myself but maybe for the other follower’s of your lessons that you could include the name of each bar chord and also the count per measure.
        Griff, I have viewed heaps of music lessons over the internet and most are not worth the money….But in your case your course’s are up there with the best and are worth investing in.
        But in saying this,if you could up the level of your courses to include strumming patterns and the count per measure in all your courses…. You would have the the best courses for any beginner or upcoming blues guitarist that money could buy.

        Thanks again

    • Greg Pace

      Been playing barre chords for a while and it took me a long time to get fast enough to use them so the tip about placing fingers first then the barre may be the trick. But when I play a song with all barre chords my arm nearly falls off by the end but it is slowly getting easier. Thanks Griff

    • GOZ

      Your teaching is top notch and easy to follow. Thank you for what you give to the guitar playing world.

    • John Billingsley

      Thank you for answering my e-mail concerning barre chords. I think this will help a lot.

    • Marc

      Great video very helpful. Can you do another demonstrating 5 string barre chords showing major ,minor ,suspended and the 7ths.
      Thank u

    • Paul Hachey

      Well done Griff; you have a way about your teaching that makes me WANT to practice, even when I don’t WANT to practice!!! I look forward to any lessons that come, anxious to LEARN!! Thanks a lot. Be Happy & Healthy & keep em coming!!

      • PAUL Dragotto


    • LouisVA

      Finally, a lesson that was NOT NEEDED by me. Barre chords with the “e-shape” including the minor chord made by simply shifting down one string is so ingrained that I do not have to think. It’s as if I have hand memory. Where I do need help is in fingering some of the other chords using a barre such as Maj 7th chords, 9th chords, etc. I’d love to see more lessons that cover the above mentioned. Thanks so much, Griff!


      HELLO again GRiff your Lesson is just awesome well explained & shown thank you from an old 70 year student of yours young at heart & fingers work well thanks to your excercises & programs.

    • kingbee

      Someone asked to see the “F” chord barred. Just move the “G” barred chord down one whole step to the first fret, and you have the barred “F” chord. Someone else asked for tab to see what the “pinky” is doing when the barred chord is mover up the fret board: the chord shape (strings being fingered) never changes for a major chord (G,A,B,C,D,E,F,) the fingering remains the same, moving the barr chord up and down the neck is all that changes. Also, if you start with an “Am” on the first fret, move up one fret and place your barr, you have an “A” sharp minor, move up one fret you have a “Bm”, and so on. The strings you finger does not change for all the minor chords up and down the fret board. Therefore the string your “pinky” is fingering in the open chord position (first fret) does not change when you apply the barr all up and down the fret board. The hardest chord shape for most is the barred “B” chord and “B”flat. But thats for on down the road.

      • Brian

        Yep agree the barred B is the tricky one i.e. The majors on the 5th string

    • Rick Brown

      I was not able to download the wmv version. I tried to download the mp4 but it just brought up the video playing. I just downloaded it with a program I have to download you tube videos. I will convert it to wmv when I get home. I recall the video you and Marty Schwartz did three or four years ago on barre chords. Thanks for revisiting this subject again. I have been playing a long time and although I can play barre chords I am far from comfortable with them.

      • Griff

        Sorry… I fixed the WMV link now. IF your browser just brings up the MP4 version just go to File -> Save and save the page and that will save the video if that’s what is on the page.

    • Eric

      You have a lot of comments here so I don’t know if this was mentioned. The first finger when you barre, is only playing the 1st,2nd and 6th strings on a major chord, and not all six strings. This helped me when I started putting the pressure on 1,2 and 6 strings. Thanks for the tips Griff.

      • JohnA

        But if you are fingerpicking a tune, you’d better have the other strings covered with the barre for when you lift fingers 2, 3 or 4.

    • Sal Guerrero

      Normally files download with no problem but I can’t get it to download today Griff? Says no file…


    • Mark Kaplan

      Thanks for the tips – one thing I noticed is that in addition to keeping the thumb vertical, it helps to keep it in line with the index finger – seems to require less pressure that way to keep good tone and which helps if your thumb joint tends to be sore from arthritis/over use

    • Keef

      Griff: As always, you arre the man!

    • Kevin P

      Thanks, that lesson was very helpful. I always spend so much time trying to get that perfect sound from a Barr chord and it becomes very frustrating. This makes it much more easier.

    • Roland

      OMG this is very helpful struggling with the damn barre chords,
      very happy thank you Griff.

    • geoff

      Gday griff, your help is all ways appreciate, cheers

    • Chara

      As soon as you commence to understand frequent chord progressions then you can adapt these chords by slightly varying
      their shape.

      • Mary Chris

        Hey Griff I noticed that you did an After midnight riff during this lesson. Any chance you could teach the rhythm for the song. I’v been working on this and struggling

        Great lesson BTW

    • Three Finger Phil

      Griff. Thanks for this. I too have been struggling with the barre cords.First, I had to figure out what minor or 7th cord rings almost the same and play that instead of the major, being a three fingered player. But I’m still too slow with the changes. I hope this lesson kicks my playing back into gear. T.F.P.

    • Ricky Pisano

      I learned on an electric guitar when I was a kid. The funny thing is I learned the barre chords FIRST!! A huge turning point in my playing was when I figured out that I could change chords without having to move my fingers…but just slide from fret to fret to change the chords or key. It was SO huge that I still remember the moment I realized it. So…as a result I struggled with OPEN chords much more.

      • LouisVA

        Same here, Ricky. I go out of my way to avoid the open chords with the exception of A, E, Am, and Em.

    • Jim

      I sort of agree with Keymoss. But then again, teachers have to learn to teach as well so as long as everyone improves, then we’re going in the correct direction.
      The barre cords were like lesson 1 and I just didn’t get them so I skipped around and went back to you-tube to get better at the major / minor chords.
      But some of this should help…especially the knee above the waist and thumb pointing up. Maybe I can get back on track w/ BGU after some practice.

      Thanks Griff! These videos are a nice supplement to the course.

    • Glenn47

      One of my difficulties is my thumb keeps extending horizontal to the guitar’s neck instead of vertical! Also it seems easier to do as you showed us in this video to place fingers two, three, and four before placing the index finger on the barre. Thanks for that tip!


      I’ve been suggling for months to do Barre cords.Why oh why did you not show
      us in the beging this lesson and one more thing why dont u put up the tabs? because I have great difficulty in following what your fingers are doing especially the pinky.
      One very unhappy subscriber.
      kiond regards Cockney Arthur.

    • Phil G Blues

      Nice one Griff, you put it into a perspective all though one may no how to do what your doing already, TA!

      • Paul W UK

        I have BBG and BGU courses and love your teaching – do some more stuff with Marty maybe? Barre chords always an issue for me (small fat fingers!).

        I think the 4:47 chord progression is more ‘After Midnight’ by JJ Cale rather than Radiohead, isn’t it?

    • Alan

      could you show the F cord barred?

    • Glenn Lego

      One of the chord progressions reminded me of Otis Redding “Sitting on the Dock Of The Bay.” Thanks for this lesson on barr chords!

      • Len Jamiol

        I concur, Glenn. First song that I thought of too.

    • jim shannon

      yes,very helpful video and lesson,griff,thanks ,,,barre chords are my downfall so far ,although they’re getting better especially with the tips youve given here,,thanks again

      • tony

        I drove my one guitar teacher crazy by not using my forth and fifth fingers in the positions that they should be in . I play with them switched . dont know why i do this but i still cover the strings . playing the guitar on the left leg is actually the right way to play it . over the right is not that comfortable as far as i can tell . it seems relaxed but its not . try it over the left leg and elevate it . to sum it all up do what is comfortable for you.

    • PAUL


      • TT

        Lower caps please

    • Paul

      To quote paul “The chord progression reminded me of Radiohead ‘Creep'”,

      same here 🙂

    • Ron Carlson

      Great Lesson! What is the strum pattern at 4:47 in the video? when you show to move the chords down the fret board. Thanks

    • Bernard Most

      Excellent in content and delivery. Thanks.

    • brian

      Griff,I find your approach to beginner to be the very best. Thank You So Much, Your the Master at your Craft. And it’s appreciated.

    • Peter McGlone

      Once again great stuff … everyone else I have probs with Barre chords.



    • Chris Cummings

      These chords have always been my nemesis. I hate them with a passion!!
      However, this has really helped, Griff.
      I will not let them beat me.

    • John Roach

      Thanks Griff, That has given me a lot of useful tips regarding bar chords both major and minor.


      Thanks Griff , and I see some one else found that you can play Dock of the Bay with this .



    • tony thompson

      top lesson griff spend time on this is well worth doing major step thank you

    • Hal

      I could not open or download the WMV

      • Kent Smith

        The WMV would not download for me either

    • Ken Hotz


      Thanks! This is good stuff. Technique, especially for Barre Chords is so important and they can be so frustrating.

    • sam

      Hi Griff, I’ve been trying to do barre chords since I took up the guitar which is only since end of Jan 2013. I just gave up out of frustration but, I just watched your video & played along & surprise surprise I have just played my first barre chord, not to good but its a start which I thought I would never conquer, so well done for the advice & tuition, brilliant.

    • Clinton Wallace

      I am a beginner. This will help me so much in being able to play and meet my goal. I want to be able to play jazz, rock, country and the blues with anybody by spring. in just learning this free lesson I feel I am on my way to meeting my goal. My wife and grown children don’t believe that I can accomplish this. I have an accoustic electric and an electric guitar. I have meet so many people at the guitar center who have encouraged me to practice, practice, practice. I try to practice a half hour a day to learn the scale. This is excellant

    • Keith

      Excellent advise Griff. I haven’t picked up a guitar in earnest for years, but used to play on stage in the seventies is England.

      The biggest problem we had, apart from sore finger tips was crams in the left hand.

      Any advise on that one.



      • Patrick

        Relax your fingers between chords. Keep your fingers barely touching the strings and press down again to play it again. It’s a tip from Griff.

    • Paul

      The chord progression reminded me of Radiohead ‘Creep’

    • Derek Young

      Hi Grif Excellent lesson – this has helped me a lot, many thanks.

    • Dean

      you are the man

    • Ron

      I liked the video but I couldn’t download it. I was trying to download in the WMV format but it just wouldn’t download, got any suggestions?


      Wonderful, wonderful, priceless, now I need time, and another wrist and forearm. Kidding. The strength will come with time. Years ago when I first started had you been my neighbor Arm strength wouldn’t be an issue. Now however after about 5 minutes I have to stop because it hurts. Maybe the lifting up could do the trick. You are a wonderful man for going into you instructions with this helpful detail. Thank You That saying about old dogs and new’s not true. HAGD.

    • peter

      hi just to say, how good your tutorials are. Ive been ill for 6 months ,so ive got a lot to catch up on .the bar chords are very helpful. Cant wait to start playing your tutorials etc ,keep on sending them .Icertainly recommend them to friends .Thanks again peter.

    • Kevin

      Griff, you certainly know “how” to make things a LOT easier! I’m so glad I found your site! Griff, once again Thank You……………….keep Rockin man!

    • Ron Rehse

      Thanks Griff , All I can say is WOW ,so simple and sounds so good .

    • Friend -

      I must say; Barre chords make more sence now than they did in 70’s when I tried to learn them!
      I never knew how much pressure to put on index finger and all i ever got was a thud; so I scrapped Barre chords. Although when i played Bass, my knowledge of them helped me to follow on Bass. I mostly like Bass now; but I don’t want to forget what I know on rhythm guitar. I am 75. I hav a few friends i play with. we don’t consider ourselves talented, but we enjoy our music.
      Rose from Wash.

    • bob

      Thanks, this is a lot of help.

    • roger

      I have struggled with this so much,maybe because i have fingers like bananas,but this method certainly easier for me.

      thanks for all the advice you give Griff

    • Rock'n Ronnie

      I have had trouble for years getting enough pressure on the barre mainly due to arthritis. Your method has made it easier. I have got away using what I call inside chords so thanks for the tip.

    • Francis Mercuri

      This is out of the park on time. I was struggling with lesson 3 BGU and decided to set the first 3 fingers for the bar and then lay the bar last. I wasn’t to sure but it was working. Having this vid come along reassured myself that I choose correct and am on cloud 9 . Thanks for these follow up instructionals Griff they are like having you assist with the course . It is a great reinforcement.

    • Peter Watson BSc

      Hi Rick, it seems to be a psychological thing that applies to most chords, especially ‘C’ – the hand stretches more easily away from the body than towards it – the same as giving and generosity. Even starting with the pinky as anchor works best – a bit like the trim-tab on the rudder of a big ocean liner.

    • Jack

      Thanks for the insight – especially the point about the knee/neck position – it really does make it easier to get things ringing out. Incidentally what should the hand position be for the D / Dm C7 shapes? I find my thumb tends to want to point back up the neck.

    • Mark Hodges

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    • Jim H

      Nice…I’ve been trying to find a way to teach barre chords to my wife. This works! Thanks!

    • John P Caines

      Hi Griff, Nice lesson as always I do have your Beginning Blues Guitar Book and the lesson of Straight Down 6th Ave as you no are all barre chords which are good to practice and it has a nice arrangement, Thanks Griff . John. (spain)

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    • Gibo

      I was just thinking about this the other day,was going to suggest it to you. I learned how to play the E chord with my 1nd 2rd 3th fingers and bared with with the 4th and learned to play a ton of songs. So this is a great lesson Griff your students will love this once they get it down. My sisters boyfriend taught me to play when I was layed up with a broken leg,she bought me my first Guitar and he show me this and many other chords like playing the A chord with my 2nd finger and sliding it down and bar all 6 strings with my 4th to play chords all down the neck.

    • Paul Warner

      When I first started on guitar the hardest chord I had trouble with was the F chord where you cover the two high noted strings with your first finger, and I have scars on my finger to give you an idea of how bitchin’ of a time I had with that chord, so when I found out about barre chords which did come relatively easy for me it was a life saver in playing that chord. Even now I still struggle a little in forming the F chord the old way. Barre chords are magic when you get fast and good at using them. Very good lesson Grif.

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    • Jeff

      Thanks Griff, well explained, I’m surprised no one else has explained it this way.

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    • Byron

      Hey thanks Griff, still struggling with those darned barre chords, but hopefully this lesson should make it a lot easier

    • Mary

      “Barre chord starter ” a HUGE help. Especially placing the non-barre fingers first and, perhaps even more helpful, raising the leg on which the guitar rests to be sure knee is higher than hip – made barre chords immediately easier, thank you!!!!

    • RandyKguitar

      day 5 — one more note — when I play and practice at home I hardly ever use a pick most days — I decided to use a pick this evening — may have some bearing on my success

    • RandyKguitar

      day 5 — WOW! I tried something different this evening. before trying the barre chords I tried a couple of songs our worship team will be doing this Sunday first. And maybe it was because I played something else first, it was my best night yet for barre chords! I was surprised when I went from G (which I can usually start well) to B to C to A that all strings run out clearly — as I got a bit more into it and my arm started to get tired it deteriorated a bit — but I did it!!!

      Griff this is great!

      When i left my day 4 comment yesterday, I was pretty sure it would take a long time. I know I am not there yet but am encouraged!

    • RandyKguitar

      day 4 — I am sticking with it — unfortunately today did not feel that I was making progress but hoping soon to go farther — thank yoiu

    • RandyKguitar

      I will admit it. This is hard! But I am trying to focus on where this is going to take me. And that makes me want to move on. I have been using a tool at to help me get the positions on the fretboard – focusing on the 6th string as it lets me do. This along with knowing where to look for the root of the barre chord is helping me move forward.

      Thank you Griff.

      When my 30 days (or however long it takes) to get this shape ringing clearly, what do you suggest for next steps with barre chords?

    • JimR

      I will try your method since I’ve tried just about every other method to learn to play barre chords. Plus, the problems that I have with barre chords is that my wrist hurts when I try playing them after a while, rather attempting to play barre chords, and I feel myself pressing real hard with my thumb against the back of the guitar neck just to finger the notes. How can I avoid the pain in my wrist?

    • RandyKguitar

      Day 2 — I am getting success sometimes — and using the first four chords, G, B, C, A, repeated — it is starting to sound like Dock of the Bay — so even though I have a long way to go — it is a start — and who knows, maybe I will lick this Barre Chord barrier that I believe has kept me from moving on in my playing – it has not been hurting like previous attempts — sure it is getting a bit unpleasant but sticking to around 10 minutes with each attempt seems best for me now.

      Really big thanks! I am looking forward to moving ahead.

      Can you imagine getting started with different things and whenever barre chords is the next step not going ahead? — seems like where I have been for a l-o-n-g time.

    • RandyKguitar

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      Congrat.’s & Thanks

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      Playing barre is simple and quck for changing chords. Eg Barre F (using E) you can get F7 by lifting the pinky and Fm by lifting the middle finger. I encourage landing the pinky and ring finger together then follow by the middle and ultimately the first finger on the rest.You can do it on G ,A etc. I find this is the best way to overcome the weak pinky issue. 10-15 mins in the morning and evening I see results within a month.Now I can barre effortlessly.This is my experience.

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      This video cut out on me. I practice two songs that are almost total barre chords, ten times each twice a day. (Am a beginner) One is Sittin By the Dock of the Bay and the other is wild things. It really gets my fingers going to barre chords are not as scary and impossible as they were at the very beginning. You’ve shared a lot with me so I thought I’d share that with you. Thanks. Laurie

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      Unplugged version of it by Eric Clapton. It only has about 6 barre chords and relatively simple
      shapes, but I could not get the transition from A to G to F barres and do it smoothly.

      I look forward to applying this method so hopefully I can play this favorite tune without
      the hesitation. It HAS to be easier than planting the barre first.

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      Ça va m’aider énormément cette façon d’aborder les barrés..
      Pourrais-je te demander maintenant un autre super truc pour la forme en du La(A) ?
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      Dommage que tu ne soies pas un prof de guitare français!

      Bon, ça ma fait travailler aussi mon anglais!

      À +

      Chantal Nadeau, Lac-Mégantic, Québec , Canada

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      I mean how do you approach those ?! They are so freaking hard to learn to do!!!! Same kind of chord but minor is easy but major is something impossible to do! You’re asked to put 3 fingers in the same fret – can’t fit them all!!!! 😛

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      This is a great video lesson and it sure helps me!
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      Brilliant lesson my man. any one readin this, i only devoted 15mins per day 2 this method, in 1 week the results are amazin, many thanx griff, im soundin pretty good now. mark from scotland.

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      There is NO substitute for knowing,

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      Do you think there’s a certain age where students start to have the strength to do barre chords? 10? 12? The 5 year olds can hardly do the power chords.


      Zac Sullivan

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