So… some Q&A, a little bourbon, and some noodling happened on the Facebooks and the YouTubes yesterday afternoon. In case you missed it, here you go!

By the way, this was live, so pardon the slow start and the “all over the place” vibe. Questions were coming from Facebook and YouTube simultaneously and I tried to keep it organized… sometimes that worked 🙂

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    • Terry Shaffner

      I have ordered your “BluesGuitarUnleashed” and have started going through your lessons. I’m pretty much a beginner, but enjoy trying to play ‘licks’ to slow blues backing tracts; however, I’m stuck on trying to get my fingers to move faster. I can go between all 5 boxes pretty well, but not very fast. Are there any exercises other than repetition that will help me move my old fingers faster. I’m 73 !

    • David Leet

      Saw it Monday am here. Really enjoyed it Griff.


      I developed my sense of timing in Junior High and High School playing trumpet in the school band and jazz band. Question: How the hell do you count out loud and blow a horn? You don’t. You have to learn to count internally and develop your own internal metronome. I have not counted out loud ever. The quickest way I know for me to screw up a guitar riff or lick is to try counting it out loud. It may help some (or most) but for me it spells disaster. I can do it, but to do it I have to slow the lick or riff way down, count out loud progressively faster and spend a few days just getting back to where I started. Does it teach me anything? No.


      Your advice to newbies that your first amp won’t be your last, etc. etc. is so RIGHT ON! There is SO much to consider … weight, portability, your need for light and portable (or not), power (volume), tube or solid state, and predominantly TONE. And tone is the bugaboo. When you’re a newbie your ear has not developed, your playing style has not developed, your preferences have not developed, you are totally tone-ignorant. And the differences in tone in amps can be quite subtle, but after you are experienced with fully-developed preferences those subtle differences that you don’t even notice as a newbie become HUGE. The same tone development also applies to guitars. Your first guitar also WILL NOT BE YOUR LAST. I have been plying for 45+ years and my trail of amps and guitars would fill half of a boxcar. So be prepared for a journey of opening your pocket book. Not that it will matter to YOU and YOUR PREFERENCES, but the ultimate amp I have settled on is a Quilter MicroPro 12″ combo and I own 18 electric guitars and play them all and they all sound a little different.

    • Alexander Aliganga

      Griff, thank you for answering my question that really helped. Can’t wait for someday to watch you and and your band play down south. I live in Monterey California and that would be nice for my wife and I to take a trip down there. Hope you do more of these live streaming in the future. Take care and stay safe.
      Alexander Aliganga

    • Bret


      Watching after the fact, so hopefully you will get this question. You indicated about midway through the hour that you should never practice scales without a rhythm. In that context were you equating rhythm with count or rhythm with jam track?

      Thanks in advance.

      Thanks in advance.

    • Chris G

      I recognized the “Bloozin” backing from Ultimate Blues Jams V2 right at the beginning. That’s a nice feel.

    • Kevin Brabbs

      Hey Griff,
      Really enjoyed the hour video. I’m in Spain and spent 15 days lock down with 15 days left to go. My guitars are in the UK and I miss them ever so much.
      To you and your family, keep well and keep safe. Many thanks
      Kev Brabbs from England

    • Jeffrey

      Thanks for doing the Live Chat. Griff, your so honest, true & easy to listen to. A warm person that’s for sure. Your a true friend that I never met! You make playing the guitar look so easy! Practice makes perfect! Thanks for what you share with us! It’s priceless. I’m praying this epidemic gets over with!

    • garywayneellison@gmail.ocm

      Have you ever played the Dean Zelinsky guitars with the z-glide neck? I have two and love them so just a curiosity question. I also have your Little Wing video and Killer Blues Solo made easy and am well pleased so thank you for your courses and weekly lessons.

    • John Conoscenti

      I did not see this until after the fact….can you let us know in advance when these will take place,,,thanks

      • Jim Rogers

        DITTO HERE! Please give us notice- this was a welcome treat during a difficult time! Thanks!!

    • Rick

      Was fun to see. Strange, I feel I know you though we only met briefly after your concert in Tacoma last time. I especially liked the impromptu jam the three of you had a few nights ago. It really felt like we had been invited into your space to enjoy some time with you guys. I’ve been following your email lessons and blogs for years now, and always pick up a nugget or two to use. I’ve only got one of your small home study courses and although I very much enjoyed it and thought it was an incredibly professional package, I think I am one of those learners who needs face to face lessons. Please , you and your family stay safe and keep on doing what you do.
      Rick (54 Les Paul)

      • James McCanna

        How to keep pick from spinning around

    • Mark Stephenson

      Loved your impromptu discussion, I too had to catch the rerun.. As always I came away with some very useful info. Thanks and much love from Indiana!

    • Markwalesuk

      Cheers Griff Happy Birthday Ryan
      Stay safe all 😎🤘

    • tony

      It was cool to just see You messing around .Some things are just hiding before burning out . It is great to own a riff . I got all my guys doing it I guess it a thing passed on that is really dug . You know most of the guitarist I know do not use a method of counting . I tap My foot and I see one of My guys do it too . He is a much better player than I. I think some do not need it but I really believe You when You stress how important it is. My drummer watches my strumming and he uses Me to keep time . Should be the other way around.

    • Fraser Wilson

      Love the last, casual, studio shoot with the band. Today’s was a great idea. Have quite a few of Griff’s courses and being a contractor, I have some “anxious “ free time. Just finished a dusty “lessons from the masters……”5 easy blues solos” just arrived. Whoo Hoo

    • Bob Eisenberg

      A little woo-woo. That’s my takeaway. 🙂 A fun session. Thanks!

    • Pete

      Benefits of quarantines……………………….quality happy hour with Griff

    • Raymond Richards

      Good day ser when will you live again

    • Tim Tevebaugh

      Have you ever listened to Bill Nelson from Be-Bop Deluxe?

    • Thomas Burns

      Great session. Random. Small hints to ad to the task of playing the blues. Love to live outside of my comfort level.

      • Tim Tevebaugh

        Have you ever listened to Bill Nelson from Be-Bop Deluxe?

    • Donovan Hulbert


    • Rocky Kemp

      Love your “Happy Hour” discussion. So layed back and not commercial. I play double bass, guitar, cello, and CD’s! Just got an old Kay C-1 bass that is in the shop for heavy repair and I look forward to playing it by myself or with pickup groups.
      Played in SoCal many years, based my aerobatic airplane at Corona, flew corporate out of Orange Co, Still hacking at guitar, an old Fender Acoustic that my pro friend Ralph Grasso picked out for me back in early 80’s. I am a shame to him on guitar but he puts up with me when we fly. I’ll keep trying to get at least a few chords down so I can enjoy myself. Thanks for your efforts. Really enjoy it.

    • Alan

      Oh and stay healthy everyone. Better days are

    • Adam Wilson

      Hi hello griff and every one

    • Alan

      Wow wish I’d have known about this. Enjoying it at 8am on Saturday in re-runs though. Thanks Griff

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