We talked about a whole bunch of fun things yesterday on a live version of “Ask Griff…”

So grab a cup of coffee and listen to some thoughts on practicing tips, the “jazz blues” and how to modify a 12 bar blues to make it more jazzy…

Plus, we talked about more advanced scales and theory, and why you probably don’t need it anyway 🙂


Hope you dig the video!

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    • ChrisGSP

      A couple of weeks have gone by … I came back to watch/listen to this again because there was a lot in it. One of Griff’s comments in the first segment was about liking the 7#9 chord sound as a variant of the VI chord in the “altered” turnaround – I, VI, II, V. The other night I was listening to “All Blues” on Miles’ Kind of Blue album for the 490millionth time and guess what I heard? The last four bars are |D7#9///// | Eb7#9// D7#9// | G7///// | G7/////||
      And it got me thinking, the 7#9 is generally called “the Hendrix chord” by rock and blues players (e.g. Foxey Lady); Jimi loved Miles’ music, so did Jimi get it from Miles?
      Rainy day, dream away. Lay back and groove on a rainy day..
      Chris G in the great Southern Land down under.

    • Scott

      Hey Griff what are chorded u played for the blues/jazz segment. Great sound I’d like to play it.

    • RollyS

      Great session! I’m sorry to say I have to admit I’m not a lead player and can’t solo. That being said, I am a singer and do play rhythm and find the blues a lot of fun to sing and play!! I do have a few of your courses and love your “little chords”. My thumb doesn’t work so well so have adapt for bar chords etc. I agree fully with your comments about singing in different keys. I actually have to change a lot of songs so I can do them justice. But I do sing songs in every key from A to G depending on the range of notes. I also believe that playing with other people is a great benefit to anyone wanting to play. I’ve had a weekly jam for 5 years now over the winter months and the improvement of the players is great. Most of the players had never played with anyone live before and now we actually play gigs together. My harmonica player takes our blues to another level!! Thanks for all you do! Love getting the emails! I’m old fashioned too!hahaha!

      • ChrisGSP

        Hey Rolly, you make good points about singing. I used to play with a guy who was a really good singer – I used to get him to sing a song unaccompanied (a-capella) until he had it in a comfortable range, then I’d noodle around on the guitar until I found the key that HE was in. Then we knew what key to play the song in!!

        • RollyS

          Great way of doing it. Thank goodness I can usually find my key before bringing the song to the jam. Thanks for the comment!!

    • Gregg

      Fellow bourbonite! You HAVE to try 1792. It’s a great sipping bourbon. I did a blind taste test with several top shelf brands and this was my favorite…cheers!

      • Griff

        Will do that, thanks for the recommendation!

    • Mark Wales

      Cheers Griff
      For the post answered a few questions for me and a lot of guidance

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