So… I was doing some Facebook Live time yesterday to show a pedal that is new to me. It’s not a new pedal, by any means, it’s been around for many years and is just a run-of-the-mill Boss OD3. It’s just labeled “Overdrive.”

But as you’ll hear – it’s a GREAT pedal and if you were to have only 1 overdrive, this might be a great choice.

Got a favorite overdrive? Tell us about it in the comments below and maybe it’ll be on a future video 🙂

    32 replies to "An Under-The-Radar Overdrive Pedal"

    • Andy Freeman

      My favourite overdrive pedal is my bad monkey, I’ve since found out Phil X uses one. I also have a Boss BD2 blues driver, although I find it a bit muddy sounding with my Telecaster. Anyway, good vibes from the UK.

    • Ian Robins

      I have two overdrives that use in tandem. The first is a RAT which I have set at almost clean and filtered full on. I use it for fullness of tone and warmth. When I go to a solo, I switch on the Tube Screamer Mini set for punch but still fairly smooth. I’m not into full on dirt or fuzz, just a little dirt and lots of sustain. I also have a Hall of Fame reverb. They’re my big three. I also use a couple of Electro Harmonics – A brownstone phase shifter and a Clone chorus and a Garage Tone delay. Only use those three for specific effects and not very often. Just nice to have.

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    • Deborah White

      I usually use the foot switch that comes with the amp to cut the overdrive on and off and same with the reverb etc etc. But now that I’m gonna learn to be a better lead player I’m gonna learn about pedals!

    • Casey Primus

      I have had an OD3 a part of my board for going on 15 years. there are things I wish it did a bit different from time to time such as provide a more subtle low drive setting or being able to cut the low end a bit, but I always know what it is going to do. I have had numerous compliments on my tone and this pedal is usually a part of that.

    • Hans

      I use the Dr.No More Gary and Powerdriver and these pedals are immaculate. Many professionals use them. See their website…. And see the youtube reviews!!

    • Hans

      Very unknown in many countries but the Dr.No-effects MoreGary or Powerdriver are excellent. See the reviews on Youtube. There is to my opinion no better. It is not for nothing that many professionals use these… See their site….

    • Dennis

      Trinity OSD, amplifier – no pedal required!

      • Dennis

        Sorry, it’s ODS

    • James Caldwell

      Just picked up a Boss OD-3 on Reverb for $40!

    • Bob Rubel

      I’ve downsized all my pedals to mini’s so my favorite OD pedal is my Ibanez mini tube screamer.SRV could not have been wrong

    • Sean Drummond

      My pedals:
      Danelectro FAB Overdrive
      Danelectro FAB Distortion
      Danelectro FAB Fuzz
      Danelectro FAB 600mS Delay
      Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer

      My amp:
      2016 Fender Champion 40

      There seems to be no limit to the variety of sounds I can get out of these above-named machines by mixing, matching, rearranging order, changing dial settings, and making notes on it all. But, I’m open to new things.

      Griff, you are a guitar master extraordinaire. Thanks for telling us about the Boss OD3 pedal.

    • Mike brand

      I am trying to get the Stones tone on my ’74 Princeton Reverb amp with my cjjstom tele with a humbucker and single coil neck pu. I have not found the amp settings or pedal to help me get the “keith” tone. Any ideas?

      • Me

        No pedal for Keith tone, he only used pedals on a few songs, more like an American tube Amp like a Fender Deluxe, or Ampeg, with a slight amount of speaker breakup like what you get from a Greenback, with a fairly balanced EQ and a moderate amount of spring reverb. The rest as always is in the touch.

        • Mike Kessler

          Change out the preamp tube, (least amount of money, less than $15.00) the first small tube on the left side of the amp, directly behind the instrument plug in jack. Next, have all your tubes tested. I replaced all of mine with new JJ’s, but after that I took it to Komet Amplification in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and they found the new preamp and rectifier tube to be weak, Mike replaced both. Buy a Celestion Gold 10 inch speaker, (the best there is), that mounts right up to the existing screws, so you don’t have to make any modifications to the amp to install it. The Princeton is a fine playing and popular recording amp, you just have to run it through a P.A. If you play with a loud drummer. Turn it up loud and you will get that sound, if you are not satisfied, buy a Fulltone OCD and that should do it. Hang on to that amp as long as you can. Good Luck.

    • 02KnowBetter

      I just got a Fulltone PlimSoul and I’m enjoying it a lot. It will do a TubeScreamer overdrive and if you kick in the second stage, you get some nice distortion. Very sensitive to pick attack and volume. I recommend checking it out (as if there aren’t enough other options).

    • Michael K

      I forgot, Fulltone Fulldrive 3 and Rock Box, also something really cool and great sounding is a Fulltone Tube Tape Echo with the tube preamp, even if you don’t use the tape delay.. The reason I buy a lot of pedals is because each one seems to sound different with different guitars and different amps in different settings. I think this is the reason why a player has a never ending tone search. Thank you.

    • Dan

      Of course now used OD-3’s are going up in price thanks to this video! 😃
      My main OD is an Analog Man King of Tone!

    • Michael K

      Fulltone OCD, Klon (red version), Ethos, Boss Blues Driver, Timmy, Hot Cake, Hand Wired Ibanez Tube Screamer, T Rex, Strymon Riverside, Tube driven Messa Boogie, etc. I got a real gear head problem. Thanks.

    • Gene Smith

      Some old Silvertones have a 24″ scale. My Silvertone 1420 does. Interestingly, so does Brian May’s Red Special. When I get around to building my own neck, it will be a 24″ scale. There’s something about it I just like…

    • Shodai

      I rarely use effects, and usually have a very clean sound. When I do use effects they are usually to enhance the “clean” sound, like chorus, delay, reverb, and things like that. I do have a boss bd2 blues driver, an od3 overdrive, and a df2 Super distortion & Feedbacker from way back in the 80’s. I have them, but rarely use any of them. I can usually get what I need be twiddling the knobs on the amount & guitar.

    • SlowHandFan

      I either stack a Robbie Calvo Souldriver with a Hand Wired Tube Screamer or a Dumkudo alone which is a hand made pedal used by Robben Ford and Larry Carlton.

    • Mark d.

      Thanks for the email Griff so far the only pedal I use is a danelectro delay but I’ve been thinking about an Overdrive I’ll give this one some thought thanks again for all your effort you’re the best buddy 🙂

    • Skeet

      Can’t believe you are coming to my hometown. My student and I are watching now. Great comments as we were demoing the red dirt, OCD, screamer and BD2 Keeley mod. To see difference

    • Louis Ogden

      Would love to see y’all in Texas but it conflicts with a Steely Dan show in Maryland. Since Maryland is closer to Virginia (my home), not to mention I’ve already bought the tickets, Steely Dan wins this time. Y’all have fun and make some videos for us that cannot be there.

    • telesaurus

      check out the tce dark matter. it’s analog, which means it plays nice with tube amps and it doesn’t color your tone.

    • Chris p

      I bought a boss blues pedal as didn’t realise that my boss effects pedal had the same thing built in. When I realised the sounds was the same I tried them in series and it enhanced the sound to a more semi acoustic level. Brill. Would like to hear the blues pedal in conjunction with the others used on this blog.
      Thanks again
      Chris p.

    • Bill

      MojoMojo by tc electronic

    • bruce

      Mooer Black Secret (RAT clone) and Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret MKIII

    • Jim

      Suhr Rufus👍

    • Dan B

      I always used a fuzzface for low gain overdrive. Nice tone!

    • Doug Briney

      OD 3 for me 🤓

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