This one’s a little tough to name…

… but when you hear it, I think you’ll recognize it 🙂

It’s a super common idea with a lot of possibilities…

The way I played it is just one possible way you can play a blues with this riff…

And I’ll try and show you a few options later in the video.

It’s not a super long one and, as always, something that I hope you can put into practice right away.

    14 replies to "An Acoustic Clapton Johnson Riff"

    • Richard

      Sûre is cool stuff … thanks Griff

    • R.B.

      Griff; this “roots” stuff is great and keeps me on track with the essentials. RB

    • R.B.Owens

      Griff; this “roots” stuff is great and keeps me on track with the essentials. RB

    • Sam

      I love this stuff😎

    • Thomas Guitarman

      Robert Johnson could make that stretch on the B had huge hands like Hendrix

    • Thomas Guitarman

      NICE basic , this works well fingerpicked as well

    • Dennis

      As a subscriber to blues unleashed it would be nice to have these videos that you produce on Friday available on your site if they are I haven’t found them yet and I really do enjoy everything that you do and you’ve really sparked my playing that I haven’t done it for a few years so I’m getting an hour of day of practice and it’s all because of that one video I saw free from you and your blues unleash course thanks again

      • Elio Spinello

        If you are a member of the BGU forum, that are all listed under the “Griff’s email archive” area. You can also find them posted to the BGU Members’ Facebook group.

      • Griff Hamlin

        Thanks, Dennis… most all of the email lessons I send out are posted right here on the blog. If you go up to the navigation bar and click “Lessons” it will give you a list of them all in chronological order, and you can search them.

        Also, I’ve found that, more often than not, good old Google can find my lessons faster than I can. Simple google something like, “Griff Hamlin mixing major and minor blues sounds” and you’ll likely get whatever you’re after.

    • Louis Ogden

      Good lesson, Griff. Thanks!

    • LJ


    • Ian Chadsey

      Easy progression by effective

    • Interstate slim

      Thanks Griff, hope you’re enjoying the free state of Texas. I’m going to work on this today, I like the little flavor tips on the chords. Been working on chords and strumming for the last 6+ months( gospel, folk, etc..) due to my brother in law’s ( professional musician) encouragement to try something other than blues soloing. He was right it has helped my playing quite a lot. I’m glad I have a lot of your courses to help in that area of strumming and rhythms. Enjoy your day.

    • Tom Hopsicker

      Very useful. Thanks

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