Today I stole a little snippet from my new, 5 Easy Blues Songs course…

It’s a lick from the solo of “Al’s Blues,” which just happens to be one of my personal favorites. It’s based loosely on the tune, “Albert’s Shuffle,” from Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper.

What I like about this lick is that it’s good for less experienced players because it is slower, and in time… 

But if you’re more experienced and comfortable letting the time go, you can do it Johnny Winter style and just let it rip as fast as possible. It’s long enough to work well either way. 

Hope you dig it, the TAB is in the video for you:

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    • Tom M

      Hi Griff,
      I love your material and have signed up for blues guitar unleashed which I’m really enjoying. Will plan on signing up for this course later. Just wanted to let you know that your generosity in sharing your material is greatly appreciated . Thanks!

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