We often talk about the blues scale, but we don’t often talk about the “blue” note and how we get it…

With a little knowledge, you can actually add not just one, but TWO blue notes to many different scales or patterns that you already know.

I’ll show you how it works in the video.

The “Boxes” thing I mentioned: https://bluesguitarunleashed.com/pdf/major-minor-blues-boxes.pdf

    11 replies to "Adding In ALL The Blue Notes"

    • Tony Grenfell

      Hi tony absolutely fantastic

    • Bruce McNab

      Two years ago I took up guitar for the first time at age 67,
      I really like your stuff.
      I appreciate it most when you explain things in interval patterns as you did in this video.
      Sometimes get frustrated with you explaining in notes only, rather than in interval patterns stressing the relative positions of great sounding intervals. Please stress the later more as being more generic and “important” that the specific notes of what ever key or mode one happens to be in.

    • Jeff Hamilton

      Thanks for helping me wrap my head around some of these things. Your the best Griff.

    • Android

      UNRELATED REQUEST: Classic Rock Unleashed course promo video.
      …The guitar lick in Lesson 8 starting at 4:19. …What is the name of that tune ?!!
      What song was this lick prominent in ? …What band, …What guitar player ?
      Any details would be gratefully appreciated !
      Thank anyone and everyone !

    • John Urbaniak

      If you flatten the major third in the major scale why isn’t it just called a minor 3rd? I’m confused. Thanks for all that you do for us, Griff.

    • Rex

      Thanks for the boxes, GRIFF! Great homework!

    • Mike

      Great Lesson Griff, your daily videos help my improvisional skills tremendously. Thank you!

    • Darryl Manire

      What? Ok,ok.. On it..ha

    • Bob K

      I love the PDF attachment…now all I have to do is transcribe it to tab form. I find it easier to not get lost this way rather than trying to move from pattern to pattern.

      Great lesson Griff, love the equal parts theory and in practice

    • Jim

      Good stuff! I always enjoy and appreciate the way you explain things.

    • Jeff

      informative video. Thanks Griff

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