By now, you likely know that you can use the minor blues scale or minor pentatonic scale over all of the chords of a blues…

And you may even know the major blues sound and how to play it…

And you may even know that you can use it over the I chord…

But you might have tried it, and found it to sound a little stale, or not perfect.

That’s because it’s missing the b7 of the chord, and because the shape doesn’t naturally guide your playing into the chord tones the way an arpeggio will.

As always, use this some, not all of the time. Add it to your bag, don’t replace anything.

Chord By Chord Blues Soloing can be found here:

    2 replies to "Adding Blues Arpeggios To The Major Blues Scale"

    • Michael

      Hey griff I’m not getting any more of your free lessons don’t know why but I really learned a lot from you thanks my email is.

    • Paul

      Nice explanation of the method, maybe a little quick and as such I think tabs would have been helpful, not necessarily the licks but the scales/arpeggios.
      Good lesson as always, all the same ashame not more comments, cheers.

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