You’ve probably heard me talk about playing the blues alone, solo, or what most folks call acoustic blues…

And there’s a pretty straightforward way to “build a blues song,” using the tools I have in courses like How To Jam The Blues Alone On Your Guitar

But you can also mess with the basic rhythm groove using variations like you might find in 52 Rhythm Fills And Variations, among other courses (like Blues Guitar Unleashed or Acoustic Blues Guitar Unleashed.)

So in this video, I’ll do my best to give you some tools and show you how to put them all together.

The TAB is here if you want it, but it’s also on screen.

    4 replies to "Acoustic Blues Rhythm Groove Variation"

    • Larry O'Connor

      Wow. This is really a great lesson. I have been playing a LONG time. You have broken it down really, really well and made it so simple. And most of the best blues is actually pretty simple. Thanks much, Professor Hamlin.

    • Michael Chappell

      Hey Griff,

      Another great Acoustic Guitar lesson which I have seen one of your other lessons sometime back but as always very good. I keep one Acoustic Guitar up in the Lounge Room as well as another in my Guitar Den so I can just pick them up when ever I feel like just playing and jamming by myself. I know the 12 Bar Blues and I practice across the I IV & V using the 5 Boxes…I also use my Looper for the Acoustic and play over with an electric..

      Take Care and thanks always for sharing.

      Michael-Sydney-Aust May 20th 2023

    • Jerry Persall

      Wonderful lesson! Very much appreciated out here in Colorado. If you have to reduce the number of guitars you own, the last one to go will be the acoustic roundhole.

    • Richard Croce

      Great lesson Griff. Ive just started your rhythm for lead guitar course and this is the first time Im using what I learned there. Very helpful.

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