This turnaround is super easy, and can be adjusted to fit almost any situation…
Definitely a “must know” in your toolbox, because it’s pretty simple and easy to play (and find!)

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    • Anthony Small

      Hello Griff:
      Amazing Grace is being played in the Key of G. The first note on the guitar is B, down on the ledger line. Why?
      Thanks for any response.

    • Aussie Chris

      Griff that is a great concept for a turnaround, thanks.

    • Steve Dunlap

      Cool. Tab would be nice.

    • Paul Smith


    • Robert Denney

      BAM! Brilliant! Thanks Griff.

    • Willard Brown

      Love this! Great Lesson!

    • Laura Richardson

      Learning so many cool things from you. Thanks.

    • Sid Boyce

      Great Stuff as usual, much appreciated

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