This is a great traditional blues lick from Lonnie Johnson in the style of him playing, “See See Rider.”

What I love about this lick is how it shows the mashing together of the major and minor blues sounds to create an unmistakable sound that is so authentic for the blues.

I hope you dig the video!

The TAB is HERE if you need it.

    8 replies to "A More Traditional Lonnie Johnson Lick"

    • Jim Russell (UK)

      Absolutely Awesome
      Shows it doesn’t have to be technically difficult to sound good 🙂

    • Jim Pileggi

      That was a good little lick to work with and modify to your own song.
      Jim Pileggi

    • Jim Pileggi

      That was a good little luck to work with and modify to your own song.
      Jim Pileggi

    • cowboy

      always like the mix of major and minor…thanks…later.


    • BigAl

      Hey Griff. Good lesson. Last week (or thereabouts) you did a lesson on arpeggio shapes that I’ve been practicing on every day. I was wondering about how to put those exercises into some sort of use able context to apply them to our playing. Perhaps a lesson on that soon?

    • John McP

      Griff you are an awesome tutor, love the great facial expressions you use to highlight key issues, these blogs are brilliant little takeaways and fit so well into the Excellent “How to Jam Alone” (a.k.a. “Playing on the Porch” ) Course that I am at present hammering. Thanks they are much appreciated.

    • Todd Martin

      Griff, I’m a relatively new BGU member….working my way through BGU2 (and AGBU). Enjoying them both very much. I love how you teach licks like this one and explain how to use them. I’ve seen (and paid for!) way too many other courses with fancy 5 hour videos of “50 Blues Licks You Need to Know” but they provide no instruction on how and when to use any of them. I’d rather watch a 1 hour of video on 3 or 4 licks with a good explanation of how to use them like you provided here. I’m looking forward to getting through BGU2 and moving on to other courses like Soloing Without Scales and Gig in a Box… Thanks for your efforts!

    • Ray Stell

      “one big mess of notes” “bluesifying the third” Griff, what a great teacher you are! Many, many thanks for the exposition and leading this journey.

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