Most folks, when soloing, tend to focus primarily on the notes they use…

But I often argue that the rhythm is far more important, and almost no one thinks about it at all.

So in this video, I’ll take a basic, common blues lick and make it a whole lot cooler just by modifying the rhythm slightly.

And if this is you, check out Rhythm Figures For Blues Lead Guitar

    2 replies to "A Little Rhythm Goes A Long Way"

    • Clem

      Very insightful. Being a new musician, it’s hard to hear that at first. I had to listen a few times, then I heard the huge difference. Thanks Griff, still learning the basics, but really enjoy learning from your courses. When is your next CD coming out?

    • bill

      Great one Griff. Interesting how TOTALLY different the first and third versions of the lick sound. subtle changes can make huge differences. Thanks bill

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