This is a shining example of how to mix the major and minor blues scales/sounds using boxes 1 and 2 of the blues scale…

It pivots around the root up top (which I talk about a lot) and then ends on the major 3rd instead of the minor 3rd – creating a pair of perfectly major bookends around an otherwise minor blues idea.

I stole this fair and square from Matt Schofield, but truth be told it’s not an unusual idea and it’s the kind of thing a lot of guitar players might play.

In addition to the lick, itself, I hope you’ll watch the last half about how to learn and really assimilate the lick into your own playing…

Most people do this very wrong and don’t spend nearly enough time and energy on each new idea – leaving them, in the end, with little to nothing they can actually play well 🙁

There are 2 courses of mine that outline some of these concepts:
Major Minor Blues Shapes – for pivoting and working between all pairs of shapes (major and minor) across the entire fretboard

How To Improve Blues Solos – for breaking down licks and really assimilating them and using them in your own solos.

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    • Suzanne Shafer

      Hi Griff. I’m an All Access member, but when I looked for the “Major Minor Blues Shapes” in the My Courses list, I didn’t see it there. Is it perhaps called something different there?

      • Ricardo

        It’s listed as “Major Minor Blues Scales”.

    • lawrence girouard

      griff; you are great, love your lessons, lawrence

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