I know it’s not blues, but sometimes it’s just fun to try a little something different…

This is a simple fingerstyle pattern that is a good way to start to get your picking hand working this way.

Hope you dig the video!

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    • Doug

      Hi Griff, really like your tutoring, I been retired for a lot of years now so don’t have a lot of funds for individual lessons. I still sound terrible with the fat finger sounds, really don’t know my cords, use my smart phone for tuning. but I wonder if you would say what the guitar is tuned to in open strings before your samples.. I don’t ever expect to be any good at this but still like to try.. Many Thanks from Northern Ontario, Canada. Not a lot to do here in the winter but shovel snow, lol

    • blind Lame Bob

      Mr. Griff
      Since you go acoustic and you are a skilled guitarist, I have a request.
      There is an incredible classical piece that has made appearances in the rock world over the years. And there is need for a well thought out lesson for this melody.
      Would you consider doing a stand alone lesson for Bach’s Bourrée in E minor, BWV 996.

      Chances are some others would appreciate this also.

    • Chris J CLEMANS

      Thanks Griff That really helped alot with some sticky spots great lesson.

    • tony

      Morning eastern board . checked this lesson out and then to watch Merel Travis do a solo of midnight special . He is only using his thumb and first fingers only . He is a guitar great and can play great .

    • Donovan Hulbert

      Dust in the wind stuff.

    • Art

      Thanks Griff…I’ve always used the “Travis” picking style, which seems to work with a lot of tunes, and so it is nice to see an alternative pattern that works well.

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