When you’re comping or playing blues rhythm, it’s easy to get comfortable with one chord shape…

But you can add a lot to your rhythm playing by simply moving between shapes that you might already know.

Your ear is always your guide, but there are some simple shapes that you should consider.

If you want to download the PDF of some great blues chord shapes, it’s right here 🙂

    10 replies to "7th Chord Mixing And Matching"

    • Richard Pyant

      Can wait 2 get my 🎸 guitar 2 learn from ur cds

    • John Burford

      can you use that system to play gospel music . they always play in eb.

      • Griff

        Yes, the key doesn’t matter.

    • Chris CLEMANS

      Griff this lesson was great but you never have a bad one ! This will help in azad BGU 2.0 lesson iam working on thanks!

    • John Harden

      Yes that is a very common rhythm. And you do use it all the time! It’s become very boring! How about using new rhythms in your lessons?

      • Griff

        I just use it because it makes a good example, but just move any element of it by a half a beat and it’s a new rhythm figure. If you can play it comfortably, it’s not hard to change it.

        And, to be honest, you really will play this a ton if you play out and jam.

    • tony

      Well I think its great to see this . using it is another story. Thanks for the lesson. Question does James Taylor use this in some of his music ? I know he uses some complicated cords . Brown eyed girl for example the intro I can play the tune . Or maybe Clapton`s tune Let it rain . The intro`s are different but love them both. That`s what I call comping .

    • Jack Flash Flash

      Interesting. I am practicing strumming and my 3rd finger injury makes some chords not so easy but these are moveable and this I WILL BE PUTTING ON THE WALL…I need your strumming and mastery course but the good old blues unleashed 2.0 is great for so many things….

    • Robert

      This is the first time iv seen a shirt and i want one. Hook me up man where can i get it ? Your friend bstrings

      • Griff

        That shirt was from a “Blues Guitar Unleashed Live” event. There are no more, sorry.

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