Building upon the theme of Major Blues Licks in all of the boxes…

Today we have a Box 5 Major Blues Lick.

This is the last lick this week, but be on the lookout tomorrow for a solo using these 5 licks to celebrate the release of my new 50 MAJOR Slow Blues Licks By The Box course which is available now and on special this week.

You can get more info on that right here:

Want a cool slow blues in A jam track with it? That’s HERE

And the one chord (A7) jam track is HERE

The PDF of the lick is HERE

    3 replies to "[50MAJ-SBLBTB] Major Slow Blues Lick 5/5"

    • Aussie Chris

      Thanks Griff.
      I didn’t think I would make it this far, but I persevered, rewinding your video many times and memorising each lie as you instructed us to do.
      I am still very slow but getting there..What I really liked was playing the same pattern of each lick in a higher position that is getting me used to playing the squeaky frets, thank you.

    • Jack

      Griff you talk to much, you go on and on showing us 50 different cords. Just make it simple and show us the riff without all the different variations of this and that and this and that.

    • Craig

      Great lessons you are producing. I think the instruction is great, but I just wish I could pick it up quicker

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