Over the last few years I’ve found a few things that most every blues player can do to up their game just a bit.

None of these require using something new, just approaching what you know a little differently.

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    • John Mackabee

      Griff i listen to all your tips each day.
      Would by your bgu unleashed.the only reason I haven’t done so is because . I’m retired from my business .I used computer
      To run my business. But also retired my computer. And don’t want to get it back out.
      I have plenty to keep me busy on just my phone. I was thinking maybe you can somehow put your program to work on Android also .and possibly could transfer it to computer if lwanted at a later date.
      I’m sure there are lots of potential customers in my same situation. Love to watch your lessons. Think your a great teacher. Let me know what you think.

    • DaveyJoe

      Good advice!

    • Chris Ames

      I’ve bought a couple books on soloing. I could imitate it,but I didn’t really know what I was doing.When I bought some of the bgu lessons it was like a light bulb that went off in my head! You explain it so simple.Thanks again!!!🎸🎼

    • Mark Link

      Enjoyed the video especially tip 5. Thank you

    • Casey Brose

      Thankyou Griff for the good tips

    • Joe Lamere

      Great!!! BIG BEND I now have 4 licks

    • Sergey Victor Parakhin

      Good tips. Very usefull. Thanks!

    • Michael Rener

      Love these quick lessons. After a 40 year layoff, and just getting back into playing, these tips are excellent. Glad I found your You Tube channel that lead me here.

    • JC

      These are not just tips or suggestions these are keys to making any song sound much much better coupled w inspired improvise

    • Mark S.

      Fantastic tips,well done, especially for everyone who uses a pick,
      I used to exclusively; not so much anymore,falling in love with the finger style of picking or plucking. all these tips are still wonderfully fun and important,even then. use Jeff Beck, Jimmy Hendrix or Gary Moore as examples.
      Rawk on

    • EddieLee

      “Wurds iz good!” – JHS

    • Mike

      Big Bend Blues Unleashed . It’s a Texish thang.

    • Anthony O Mahony

      HiGriff, just wondering what gauge strings are you using.
      Looks as though they are easy to bends

    • John Gibbs

      That was great…I got a new laptop with a CD player so now I can watch all the CD’S from all those courses that I got from you. Yer a great teacher and I have learned so much from you…Happy New Year Griff

    • Robert

      Wow! So one never masters the guitar ?
      So where does one start??

      • Eddie Lee

        The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know!

      • Slickster

        Meaning guitar learning is infinity

    • Dave G

      Great lesson!!! Makes me want to leave work early and get home to try it out.

    • tony

      A good lesson. I like it and gave Me some ideas to improve style and add a bit of grace. Eric Clapton practice his bends more than every thing else. Keep up the good work You do Griff . thanks

    • Peter

      Many thanks Griff. Succinct and very helpful! New Year greetings from south coast, UK.

    • Jackie

      Fabulous, simple and profound. Thank you Griff

    • Lynne

      As always…..this was great!!

    • Denny Gasper

      Griff priceless nuggets that you give away free are just part of what makes you the best teacher on the webs. Happy New Year!

    • George Ottley

      Hi I’ve been watching your videos for some time and it has enhanced my music. And yet again another great simple lesson

    • Tom Hopsicker

      Great video! Thanks

    • Bob S.

      G’morning Griff, Great lesson as always. Can you check the sound file associated with this video? It’s really soft both on your website & on YouTube. I had to boost the volume all the way up to hear what you’re saying & playing. It may be my computer, but everything else on both sites & on my other audio & video files is much louder (ie, “normal”).

      • Bob S.

        So sorry. My bad. Listening to it at 5am via headphones so as not to disturb the family. For some reason the plug connection was faulty & the audio signal was really soft. My apologies if you spent time checking it.

    • Mark d.

      Thanks again griff!. Another great lesson! I look forward to your blogs every morning
      (Almost). I’ve improved so much since I started bgu 2.0 …..👍👍😎✌

    • Jim

      Great tips Griff!

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