Over the last few years I’ve found a few things that most every blues player can do to up their game just a bit.

None of these require using something new, just approaching what you know a little differently.

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    • Anthony O Mahony

      HiGriff, just wondering what gauge strings are you using.
      Looks as though they are easy to bends

    • John Gibbs

      That was great…I got a new laptop with a CD player so now I can watch all the CD’S from all those courses that I got from you. Yer a great teacher and I have learned so much from you…Happy New Year Griff

    • Robert

      Wow! So one never masters the guitar ?
      So where does one start??

      • Eddie Lee

        The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know!

      • Slickster

        Meaning guitar learning is infinity

    • Dave G

      Great lesson!!! Makes me want to leave work early and get home to try it out.

    • tony

      A good lesson. I like it and gave Me some ideas to improve style and add a bit of grace. Eric Clapton practice his bends more than every thing else. Keep up the good work You do Griff . thanks

    • Peter

      Many thanks Griff. Succinct and very helpful! New Year greetings from south coast, UK.

    • Jackie

      Fabulous, simple and profound. Thank you Griff

    • Lynne

      As always…..this was great!!

    • Denny Gasper

      Griff priceless nuggets that you give away free are just part of what makes you the best teacher on the webs. Happy New Year!

    • George Ottley

      Hi I’ve been watching your videos for some time and it has enhanced my music. And yet again another great simple lesson

    • Tom Hopsicker

      Great video! Thanks

    • Bob S.

      G’morning Griff, Great lesson as always. Can you check the sound file associated with this video? It’s really soft both on your website & on YouTube. I had to boost the volume all the way up to hear what you’re saying & playing. It may be my computer, but everything else on both sites & on my other audio & video files is much louder (ie, “normal”).

      • Bob S.

        So sorry. My bad. Listening to it at 5am via headphones so as not to disturb the family. For some reason the plug connection was faulty & the audio signal was really soft. My apologies if you spent time checking it.

    • Mark d.

      Thanks again griff!. Another great lesson! I look forward to your blogs every morning
      (Almost). I’ve improved so much since I started bgu 2.0 …..👍👍😎✌

    • Jim

      Great tips Griff!

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