BB King was the MASTER at getting a ton of great sounds out of 1 small area of the fretboard…

And, personally, I think you’d be better for learning how to do the same thing.

There seems to be this romantic type of notion that in order to play cool solos you have to move up and down the fretboard…

But in reality, that’s just more chances to make mistakes and miss – it doesn’t make the music any better 🙂

So dig in to this lesson I made to celebrate BB King (one of my personal favorites.)

Here’s where you can learn more about How To Solo Like BB King.

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    • Jordan

      LOVE this lesson! Thanks Griff. I finally fully understand the BB King box, and now the great King divide. I imagine BB living next door to Freddie with a fence between their houses. This is the first I’ve heard of the pentatonic 6, sounds great.

    • BISHOP


    • Diane

      Ok we know where to play this great luck BUT WHAT PEDALS ARE YOU USING THAT IS KEY TOO

      • Griff

        I always use the same thing, my Boss Blues Driver pedal (Gain about noon, level a little lower, tone a little below noon) into my old Eleven Rack modeler setup to model a fender Super Reverb. It’s super basic, easily achieved with most any setup.

    • Frederick Brown

      Great lesson! would be nice if you put the opening part into a tab for us, I liked it very much!

    • Jerry Persall

      Wholly satisfying with a nearly infinite number of soloing possibilities! Well explained; motivates me to make a graphic showing the scale tones in the various positions. Succinct: now I begin to see the relationship between the BB Box, Albert King or Box 2 minor pentatonic, as well the overlays of Boxes 3 and 4. It’s like it all just got decoded. I’ll never see this moveable region the old way again. Many, many thx!

    • Roger

      love BB King… I saw him live twice in Australia about 5,000 people in the audience He had an introductory band then a break and when he came on 5,000 people lit up a spliff you could hardly see through the smoke

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