The idea in this lick is actually used quite often in blues, country, rockabilly, and rock music…

I think I stole it from Brian Setzer, but I’ve heard dozens of places since, in a lot of different styles of music.

So in this video, I’ll show you the pattern of notes and how to do the pull-offs, and we’ll talk a bit about where the notes come from in case you want to modify the idea to suit your needs.

Dig in and shred it!

And if you want to download the TAB sort of like what I played at the intro it’s HERE (PDF)

    4 replies to "3 Note Per String Blues Pull Offs"

    • Jimmy D

      Nice pull off practice lick while perfecting a kick butt player’s signature style!

      Hey GRIFF! I heard you and Single Barrel Blues Band on B.B.King’s Bluesville Sirius Radio show!….BIG TIME!!

    • Rich Cibelli

      Thanks for sharing Griff, will have to add this to my bag of tricks,,,

    • Bob S

      A synchophantic yessss! Thanks Griff!

    • Dale_C

      Awesome lick! Setzer is one of my favorite artists and his style is really hard to emulate.

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