Many, if not most, new blues players learn good old “Box 1” of the minor pentatonic scale, but that’s just a small part of the puzzle…

In fact, you really need 3 parts – the scale, some licks, and some complete solos.

I’m assuming you’ve got the scale pattern, so here are 3 easy licks to play that will sound good, and will establish good habits in your licks.

You can download the TAB for these licks HERE if you want it 🙂

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    • tony

      I discovered the chick with a pick this week. A very talented guitarist and bassist. According to Her cord tones are very important for creating licks solos whatever . You touched on this a bit . Keep going on that I think its good. Session musician Carol Kaye what a history she has.

    • Lawrence

      Have a great new year Grief, full of good health and happiness.
      Thanks a million for the awesome tutorials.
      May you be inspired ever more.

    • Chris G

      Happy New Year to Griff and all in BGU-land, from smoky Australia.
      Griff, I didn’t look at the video of this lesson at first – I just opened the PDF of the TAB and read it. Thanks to (several years of) your lessons and good advice about counting and reading, I was able to sing these licks in my head from the TAB/Manuscript – then I picked up my guitar and played them, counting out loud, first time. THEN I played the video of the lesson, to confirm that I got them right. And I DID get them right, except I still haven’t got my bends perfect.
      I guess that’s proof of the value of your lessons – to at least one old Aussie anyway.
      Cheers from Oz,
      Chris G

    • Gene

      Very helpful lesson Griff! Happy New Year!!

    • Skip Anderton

      Happy New Year to all of you Blues players out there. And especially to you and yours Griff for keep the blues spirit alive.

    • DaveyJoe

      Thanks Griff! Happy 2020 New year!

    • Michael

      Hi griff
      Just watched your video with three would be great if you could play them (more than once)with your 12 barblues loop so we know how they sound all together. Maybe like a three minute song. For me that gets my ear working not just copying you. Thanks i enjoy your stuff

    • Chris CLEMANS

      HAPPY NEW YEAR to you GRIFF and your family! This was a real good lesson as always. Thank you

    • Keith Kuepfer

      Happy new year, Griff! BTW, love the new video with the band! Great stuff! All the best in 2020!

    • Interstate slim

      Thanks Griff and happy new year from the Texas highways.

    • Alan

      Happy New Year from New Jersey Griff, and as always a good lesson. Keep em’ comin’

    • Rob Shaffer

      Happy 2020 Griff to you and your family thanks for being a great teacher.

    • John

      Happy 2020….If someone came up to me and wanted to know a good guitar teacher, I would without a doubt, recommend YOU. Griff, your the best!

    • Hartmut Wolf

      Happy New Year and my best wishes for 2020 zo you and your family, Griff, coming from Hofheim am Taunus / Germany. And thanks for the awesome vidoe of yesterday.

    • telypaul

      Happy New Year Griff and all, Loved your Video one of your best I think,
      Three useful licks once again well presented keep them coming
      all the best PJ

    • Mike

      Happy new year to you Griff, your family and your great band. Best wishes for the coming year from Southam England. Looking forward to ,more great lessons.

      • David Langston


        Thanks Griff. Happy new year to you and yours from Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK!

    • Fraser Wilson

      Happy New Year to all. From Greely, Ontario, Canada.

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