Many times licks are far too complex…

It’s easy to miss the small moves that get repeated in dozens, or maybe hundreds of licks over your lifetime as a guitarist.

So today you’ll see the process of taking 3 small moves that appear in hundreds of licks, and how we will:

1 – Get them up to a good speed so you can play them comfortably at a shuffle tempo (think Sweet Home Chicago or Pride & Joy)

2 – Put them together so that you can use them as one long lick, one moderate lick, or some small punctuation in your solos.

More info on Blues Speed Building Blocks can be found at –

    3 replies to "3 Cool Moves Turned Into A Lick"

    • Thomas Guitarman

      excellent lesson very usable and in everything

    • Michael Chun

      Great lesson…love the breakdown of the “tiny moves”
      ( I transpose these for my uke 😉)
      Can always count on you to emphasize the timing ( pun intended )

    • Jerry Persall

      Among the very many useful, insightful lessons. Very much appreciated the breakdown.

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