There’s just no cool, fancy word I can come up with for today’s “move” and accompanying lick…

So I guess I’ll just have to show you how it goes 🙂

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      Lost thanks any way

    • Christopher

      Well I’m only 3 days late with a suggestion here, but I’d call it the “boxcar”, as the boxes are linked like a train, and “boxcar” fits nicely into the whole blues theme….

    • Doug hannah

      How about calling that move the (back slider)? Thanks Griff, love the new axe.

    • Davy

      Nice ‘Blues Drop’ Griff.

    • Tom Mohn


    • Gary cooke

      I’d called it the blues slip .you know when your walking and foot slip you know.

    • Chris J CLEMANS

      The new strat sounds sweet, and another great lesson

    • Preston

      I call those “trail offs” because they seem to imply a downward direction but do not necessarily include a strong resolution with their last note.

    • tony

      I do not have a cool name for that move . Maybe fret slide walker . I like the new guitar complete with wear marks . I wonder if any personal history goes with it. The former owner stuff the who and when . The value must be staggering that type is sought after the most . Two guys I know were over last night for some guitar playing. Both had to play my Kramer focus 2000 a 80`s year . They love it a lot so do I. A Floyd rose and Seymour Duncans on it Hot rodded humbuckers . My Marshall amp may be the other reason it sounds amazing . Secret hot sauce could be in there for a name . ? Later on Griff

    • Paul

      Why not calm it the succatash slide?

    • Richard

      Slippery Slide

    • HotLks

      Here you go:

      2 to 1 Slide
      Box 1 Slide
      Subtle Slide
      Grace Note Slide
      Super Slide
      Funky Slide
      Killer Slide
      Master Slide
      Whatta Slide
      Sugar Slide
      Sweet Slide
      Articulated Slide

    • Lee Carollo

      How about calling it “Ray-Wayne Pull-Off”. I appreciate your effort to teach timing nuances which I attribute to getting into the whole blues feeling. I found my years of listening to BB taught me that expression that somehow comes to you as you said on your brain via feeling. BB as he says, plays as if he is singing which takes great feeling as you link words to this action. Clear? Lol

    • Peter W

      Sweet! Your Suhr is already feeling jealous.

    • Bruce

      Slick move and slick new Strat. Very cool. Thanks. 🧢🕶💙

    • Mike Costley

      Thanks for laying out “why” and “when” before the how! It opens doors.

    • Interstate slim

      Hey griff, thanks for the lick. Appreciate the lessons. Did you put your new strat next to the bed so you could wake up looking at it😎. Enjoy your day.

    • Jackson

      So simple, yet so sweet. And the rhythmic subtlety you so clearly articulate IS the blues secret sauce. Thanks, Griff!

    • gado

      Must be the new Strat. Nice.

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