A lot of my students that I see get hung up on only playing the blues in the “standard” keys of A, or E…

And in most cases it’s pretty simple to change those to any key on the guitar.

So in this video, I’ll show you how to find the 3 chords in any 12 bar blues in any key, and how to navigate around those chords on the guitar fretboard.

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    • Ron

      Thanks Griff,I like your lessons!

    • Debra M Klan

      You were apparently meant to become a guitar player…your name is a G-riff…lol

    • Paul Jones

      Another great lesson! Griff what is the Best tuning keys to put on a Les Paul Standard please?

    • Jim P.

      Great lesson. However, can you or someone explain a little more clearly why blues guitar players are not “technically” playing in the same “key” as classical guitar players. You lost me on that. Thanks.

    • tony

      whats up buzz ? I know its hard to find a good guitar set up person . That`s why I learned to do it. Mr Joe Walsh has a video as to what to look for . It`s not a complete how to but if your mechanically inclined and search the net you can find the information needed. Anyhow it`s a personal thing as to how You want the guitar to perform. I bought a Kramer and the bridge was set up convex which made the 2 middle strings closer to the frets .I had a Floyd rose on it real old and found a guitar shop card in it from Maine but who knows how it got that way. I switched the bridge to a more modern one the intonation was dead on. No adjusting needed . I put the old Floyd rose on a more modern Kramer . You can seriously change a guitar`s neck by leaning it against a wall . Acoustic`s get all messed up in minutes . So be good to Your axes and this is a good lesson .

    • Roger

      As always, you take a simple concept and break it down even more for easy understanding. I think your secret is “context.” Your contextual approach is evident in all your courses and is easily recognized by the many “ah ha” comments you receive! Keep up the great work you do!

    • Randell Meyers

      great love it

    • Randell Meyers

      Love the way you teach…..thanks

    • Michael Chappell

      Hey Griff,
      This is always a great refresher, basically your have to know the notes and chords using a Bar Chord but the way you teach this method is great. You are right we all like to play Jam tracks in the easy keys A,E or G..

      Michael -Sydney -Australia Sept 20, 2019.

    • dave

      how can you play this, i have no pinky?

      • Griff

        I run into that more often that you might think…

        There are 2 options: 1 – don’t make the pinky move, or if you can make the reach with your 2nd and 3rd finger, do that.

        2 – Move the bottom note up an octave, which puts it on the same fret as the note that moves.

      • Cliff

        No pinky … no problem. Learned this in lessons with a great blues player. Works best in G … but you can do the 12 Bars like in the lesson for sure

        2nd finger on G … 3rd fret 6th string. Mute the A string. Play the D. Mute the top 3 the best you can. Where “the pinky comes down in the lesson …. use you 1st finger on the D string… 2nd fret. Follow the same as in the lesson for the 4 and 5 chords …. down a string for the 4 chord and over 2 frets for the 5. You can even add a bit more flavour with your 3rd finger one fret in front of your 1st on the 1 4 or 5. Griff check that out!

        Griff …. let me know if you want a vid to get your head around this …. but something tells me you’ll figure it out. ,) Love your lessons!

    • Guy

      Really liked the lesson also great looking guitar, what is the maker?

      • Randell Meyers


      • Griff

        PRS. This one was actually a gift from a great friend.

    • Mike

      If doing it wrong is right, I must be great and I think we all agree. 😉

    • Afton

      Really enjoy your lessons and your easy way teach

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