I can see it now, “The 1 Note Solo?”

No, that’s not what this is supposed to be…

I do, often, say that rhythm is more important than notes. You can butcher most of the notes to a song and get the rhythms right, and people will recognize what you are going for…

On the other hand, if you play every note right, but in the wrong rhythms, it’s likely most people will have no idea what you were going for 🙁

But this is really about finding interesting new rhythms that aren’t necessarily double, or half, of what you’re currently playing.

Using some syncopation and some different rhythmic constructs, you can come up with stuff that sounds really cool, even with just one note (but more notes is better.)

    6 replies to "1 Note – 6 Rhythms"

    • peter a hancock


      where is your video on quarter note triplets i would like see it.

    • Chris CLEMANS

      It will sure help your pick and strumming technique great lesson

    • tony

      o boy yeah its used i get that . how about using a note for each cord change? thats what could be interesting. dig it.

    • gado

      Clapton does great one note solos.

    • Bill

      Sounds a bit like some Neil Young stuff. I always refer to him as King of the One Note Solo.

      • Louis Ogden

        I agree about Neil. His one note solo while rocking back and forth with lots of grimacing makes it so cool.

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