This is a really great way to just have some fun playing alone or maybe with one other person. I sort of always assumed that most people want to get in to a band or a group at some point, but I’ve realised after many conversations that a lot of you guys just want to be able to play and have some fun with it.

There’s a great side benefit to this also. You really have to take ownership of the beat and the chord changes because you’re doing it all. So grab your guitar and have at it.



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    • I’m really loving the theme/design of your website. Do you ever run into any browser compatibility issues? A small number of my blog readers have complained about my website not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Opera. Do you have any advice to help fix this issue?

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    • […] common example of the back and forth is what I call “Playing On The Porch” style playing. You’re playing a chord as the call, and a lick as the response. The […]

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      Hi ,Some thing else to work on and a change of pace.This is helping me become cosistant with practice and playing with others.

      • Dinkydau

        You are a breath of fresh air for someone who hasn’t “breathed” guitar for 45 years!
        I’m 65, now retired and semi-invalid. I needed something to occupy my time in a productive way. I went out and purchased a small amp and a Stratocastor and began to noodle around, as you call it. I quickly became frustrated because arthritis in my left hand makes fretting difficult and I couldn’t hit the cords and notes properly. I was about to return the equipment until I chanced on your free blues lessons and decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did! On the very first lesson I found myself playing along with you! You have the GIFT of teaching! Now, don’t misunderstand me, I still cannot shape my hand to fret and play notes as you do but have been able, through practice, to adapt and play the licks and chords that flow and sound decent. I’ll never be a virtuoso, as you are, but I’m having the time of my life getting into the blues world of music.
        Thank you from an old sixties rocker who sold his Stratocastor to get money for a down payment on a house. Too bad, that Stratocastor is now worth more than that old house ever was. Sorry, I’m an old man and I tend to go on a bit.
        Thanks Griff.

        • Riverblues

          Dinka dau,
          Man, you sound just like me, except you are younger; I’m 72. I just started 4 years ago in a haphazard sort of way. But when I ran across Riffs stuff I bought, just received it and am now excited about his organized approach. I can see this is exactly what I needed. Riff is able to teach theory in a practical way plus emphasizing your individuality which is what da blues is all about. Thx Riff for being so damn good at what you are doing. Keep it up, Riverblues

    • Aussie Chris

      Hi Griff. I really like the way you present your written material in both Tab and Manuscript (traditional “music” writing). As someone who learned to read music before he learned to read words, that’s such a bonus. I’m loving the lessons too !! Goodonya mate.

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      Thanks for the lesson Griff skipped my lesson on BGU today couldn’t stop playing around with this lesson

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      Hi Griff.

      I’m playing the right notes…but not necessarily in the right order! NEXT PATIENT!!!! I seem to have too many different tunes from different music. I’ll keep trying and have just one tune.

    • jerry t. searcy

      Griff, I am having two primary challenges to learning to play: 1. Tab, 2. Timimg.
      1. TAB: I have attempted to locate a source of explanations for tab symbols. What I came away with from the last attempt at Guitar Center in Phoenix was that these symbols are more or less made up on the fly. That is NO HELP! Is there a source (book, pamphlet or whatever) that explains these symbols?
      2. TIMING: Are there exercises designed specifically to improve one’s ability to count time?

      In the tab for Lesson 30-“Playing On The Porch”-Part II I see a squiggly symbol to the right of the time (4/4), a bar connecting many of the notes with a 3 above them, a curve below and connecting some notes, a bend symbol (this I understand). I could give many more examples but you get the idea. I really need help here. Also, I really appreciate the video lessons you provide but am going to have to take a rest with them because between these lessons and the Beginning Blues Guitar Unleashed program I am experiencing information overload. Please help!!

      • Daniel

        Hey Jerry,

        I don’t see dates on these comments, so I don’t know who old or new they are. Assuming you haven’t moved on and found your own answers, I’ll try to help out with some of the symbols you’re seeing. Please remember, you asked; and embrace the overload. 🙂

        The symbols you asked about are all part of standard notation, they are only shown on the tab to give you a better understanding of the duration of the notes. “Unadorned” tab has no way to indicate time. 🙂

        The squiggle is a quarter rest, it indicates you don’t play any notes for one full beat. There are other symbols for rests of different durations.

        The bar connecting several notes called a beam, it is a way to join the flags on a group of notes that receive one count. The flag (or absence of it) tells you part of the story about the duration of the note. Look at the left side, directly above the standard notation stave and you’ll see what two eighth notes with a beam, a quarter note (no flag) and an eighth note (one) flag all look like.

        The 3 above a group of notes indicates that those notes are played as a triplet. The most common triplet in these exercises is three eighth notes played in one count (the same amount of time you would normally play once quarter note or two eighth notes). There are a couple examples with four notes played as a triplet; that sounds strange, but in those cases first two notes have a double flag, so they are sixteenth notes. And two sixteenths are the same as one eighth.

        The curved line connecting two notes indicates the notes are played without a break between them. When two notes of the same pitch are connected, it’s called a tie. The tie at the end of the turnaround is an example of that.

        When notes of two different pitches are connected, it’s called a slur; but there still is no break between the notes. These slurs are probably a slide, a hammer on or a pull off. Could also be a bend (or release) into the second note, but I don’t think he’s doing that here.

        It is great that you want to understand these symbols, but to really do that you need to learn more about standard notion, because that’s where these symbols come from. There are online resources that explain standard notation and those might be good enough the get answers to your immediate questions… Best of luck!

    • Jean

      Griff. Thanks for this. A bit of a sunshine in the morning picking up a free lesson from . You have a great energy and it’s just wonderful that you take the time to share your talent with the world’s guitarist community to improve the playing capability of all. Many thanks

      Jean / Canada

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      I’ve said it before – I’ll say it again. Griff you are one heck of a teacher
      This is brilliant stuff as I don’t play in a band & just tend to ‘noodle’ around. This gives me a framework to practice the stuff I’ve learnt from your course BGU (which incidentally is a ‘must’ for all you aspiring blues players). Thank you Griff. Thanks a lot.

    • Jim

      Griff, You’re a hammer. I’m a rusty nail. You keep pounding and gradually with little taps to straighten me up, finally set the nail head.
      I’ve been resisting this whole “counting thing” because it takes a load of work, to read the notes or tabs, relay the symbols into strings and sounds and then count all at the same time.
      But by golly it finally sunk in on this revisited lesson.

      Perhaps you should have just started with a bigger hammer? (Just kidding)

      Thanks Amigo!
      Happy holidays!

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      I would like to wish you and all your family a merry christmass&new year.
      You have helped me alot,& hopeing to see more of you in the new year.
      Best regards from desa

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      I am going to make some copies to pass out to my guitar club buddies. Every who wants to can take a small solo…You are one of the greatest teachers out there my friend! All the best of the holiday season to all your subscribers…..and the best to you and your family!

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      Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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      Thanks Griff! This is just what I needed! Kevin Ireland


      Hi Griff–I don’t know if I’m logged in or logged out–whenever I see a lesson in my Gmail
      or any remarks or suggestions I read them or play them/ I am happy to have something new to practice/ I sent for the Beginning Blues Guitar–Manual some years ago and refer to it a LOT! since I am the only guitar person in my household I want to thank you for entering the material and prompting much needed practice around here!…..Jean


        Simple but effective also keeps you interested at the same time,like it cheers

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      my right index finger is missing due to a mining accident back in 60s
      so it restricts me slightly.


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      Very cool, you just answered one of my burning “what is he doing there” questions.


      I hate to be a dunce, but I hope your DVD’s are dumbed down even further and slower for people like me. I am old, slow, and uncoordinated. It looks good, and impossible for me. I have no skill.


      Great stuff I’m trying just waiting for DVDs


      Thanks Griff, as a beginner I really enjoy the lessons and you make it so much easier to play and understand. I too am old and slow but playing along gives me some of my youth back.


      Thanks, Griff! I’m “old and slow” but you always inspire me to keep trying. You guys make my day! Bring it on.

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      I really like these short riffs. As I don’t have a lot of time and a short attention span.
      Thanks and please keep them coming.


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      Thanks Griff

      P.S. Just purchased your Blues Guitar Unleashed course and having a blast with it.


      I’ve played for a long time but it’s amazing how many simple things one misses and how many different ways there are of playing the same riff. Thanks, Griff. You make it so simple.

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      Thanks Griff just a beginner tryn real hard Kenny J


      Hi Griff, I am complete novice. I have recently started learning since I have been looking at your well presented bite size lessons I got my Epi Sheraton out of the closet where it had been for ten years, tuned it and fell in love with it all over again. Thanks for that. I also own an Artisan elec/acoustic which an old guy gave me for helping him out. I find myself playing this one the most. Does anyone know anything about Artisan? I’ve never heard of them but its a lovely guitar

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      This stuff is really great for a beginner at blues. I’ve played guitar for thirty years and can’t read a note of music but these lessons are proving to be a lot of fun. They provide a simple, structured approach to learning and I like it very much.

      Don James


      I just love the way you teach.

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    • David Bryant

      Great little piece for us beginners. Mostly, for me, when something is so easy, I tend to over complicate it. The rests at the beginning, and the triplets, kinda messed with my head. I had to watch the video clip several times before I had my Ah Ha moment. There’s always more than one way to count beats in a bar. The triplets had me stumped for awhile. Once I figured it out I was playing it repeatedly. It sounds great on an acoustic. A little video dedicated on how to construct chords would be great. Right now I have to resort to my cheat sheet. Keep sending out these simple little gems. It makes us beginners feel better when we can play something after a short lesson.

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      Often wondered how to get the timing right with practice I’m beginning to nail it
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      This latest video really shows what can be done with only a little practice.
      Thank you.

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      And maybe play it all through without the talking!

      I’ll be coming back for more, though!

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      PS, will be getting the DVD course as soon as I see the wife smiling!!! Tip, don’t start holding your breath just YET, you ain’t seen my wife!!! Bless Er.

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      had formal lessons but couldn’t get get to grips yet within I hour I can see the way forward. Have just picked up my guitar again after far too long and am really enjoying being able to make progress.

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      Saw Santana last night. I continually fantasize about playing “Europa” one night in public, sitting on a stool with the lights on me. What a kick that would be……Paul

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      I thank you for that.
      please keep ’em coming.

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      Your video teaching techniques is second to none!!

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      Most sincere thanks!!!!


      Griff I don’t know where to start. You see you are on my bucket list. I’ve always had a guitar but I never learned to play it. I was in a motorcycle accident when I was 14 years old and I broke my back and became a paraplegic. I was what a very athletic person and loved sports until I couldn’t do them anymore. I am now 61yrs old and I have diabetes and glaucoma and kidney disease. I am on dialysis. I really can’t do too much but I made myself a promise that I would learn to play guitar before I passed and when I came across your site. I was drawn to it. I don’t know why but I started looking into it and I was hooked. Finally, I didn’t have to learn to read music. I just wanted to play and sing to myself and family. I looked at one of your videos the 4 note one. I loved it. I said I’m going to do it and here I am now awaiting the videos to come in the mail. I went and bought myself a new set of Martin extra lights…My old strings were about 40 yrs old and rusted. I had my guitar tuned up and it sounded terrible. Probably because of the warps and cracks in it. My family said it I learned to play it within a year they would buy me new one. I told them we had a bet and now I am concetrating on your 4 note exercise. Wish me luck cause I am going to be around for one more year I hope! Praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Here goes nothing.. I will try to keep you informed on my progress. Thanks Bobby G…

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      Mark Schneider

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      I also wish to compliment you on the ease of “Playing on the porch” part 1 after printing of the tab notes, I can say that I have the picking down pat within 1 hour of practising it. Now I only have to get the beat correct and it will all come together.

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    • […] expelled it’s renouned “Playing On The Porch” acoustic blues guitar doctrine during This simple, easy to learn blues doctrine is openly accessible and dictated to be really easy to […]

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    • Guitar Mark From GR MI

      timing is soooo critical…actually, inside your timing I refer to some of the “musical silence” where really nothing is being played. It kind of makes the people that are listening and watching go into a quick “i wonder what he is going to do” mode, instead of bombarding your audience with note after note after note, which can get not only your audience into a non-imaginative mode, but the player too. musical silence is very important to one’s imagination…the listener and the performer….

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      You need an “on top” view to CLEARLY see what your fret fingers are doing.

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      Griff, my name is Keith. I want to say that I am like many of your fan base, began playing when I was a teen but put it away once I was married and the kids came into my life. Im now 50 and I must say, I have learned more from your free lessons than I ever learned when I payed for lessons 35 years ago. I love opening my email each day and finding a new lesson. I am devoted to learning and Im happy to say your lessons have me playing with more knowledge and confidence than ever before. I am definitly going to purchase your BGU as soon as the work situation stabilizes. I can’t thank you enough. You will hear from again one day soon, thanks Griff.

    • Doug

      What Wayne said!

    • Jerry


      Great lesson. I bought BGU (and BBG and SWS) and all I can say is thank you so much. I’m getting better little by little but learning how to play an instrument isn’t the easiest thing for most of us. It takes time and practice (but it is fun and rewarding). For those out there reading these comments Griff’s courses are certainly worth it. By the way, I don’t think you talk too much. I mean once a student gets the lesson down you can practice with the CD that comes with your courses. It’s got to be tough to teach since you are trying to appeal to a wide sprectrum of people at different levels and you probably aren’t sure what you should emphasis and what you shouldn’t. Overall you do an excellent job. Thanks again!

    • ray brewer

      hi Griff how are you mate ,, I have been looking around on the web for blues guitar lessons, used to play years ago off on off on…you have been bombarding me with info licks movies etc etc normally this would really give me the tom tits.but you make a lot of sense easy to understand and no crap approach. I am impressed with you system and I am thinking about buying the program but I am waiting for the.. but wait there is a special one time offer if you buy now.. you can save 3o% is coming?lol keep up the good work mate cheers ray

    • Hulett Glover

      how important is it to have an metronome?.I really like the way you teach,and explain everything.It,s great for a newbe like me . It has,nt came together yet. I know( practice-practice-practice ) thanks.

    • Aaron Migl

      Hello Griff

      I have been playing with a country band for almost ten years now. I played in the 70’s for about 5 yrs, but I got married and took a 25yr hiatus. For the last 5yrs I have been trying to add some lead guitar to the chords and I am able to do that to a fair degree. The band leader is encouraging my efforts and is very patient. The lessons you sent are very easy to understand. I know exactly what you are doing and can do some of the same things. From the things you already sent I have learned a lot. I appreciate your time and efforts and am looking forward to your next e-mail THANKS





    • Mark Boy (Bonnie Scotland)

      Hey Griff, great structure to this particular lesson. I don’t have a porch, but gonna sit in the Patio & play. Tks

    • A.J.


    • A.J.


    • Rueben

      Your style is so relaxing, what a star, will be buying your course, can`t wait to get goin

    • Ricky

      I like your free video and I really like your style of instruction.

    • Gary Margelony Jr.

      Great lessons Griff, I’ve learned a lot~!

    • Jason

      Excellent lesson made simple!

      Thanks Griff!

    • Jason

      Excellent lesson! Thanks Griff!

    • Aron Combs

      Great work Griff Em blues is in the right scale for my new song
      used it in 1967 Five foot two eyes of blue , boogie woogie woogie woo.
      easy learners song and Hey good Lookin by Hank Williams. Interesting
      how blues and boogie and rock elaborated on penotonic scales for runs
      and chord transitions ,Lost 40% right hemisphere of my brain from a
      stroke. Fixed my hayfever and cured my tonedeafness. Must not have
      took all my memory, My eleven year old son is playing trumpet at
      school and has an economy Kawasaki Guitar for practice modifications
      needed removal of extra fret at top blocking string movement and Nut
      has too deep of grooves strings hit frets. Studied Engineering amazed at
      poor instruments being sold damaged but cheap .Selling my heavy
      Les Paul duplicate to purchase better acoustic .due to lack of amplifer
      availibility .Oil depletion soon will be crisis . Lack of energy and carbon
      coming. Keep up the good work,i’ll keep practicing . Recovering

      Aron Combs

    • Wayne Clinton

      Hey Griff, I have been watching my emails daily for inspiration. I noticed that you get a lot of emails from old farts like me. I have faced many walls in my playing career. Start, stop, Start stop, can\’t play anymore cause now I\’m married and have kids. Kids have grown and out of the house, married with kids of there own. Now I\’m a grandpaw 3x over. MY TURN!!!!!! I\’ve been playing for 45 years and have gotten no where. I do have a wonderful family. Your lessons have put me on a track that should have come along a long time ago. Thank you for your lessons and I look forward to purchasing them soon. Too much crap out there for instruction. You came along and no more searching. Thanks much, God Bless….

    • Wayne Clinton

      Hey Griff, I have been watching my emails daily for inspiration. I noticed that you get a lot of emails from old farts like me. I have faced many walls in my playing career. Start, stop, Start stop, can’t play anymore cause now I’m married and have kids. Kids have grown and out of the house, married with kids of there own. Now I’m a grandpaw 3x over. MY TURN!!!!!! I’ve been playing for 45 years and have gotten no where. I do have a wonderful family. Your lessons have put me on a track that should have come along a long time ago. Thank you for your lessons and I look forward to purchasing them soon. Too much crap out there for instruction. You came along and no more searching. Thanks much, God Bless….

    • Wayne Clinton

      Hey Griff, I have been watching my emails daily for inspiration. I noticed that you get a lot of emails from old farts like me. I have faced many walls in my playing career. Start, stop, Start stop, can’t play anymore cause now I’m married and have kids. Kids have grown and out of the house, married with kids of there own. Now I’m a grandpaw 3x over. MY TURN!!!!!! I’ve been playing for 45 years and have gotten no where. I do have a wonderful family. Your lessons have put me on a track that should have come along a long time ago. Thank you for your lessons and I look forward to purchasing them soon. Too much crap out there for instruction. You came along and no more searching. Thanks much, God Bless….

    • Norm

      Awesome exercise Griff! Funnest time Ive had practicing in a long time!

    • Norm

      Awesome exercise Griff! Funnest time I’ve had practicing in a long time!

    • Benoit Laurin

      Blues is not a song you sing, it is a way of life…(J.J.Cale)
      I play guitar for long time but never before some godd lesson like these…

    • JazzIsBluesBluesIsJazz

      Something you might want to mention to people is that these licks work well for slide playing too and gives it a really interesting flavor. I’m not particularly a slide player, but sometimes it’s the right voice to use.


    • IAIN

      griff just started to learn the guitar at 47 love the blues fantastic lessons thanx.

    • steve

      say griff your lesson are awsome, and btw, do you tune to standard 440 tunning or Eb thank’s

    • steve

      say griff your lesson are awsome, and btw, do you tune to standard 440 tunning or Eb thank’s

    • Tom

      Love your sessions Griff, and have bought the blues course.

    • Robert

      Love your work.Excellent.

    • Charles

      The lessons are great but I would like you to spend a little more time in showing the tab for the licks. You pass over this area a little too fast. The more seasoned players may not have any trouble in this area but as a new comer I get lost quickly and have to play and replay until I can manually transcribe into tab.

    • michael kuntz

      i’ve been playing for 43 years and have played profesionally since age 16. at 51 these lessons are great refreshers and help me to teach more simplified lessons to beginning players like my little 11 year old niece, olivia, who i’m excited to show her the "little chords" session—very useful cause she has very small hands & a small 3/4 fender which she loves……thanks for all your help and encouragement……..mrk

    • michael kuntz

      i’ve been playing for 43 years and have played profesionally since age 16. at 51 these lessons are great refreshers and help me to teach more simplified lessons to beginning players like my little 11 year old niece, olivia, who i’m excited to show her the “little chords” session—very useful cause she has very small hands & a small 3/4 fender which she loves……thanks for all your help and encouragement……..mrk

    • […] I found another cool little revelation last weekend. I think it came when trying to learn a “playing on the porch style” blues that I learned about from […]

    • Mike (UK)

      Hi Griff
      Fell upon your website whilst looking at ITunes (I don;t know how but there you go) and what a gem of a site it is. I wasn’t looking for guitar lessons but you have inspired me to get my old guitar and amp out of my loft where it has been in storage for the past 23 years (yes that is 23 years). I’m now a born again blues player – don’ want to play in a band just want to sit on my porch and play by my self.

    • Mike (UK)

      Hi Griff
      Fell upon your website whilst looking at ITunes (I don;t know how but there you go) and what a gem of a site it is. I wasn’t looking for guitar lessons but you have inspired me to get my old guitar and amp out of my loft where it has been in storage for the past 23 years (yes that is 23 years). I’m now a born again blues player – don’ want to play in a band just want to sit on my porch and play by my self.

    • richard UK

      968229 Hi Griff
      been trying to learn guitar for about 6 months now,when i hit the link to your blues lessons it boosted my interest, i;ve got a long way to go but can’t wait to play on the porch licks,keep up the good work.


    • richard UK

      Hi Griff
      been trying to learn guitar for about 6 months now,when i hit the link to your blues lessons it boosted my interest, i;ve got a long way to go but can’t wait to play on the porch licks,keep up the good work.


    • richard UK

      Hi Griff
      been trying to learn guitar for about 6 months now,when i hit the link to your blues lessons it boosted my interest, i;ve got a long way to go but can’t wait to play on the porch licks,keep up the good work.


    • Ken Wright

      I’m tempted!! What do you charge to ship to UK? And how long does it take to arrive (ball-park!)

    • James

      Some great stuff on here Griff, well explained and provides a great starting point to start developing good feel & phrasing. Thanks for sharing!

    • Chuck


      Thanks so much for your free lessons, I’d be snatching up your course by now, if I wasn’t unemployed and all my money goes to the bills right now. However, I am working on correcting the situation and hopefully in the future…. In the meantime I will practice what you have given me. Very good material and I am grateful(but not dead yet).

      Who says you talk to much. And so what if you do.

    • Chuck


      Thanks so much for your free lessons, I’d be snatching up your course by now, if I wasn’t unemployed and all my money goes to the bills right now. However, I am working on correcting the situation and hopefully in the future…. In the meantime I will practice what you have given me. Very good material and I am grateful(but not dead yet).

      Who says you talk to much. And so what if you do.

    • Douglas

      Hey Thank\\\’s for the info it was really helpful I Love the Blues and connect with your teachings.
      Thank You Douglas

    • Ronald Huffman

      Griff, your a bad man on giutar. And a good man for sending me your clips like you do. Plus I can tell that you just are a good man. I am sorry that I am poor and can’t afford your normal lessons but," as I have said before, " I have been playing for 34 years and just snagging stuff where I can. My grammer also needs some work. Thank you for the stuff you do send me. I know you probably never read these comments but, thank’s. Your friend Ron.

    • kevin barnes

      enjoying the lessons,having a great time learning something new,nice and easy to learn with you thanks

    • Nick108

      Who says you talk too much, well, at least if you do, you ain’t an ugly bloke so what the heck. Love to get there to the US one day, or you come over to Australia and we can have a jam session.
      Remember the old lead guitar lick in Rock Guitar Book from San Fransisco, Jimmy Page does it a bit, like salt and pepper, just a dash, geb geb geb, or in blues its a pull off from the g or a roll, down to the e, just some of those little riffs can be so effective. Makes me wish I was sixteen again and know what I know now. Just keep at it and whoever said too much talk and boring, huh, bet they aren’t as handsome either. Hee Hee, Nick108 Australia

    • Pierre

      Thanks Griff! Am I missing something? You being to explain each lick and then you don’t finish, so I’m forced to figure it out by the sound, and much vid replaying. Is that intentional? Tough way to learn, but again, maybe it’s intentional. Either way, very thankful you have put this and others out there. Much appreciation here.

    • Dean

      Hi Griff. Got the DVD’s last week but as things go sometime I’ve been over run with other things. Played a little today on the first two lessons. Love it. I just need to put in the time. (As is true with most of us.) The free video’s by E-Mail are unbelievable. It’s a great thing. The tabs help me a lot along with the visual and explanations. Would really like to have a tab on the simple playing on the porch stuff. The computer is three floors down from the music room and I am not smart enough to remember the licks for the walk up. THANKS for doing what you are doing. Keep it up. From S.C.

    • bob luery

      I had some problems with my email and have changed it but still not receiving any updates from you.
      Can you update your files and put me back on your list.

      bob luery

    • English Mike

      Greetings from across the pond. Don’t know how I found your site but glad I did. I’ve been a real fan of the likes of Clapton, John Mayal, SRV, BBK and Peter Green for donkey’s years and have always yearned to pick up a guitar and "do-it-myself". Your intuitive method and easy going , easy to follow style makes this possible – even for an old geezer like me. About to buy the course if you ship to the UK – do you?
      Cheerio from English Mike

    • Brian

      hi Griff, thanks alot for your free lessons, I’m starting to like playing blues because of you hihi! I love your litle videos cuz its way better than anything elso I am visual and hearing the nots is a plus and your explinations are perfect forget those idiots how say you talk to much! most dont say enought so… you are the best! for real ! 🙂 its easyer when you explain and show everything at least everyone gets it and its not a waste of time. Thanks again, I love it!!

    • andy

      Hi Griff
      I have rhuematoid arthritis and have found your lessons very good helps with my fingers. Loved the playing on the porch lesson have altered it slightly for my self. But just writing to say thank you for a great site and your tuition

    • Chuck

      I found your website a couple of weeks ago and the various lessons have already helped me a bunch so thanks very much. I\’ve been playing for years but never ever had a lesson. I suck and no doubt have lots of really bad habits but I enjoy picking away in my office, especially during conference calls which I mute! I\’m going to order your lessons tonight. Thanks again.
      Chuck – Dallas Fort Worth

    • Joel

      Hi Griff,
      Thanks for putting these out there.
      I could not print the pdf either (the damaged pdf warning came up).
      I would love to have that one.
      Also does the set come with the PDFs on the disks or are they printed out in the book (bad eyesite and I would want to print them in large font)?

    • Jakeboxr

      Thx Griff, I think this exercize will be very useful for me. 90% of my practise is by myself w/out a metrnome or anything. A nice way to (get your toes wet) if new to blues.

    • Anthony

      Hi Griff,
      Thanks for making this seem so easy. I started playing classical guitar last year & just began playing electric guitar in a band. I purchased the DVD’s last week & I’ve been surprising myself & my fellow musicians with the amount that I’ve learned in such a short time.
      Keep these videos & DVD’s coming!!!

    • Margie

      Hello Griff,
      again what a terrifice song…and I absolutely love your site…could you have your camera facing down on the guitar as if it were your eyes? I can not get all the notes but my ear is getting better…smile..
      thanks again

    • Mixta

      Never mind I found it!

    • Mixta

      I don’t see the pdf tab file – is it available?

    • Gary

      Great blues in open E. You just reinforced all the goof’in around I’ve been doing for years. I have to admit, of all of the links I get for guitar stuff, you have the right idea. I will be getting your lessons soon. Just got to get the old lady to turn a couple more … Just kidding.

    • bob luery

      Hi Griff,
      I ordered the beginners blues guitar lessons and am waiting for them in the mail. Really been enjoying the online lessons and am practicing my A monor blues scale (trying for 100 times a day).
      Tried to print the tabs of the licks in the last lesson (on the porch blues in E) but it wouldn’t print off. Are they included in the beginners lessons?

    • Charlie

      Thanks Griff for making my guitar playing a lot easier. I am new to all this but I have gotten your lessons in the mail and I am practicing at least twice a day. Thanks again for all the support…Charlie

    • Norm Daniels

      Greetings Mr Griff…
      This is great stuff. Helpful and well explained. Thanks.
      Glad I saw your sidebar ad on FB.
      Looking forward to more… gotta go practice now.

    • Dave

      Thank’s griff Im 45 and have picked up the guitar many time’s but just haven’t been able to stick with it even thow i love it. Your sitting on the porch blue’s video couldnt had made it any easyer to understand that with a little practice I could sound that good( WHICH WILL HELP ME CONTINUE TO PICK MY GUITAR UP MORE OFTEN) THANKS BUDDY

    • guitarobhero

      i agree about you talking so much,
      i only have limited downloads time with a dongle.
      but good job

    • jerry m

      hey griff thanks for the lessons they are great i’m not very good at it yet or very fast but i’m working on it. thanks ou are awsome.

    • John Herring


      You are a good teacher. Keep up the good work.


    • Deborah

      People – just copy and paste the link and add the h to http.

    • T. Starr

      Thank you for the instruction. It is very helpful and well presented. Don’t listen to the, …you talk too much…, nonsense. Not everyone learns at the same pace. Some need things repeated, that shows consideration for those individuals. You might suggest as you present a point, or at the beginning of a lesson, …if you get a point you can move on, but I’m going to repeat points for those who may not be as quick to pick it up… Thanks again.

    • Lou

      Very COOL! Is this included in your course?

    • Billy Elliott

      Hi Griff. I like your lessons very much.Thank you.Billy Elliott
      p.s I can not find the pdf file

    • Billy Elliott

      Hi Griff. I like your lessons very much.Thank you

    • Griff

      I’m really sorry, it appears that some of my files just disappeared one night. Many of them were obvious, but this one wasn’t. I finally “found” the missing file and re-uploaded it. I apologize for the mixup.

      As for the PDF not working, that error happens when you need to update your adobe pdf reader. It’s a free upgrade from the Adobe site.

    • Terry B.

      Hi Griff,
      Video not found ,comes up when i try to download it, please check your files this one is not working for us.

      Terry B.

    • jim

      Video not found

    • Steve

      Video not found…WTF

    • golfnbro

      Thanks for the all the help and I really appreciate your explicit commentary.

    • mikie

      Clapton is God! Let’s not forget it!

    • Mike

      Great Site. I am new to the blues playing.I have gotten alot from this and I thank you so much. Just being constuctive, you talk a little too much, but it is still helpful information, it takes a little away from you teaching the lick properly. You rush through and miss a few notes at times. For beginners with blues, especially me, please slow down just a little. Don’t misunderstand me; love your help, great job. Thank You very much.

    • Ceedoodie

      I really like the simplicaty of your lesson and you explain it very well,…the only criticism that I have is that in your vidio you talk too much and pick the fly s… out of the pepper…after a very short time you are boring us and I just click to the tabs and do my on thing,…but thanks anyway!

    • Eric

      Hey Griff,

      Would you mind checking the PDF file for the Playing on the Porch tab? I’m getting a “damaged file” error on this. Thanks!

    • Mick Anderson

      Superb stuff. Compared to some of the material on the net. You are the best by far

    • john

      I gonna love trying this. Thanks. I’ve been playing blues for years without the licks , now my sounds will be richer thanks

    • rick

      you did great… with this one… i love it…. i can wait for more…. i just have to get the chords down and have them meet with the licks… but you are a great teacher…

    • Whooki

      Hey Griff – good stuff.
      You say create your own riffs – Is there some music theory that you can share that would enable one to do this.
      How does one know what notes work with what chord – or is just a matter of what sounds good.
      You have to remember that not every one is as talented as you are and when you are old , tone deaf , wear glasses – you need all the help you can get.

    • andy m

      Ha Griff
      Great piece of info. Now I will also learn how to count thanks heaps.

      Andy M

    • Chris Kershaw

      AS a retired man of 60 odd years young I have tampered with the blues guitar for a long time , ever since Mr Clapton & I were young men! As I now have more time I can do a lot better ,Your lessons have helped me a lot ! Sadly though I might have left any “gigging” days behind .Thanks again Chris Kershaw(UK)

    • zero

      loved the lesson. very very helpful

      is there a PART II ????? there definately should be!

    • zero

      wow pretty dang nice lesson.

      ill work on this today and be better tomorrow.

      i tend to play too many notes & this will simplify things and hopefully make my playing more precise and listenable.

    • Keith

      Love the “Blues” man, I used to play just rock licks like the ocean or just got paid today, etc… but it’s all the same with a differnt count. I love the videos, they bring things in perspective for me. Huge Hendricks and Stevie Ray fan so these lessons rock.
      Thanks Keith

    • Jeff Bleacher

      Hey Griff,Today I recieved my package(bluesguitarunleased)I didn’t open it yet,but after dinner it’s going to happen.I really hope it works for me,i’m really excited to get on with it.Thanks for all the e-m/lessons that you have been sending out.I really have learned alot from that stuff,I almost can’t beleive it.So anyway after dinner I hope to be on my way to the land of the Blues,Thanks to you .Jeff B.

    • Hlynur Palsson

      Great lesson Griff. Tried it out and had some fun with it. I did’t really want to stop . It’s the kind of thing you can reall get yourself in to. Thanks for the lesson.And you are not a dummy. :o)
      Cheers Hlynur.

    • rob snyder

      Griff, thanx for the emails,. thanx again for your time. am seriously
      considering 1 of your videos,your a good teacher.
      I got a lot out of your 12 bar blues in the next
      e-mail and was hoping you may have a formula for
      lead playing over the chords,thanx again ,Rob
      Iam mainly an acoustic player

    • ivan

      just to let you know I enjoy your videos’
      I’m seventy six years old and still enjoy,
      playing Guitar.since I discovered your site,
      I have a renewed intrest.
      thank you…

    • Mark Cotter

      Is the tab available for these licks??? Sounds great!!!!

    • rob

      thanks griff. i have enjoyed your lessons a lot and have improved my playing already! rob

    • karen

      thank you that was awesome i like to watch your stuff all the way threw and then practice you have made me a way better player love your stuff.karen

    • Dawn

      Thanks Griff for all your mails – I so enjoy trying them out,and think you make a great teacher. If I lived in America, I would love to become one of your students, as you make the lessons sound so easy (which means a lot in my retirement years!)Thanks for your help.

    • Dave

      just what the doctor ordered, thanks Griff.

      Clearwater beach fl

    • mally

      just watching your playing has inspired me much more than all the other tutorials i have tried.
      My playing has improved tremendously
      thank you

    • Paul

      This is great stuff but would really appreciate the tabs on this. Being new to guitar, it is difficult to remember the licks and the cords. I know it will come but starting out it gets a little confusing. Thanks for your help.

    • Larry

      Good lesson for old (67) beginners. 🙂
      Is there a tab available to save or print?

    • denekawa

      I ‘d call those OBAMA licks… or licks I can play obama self!

      Fun with the blues. Got it so bad, I’m gonna move in next door to ya and your lawn’s gonna die!

    • newt mcfarland

      Hey Man
      That is great stuff..I’m an ‘old fart’ – but I learn every time I hear you.

    • bill

      very informative lesson. only add is that i would have liked you to do a complete run thru it at normal speed to put it all together for he rythm, sound & timing

    • bill

      Hi Griff
      I am very impressed and proud of what i’ve learnt today. Nice job and thanks very much for this wonderful lesson.

    • jimmyjams

      now your talking want i want to learn

    • Ken Jensen

      you have to be one of the best teachers I have run across. I like you style, and your pace and especially your split screen. (It does occasionally freak me out when your hand looks huge compared to your head)
      Thanks for this lesson, fun and very informative.


    • zack

      nice job …..i like thse video a lot …thanks for your hel griff… ur the mann

    • Mal

      I am just starting to play again after a lapse of 40 years and having tried a number of online courses, your lessons are by far the most understandable. Playing has become fun again.

    • Ron


      Great lesson,I was a bit sceptisch about buying a other guitar course but iam really thinking about to take that 3 times pay offer.

      Thx for all the free support 🙂 .

    • Kenny

      Like what I see so far Griff. Looking forward to receiving my course. You have a way that’s easy to comprehend.

    • Ed

      Great stuff Griff, How do i get the TAB for this lesson? Thanks

    • Mark Davis

      How can I get the TAB for this lesson?

    • Will Harris

      Hello Griff do have those lick in tab form I trying to learn how to play them. Thanks

    • David

      Howdy Griff, Thanks for the free lessons, You do a great job. So I just ordered the Blues guitar lessons. I’ve been playing on my acoustic guitar but decided its time to get an electic guitar and take some time and learn how to play….I don’t know if I’ll be a Rock & Roll Star, but I’m having fun playin the Blues. Thanks again, David

    • John Hutchinson

      Hey Griff

      I love these lessons. Can I ask….is amplification inportant ??? I find my 10 amp Squier practice amp, is fairly 1 Dimensional compared to the sounds you are making.


    • Ronald

      I am getting old, thank God I came across this before I have to ‘go to the porch’. Infinite possibilities, great sounds, easy chords.
      Is this sort of like Louisiana blues like Stephen Stills does in Black Beauty (he uses a different tuning) but I think I can see you one could get the same sort of rambling blues feel. Thanks – now I am looking forward to retirement.

    • Gene Knights

      Thanks for the repeat of Playing on the Purch – Part 1. I really liked it when you came out with it earlier, and this reminded me that I have sort of let it slip in the background. The vidio got me to bring it back out and play it again. this is really a good thing. Hope there is some follow up to it.

      Right now I am in the position of playing by myself, we are having a house built so I will be there with my guitar keeping the workers hopping. Or driving them crazy. hehe Thanks again, this is an awsome routine.

    • RANDY N.


    • DonRoy Edades

      Great Griff H.. thank you mi amigo.. at 54 now i gain a lot of inspiration from music, now Blues guitar. thank you for unselfishly sharing your God-given talent..

    • ray

      Hi Griff, Thanks for the “Porch”. I am an oldie and kind of played the guitar of and on for years, since the sixties!!! I am way to senior to absorb the technical stuff( just doesnt go into the brain anymore) and I dont want to join a band. Just play for my own pleasure.But these kind of lessons are made just for people like me!! Thanks again. Ray

    • Tj

      Hey Griff,
      That time of the year is with us where some of us feel like comin out to say hi, “My favourite”, E blue’s, picked t up in the 70s, even the birds sing along up my way now. All the best and take care.
      ps keep up the pickin,love ya work.

    • OLD JOHN

      can you EXPLAIN that in TAB.

    • DJ

      Griff: Suggestion to help us…when you give a lesson, start off by saying “here is a lesson on xyz…here is what it sounds like”. Play the entire riff or lesson.
      THEN do the talking about it…hard for us beginners to hear the talking first with no ear for what it MIGHT sound like if we played it, or hearing just parts of it as you do the lessons.
      THANKS for all your lessons.

    • DonRoy Edades

      Griff, thank you so much for keeping up with me( am 54 now)- a late trying-hard blues guitar lover. i may come up with series of songs in “Chavacano”- a hodgepodge spanish root words mixture with Pilipino dialects. i have 2 songs now- all garnered 1st prize in Chavacano Song festival. gracias mi amigo maestro de blues!!!!!

    • Paul

      Good one “Guitar Luke Wilson” 😉

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      Thanks for all the great input and feedback. Enjoy!


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    • JESSIE


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