Easy Blues Song Arrangement – Hoochie Coochie Man

I thought it might be fun today to look at how you can play a complete song in a simple arrangement.

One of the bestest things about blues is the fact that you can make most any song  as easy or as difficult as you want… you can easily scale it to fit your current level.

Plus, I recently played this song with my buddy Steve (sloslunas on the forum) at the BGU Roadtrip in Allen, Texas and I was thinking what a great lesson this would make because it’s such an iconic song (one of my personal favorites) and the vocal goes opposite the riff in true all-and-response fashion.

Now… there’s no TAB… that’s on purpose. I want you to use your ears and work this out for yourself. Watch the video several times if you have to but listen to me count and follow me. It’s important to learn to use your ears as well as your eyes when it comes to playing music (probably even more so!)

Enjoy this and I hope you have a great time and can play it the whole way through!


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  • David Pelletier

    Reply Reply December 2, 2017

    Hi Griff. Luv it. I like when you get into a furmulur song and break it down. My interest is actually rockabilly and some of those slow rythum ballads with a cool turn around style like you hear by the Everley Bros, Ricky Nelson ballards and Dion. Just to name a few. They have the blues swing with a borrowed swing Country sound. There so much I want to learn and play. It’s not so much the lyrics. It’s the sound I most like to enjoy and capture. I look forward to your viewing your next video. Step into my blue shade shoes. Dave in Massachusetts.

  • Douglas

    Reply Reply November 23, 2017


  • Mitch

    Reply Reply November 18, 2017

    If you could see my face right now,I actually feel like I am making music! I have been trying to play for a year and a half and OMG this really got me to have some rhythm with it,thanks a lot.Mitch

  • kimberley Christie

    Reply Reply November 7, 2017

    Thanks so much Griff. I worked away at it and had some success. confidence boosted!

  • Michael Chappell

    Reply Reply November 5, 2017

    Thanks Griff, One of my favourites and I have seen you singing this with your band on Facebook a few times..

    I will certainly be working on this as it would be a great song for jams. I took down the lyrics when you were singing so that I could learn at least one verse.

    I like the way you make us work hard to play by ear and follow you, I seem to learn it faster than just reading the Tab.

    It would be good if you could provide other songs in this simplified arrangement..

    All the very best.

    Michael-Sydney-Australia 6th Nov 2017.

  • Paul

    Reply Reply October 31, 2017

    Love that song. Thanks, Griff. Just finishing Beginners and am moving on up. Old dogs can learn a new trick or 3.
    Ordering Blues Unleased today!

  • Pat

    Reply Reply October 29, 2017

    That has boosted my confidence a great deal thank you

    Cheers pat

  • Bob

    Reply Reply October 28, 2017

    Thanks for the great lesson. I keep enjoying picking up pieces of many of your lessons. Being in the beginner ranks this is one I think I can put fully under my fingers with a bit of practice — and it’s one that sounds good. I was feeling a bit stuck with some of the lessons I’ve been working on this week, so it is great timing!

  • Ralph hammond

    Reply Reply October 28, 2017

    Great lesson

  • jeff

    Reply Reply October 28, 2017

    Buy Griff’s Ultimate Jams (1st addition) to have a backing track for this song.

  • jean dominique

    Reply Reply October 26, 2017

    This is what I have been waiting for. I am going to spend some time following it until I have full control .Thank you so much.

  • Dave C

    Reply Reply October 26, 2017

    Griff, thank you for this cool lesson. And thank you for giving something that a lot of us can learn to play and have fun with!!!

  • Dave

    Reply Reply October 26, 2017

    Great idea Griff to give us this basic song pattern to work with. It’s a great jumping off point to other blues tunes. You are the best!

  • Augustino

    Reply Reply October 26, 2017

    Wow! Thanks Griff, This is one I should be able to do. I’ll work on it! I really need some easy jams to do or I get frustrated and lose motivation. This is the ticket at least for now! 🎸 😀 – Tino

  • Steve

    Reply Reply October 26, 2017

    Thanks Griff. This is also one of my all time favorites. I have been very fortunate to be able to play this tune with you on several occasions (In Maine, Corona California (Grazianos), Memphis on the rooftop!, and a few times in Dallas. Each time was very special for me. I also really like the very cool guitar that you are playing…


    • PAUL

      Reply Reply October 26, 2017



    Reply Reply October 26, 2017

    Great I love it they way you teach…

  • RollyS

    Reply Reply October 26, 2017

    Always wanted to do that song! Now I can! THANKS!

  • Jameskostan

    Reply Reply October 26, 2017

    On the seventh hour of the seventh day seven doctors oh, I am the Hoochie Coochie Man great teach for beginners of the Blues one of my first songs I’ve learned good song for your timing

  • Nick T

    Reply Reply October 26, 2017

    Super cool little jam thanks man !!

  • Kirk

    Reply Reply October 26, 2017

    Great lesson Griff, I remember starting out how important it was to play something that sounded really good and cool in order to motivate me for the more mundane practice. This not only sounded great but was great for hand co-ordination. Kinda like practice but sounding good at the same time.

    You never fail to impress me with your teachings

  • Paul Grammas

    Reply Reply October 26, 2017

    Easy is always good! Thanks Griff

  • Keith

    Reply Reply October 26, 2017

    Thanks, Griff…..I remember this as a favourite song while growing up, but had sort of forgotten about it it. Now I have another to add to my “repertoire”. Way cool!

  • Alan T

    Reply Reply October 26, 2017

    Thanks Griff another great lesson.

    To learn a song is what it’s all about for me.

    Worcester UK

  • Tracy Laven

    Reply Reply October 26, 2017

    Really cool. Great fun. Thank you

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