What is the difference between............


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I'm currently working on How To Improvise Solos and Blues Speed Building Blocks

How does the 2 Blues Solo Construction Kits differ from How To Improvise Solos?


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Hey Tom

Thank you for your response and the information. That is what I was hoping to find - a clear & concise answer that would help show the differences

Seems that How To Improvise and Blues Solo Construction Kits will work hand in hand and not be a repeat of each other. Since Griff is running a sale on BSCK, its a good time to invest

Thanks again
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"How To Improvise" takes 5 licks and shows you how to modify them as you rotate them through 5 different positions within the 12 bar form.

"Construction Kits" give you 5 different licks for each of the 5 (or 7) positions, i.e. 25 (or 35) licks that only fit in one position.